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Argh!! My skin!!

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I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager, though have finally got it under control in the last few years with the acne.org regimen...until now. My skin is out of control this pregnancy!! I have zits everywhere, including my back and chest, and not just a few either. Feeling so attractive right now :/
Anyone else dealing with this?
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Yes! I am right there with you and it sucks. I know it is because of all the hormones but it sucks to wake up every morning with a few more here and there. irked.gif I already don't feel great about myself right now because I'm kind of showing but to everyone else I just look fat! lol So adding acne to the mix ugh. Sorry you are having problems with this too. hug2.gif

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I'm definitely having more pimples lately!! Mostly my face but also lots of small irritating ones on my legs and a couple in my bra strap area. My face also just looks oily lately. Bleh. I never wear foundation but I'm considering getting something like a light one just to even out the look of my skin tone. I had to see a dr recently for a sore throat and he asked, is your face always red like that?? Thanks, doc, for making me feel better!! >greensad.gif ugh
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BNDT! With my first pregnancy, I got acne ALL OVER MY BODY: face, neck, shoulders, chest, back, thighs...it was horrible and disgusting. I wouldn't even wear short sleeves because it was creeping down my shoulders. It took about six months for it to clear post-partum, but I still have scarring. Almost immediately after getting pregnant this last time, it started again on my back and I have breakouts on my face and neck. It's the worst! I am just hoping an praying my better nutrition this time around will keep it at bay!!

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Ugh. Ain't it the worst? Sorry you both have this issue too, though I am glad I'm not alone!
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Maybe it'll improve secobd trimester?? Mine has been getting better a little bit, so that's encouraging!
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good for you, meg! That would make sense with the surge of hormones in the first trimester subsiding in the second. I think mine has gotten a little better--at least it's not spreading! :)

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All my fingers and toes are crossed!
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I only had acne with my daughter, my skin stayed clear with my boys. Kind of going for some pimples here cause I'd love another girl, but pretty clear so far.
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Huh, interesting, Fern. I don't remember it being this bad with DD so maybe I have the opposite issue and am expecting a boy?? smile.gif
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I have terrible skin as well, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. My skin is soooo dry and itchy I am getting really worried about it!  With baby #1 I got an EXTREMELY itchy rash all over my body around 17-20 weeks.  It was hell and basically robbed me of sleep for a month and it was super embarrassing because my arms even got swollen from the irritation.  


Again this time around, I am getting really itchy and have scratched up my arms and legs already! At times I look down and my skin looks white and scaly even though I just moisturized it! I am applying coconut oil as often as I can and I know I need to increase my water intake.  (Sometimes I'm even too nauseated for water though.)  I really don't want this to reach the level it did with baby #1.  I ended up having to take Benadryl and even tylenol sometimes because my skin actually hurt! 

So even though it's different, I know how it feels to suffer skin-wise!  Sending you all healthy skin vibes!

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I am still really breaking out everywhere. I was hoping it would pass but I think I am going to have trouble through the whole pregnancy.... irked.gif   Oh well, it is worth it! winky.gif

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I'm with you tspence! No real improvement yet greensad.gif
You're right though, it is definitely worth it!
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