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(tmi) Spotting with pooping?

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Does anyone else have random spotting when they poop?  This keeps happening to me!  Not every time I poop, but a lot of times.  I am not straining or anything, I mean maybe a teeny bit?  But not hard, as I know that's bad for you generally, can cause hemorrhoids, etc.  So I'm being careful, but I do have problems with constipation sometimes, and it seems like if I go a day or so without pooping, the next time I do poop, I have anything from pink tinged cervical fluid to bright red spotting on the toilet paper.  It's not like flowing blood, but it's covering the toilet paper and it's enough to set me on edge.  Usually when I wipe a second time, there is barely any more. 


Anyway, I just wanted to see if this was happening to others?


I don't yet have a midwife, and don't have maternity insurance (it starts after July 1), so I feel like there's no one I can see or call yet.. 


I am not cramping, so that's a good sign, at least.


I think I am just having extra anxiety because today is insane.  My cat kept me up all night, so I felt like I was completely freaking out with exhaustion, so I had a small cup of coffee, which I haven't had since I got pregnant, and at first felt amazing, then on my way home from the library got a speeding ticket and have been a shaky nervous wreck since, because the adrenaline went nuts in my already caffeinated body.  I feel so dumb, like I should've played with my hyperactive cat so that he wouldn't have kept me up all night, and the coffee was probably a mistake, and I can't believe I was going over the speed limit (70 in a 60, gah), and I feel dumb for not drinking enough water, because maybe if I had been, I would be able to poop more regularly and maybe wouldn't be spotting, then.  Argh! 


Going to stop the cyclone of "should've's" and worry-thoughts (or try to), and try to take some deep breaths and go drink some freaking water, I think.  Any reassurance you mamas have will be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks for listening!  <3

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Sounds like blood from hemorrhoids. Are you SURE it's coming from your vag? 

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Meg- That's what I was going to say. Are you sure it is from your vag?? Because I have had it happen a couple times but when I have been a bit constipated. So I think it was just from the other hole lol. I spotted with my first pregnancy sometimes when I would go to the bathroom  but just a tiny bit and if I wiped again there wouldn't be anything and everything was fine. It can also happen if you get an infection. Are you having any other problems?? If you find a good midwife they will help you even before you have employed them. At least that is how mine is. You never know, So if you have a list of them to pick from you could try to call one and see if they would answer you?? Just an idea. I really wouldn't worry unless you start having lots of blood. With both the ones I lost I just spotted a tiny bit on an underwear liner and then the next morning tons of blood. At least that's what happened with me. Good luck! 

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Yes I am super sure it's from my vagina. I had the toilet paper just over just my vagina while I pooped this last time and there was pink on the paper. It's not a lot, as I said. I googled it and found a thread on baby center where apparently a lot of women were experiencing this. Just ack. I wish it weren't stressful! When I go and there's nothing, it puts my mind at ease again. A friend just told me she had some spotting with pooping throughout both her pregnancies and both kids were fine. Maybe I just have a sensitive cervix...
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maybe so! 

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Thanks Serenyd! smile.gif I drank a ton of water and have gone to thr bathroom a bazillion times and the spotting did stop. I so look forward to seeing the midwives about all this craziness! Thanks for responding and giving support ladies. smile.gif
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Oh good! I'm glad it stopped! biggrinbounce.gif

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Can you go to a free pregnancy center with ultrasound? I know I volunteered at one for awhile, and they would give women ultrasounds for free. Just a thought. 

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oh and by the way, I have the same kind of spotting. I have a subchorionic hematoma that they could spot on an ultrasound. Baby is just fine!

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I have that due to a friable cervix. Pretty much what you said - sensitive cervix. My cervix bleeds quite a bit when touched, during sex, & a little during bowel movements. No cramping just some blood here & there. It is completely normal. I have dealt with it on & off for about 5 years.had no bleedin for 6 months and now i have daily spotting for the past month. It can be disconcerting to have any sort of bleeding during pregnancy but it can be reassuring if bleeding isn't accompanied by cramping. I would go ahead and schedule a midwife appointment for after july 1 to figure out exact what the cause is. Just wanted you know that itnis possible that it is nothing to worryabout.
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I have a friable cervix too spotting when I poop, sneezed hard, or have sex.  Its been the worst my last pregnancy and this one, although I had it a couple times with my first two babies.  taking extra vitamin c can help it, as vit c strengthens your cell walls (why it makes you bruise less easily too).

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Thank you so much Half Pigeon and htovjm!!! I almost made it to a free clinic today but my mom was too nervous to babysit my son on her own and she wanted to have lunch with us too so I canceled and think I'll try again next week I'll also make an appointment with the midwives. smile.gif I feel very encouraged by no cramping, continued belly growth and random bouts of nausea. Seems like all is going well, really. Thanks sooo much for the encouragement mamas, it really helps a lot!
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