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I am tandem feeding an almost 2 year old and a 3.5 year old. The little one is now complaining if he gets a wet nipple. Sad cries of WET and motioning for me to dry it off. Too funny!
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High-five for tandem nursing for so long. You're a rock star!

And yeah, they tend to get picky about the nip when they get older, don't they?   Do you dry it off or tell them to make do?

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Sometimes I wipe it off. Other times the 3.5 year old will dry it off with my shirt for him. It is quite cute. Also funny is when she falls asleep and he is calling for her to wake up and attempting to push a nipple in her mouth.

Today she told me she is going to drink my milk forever and when she has a baby drinking her milk she will still be drinking my milk!
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Oh my goodness...too cute!
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