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Nap stalling technique

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My 6 month old is notoriously hard to get to nap during the day. I use to just let her sleep whenever she did but that lead to not really napping and epic over tired breakdowns at the end of the day. A couple of weeks ago I started putting her down to nap 3 times a day. Everything was going fine for a while but now she fights the naps. And pees.
I'll potty her, she'll go and then we lay down and she starts drifting then starts complaining so I check and she's wet. I potty her. Nothing. I put her back in bed. She starts drifting, she starts complaining so I check and she's wet! I potty her. Nothing.
This goes on for like 40 mins with about 3 or 4 pottying/misses. She won't go to sleep if she's wet so I have to change her. I try to potty her to avoid changing her again in a coue of mins but nothing. So I just stop offering the potty and just change her and put her back in bed? She's only 6 months old but do you guys think that she's using the potty breaks to stall going to sleep?
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Hmmm. My boys certainly have a hard time falling asleep when they need to use the potty, but 4 pees in an hour seems like a lot. She's peeing in her diaper but not the potty at nap? Does the pee look and smell normal? Do you have an idea of the approximate quantity? A UTI would be a possibility. If she's not using the potty anyway, I would probably not offer at each pee while you're trying to lay her down, that would probably wake her up more. Is she teething? That can cause a lot of bowel irritability which can affect the bladder. Did she recently start solids? Is her poop firmer? Is she pooping shortly after naps? Cooking up a poop makes a lot of babies have several misses.


Sorry I don't have any firm suggestions. 

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She usually pees about every 20 mins in the morning. This goes on from when she wakes up till after her first nap. Most mornings she's dry so I always chuck it up to getting all her night time peeing done in the AM.
As for your questions she's literally going through all those things. She usually does have to poop but doesn't until after her first nap. She's teething and we just started solids. We're doing BLW so at most she gets one bite so her poop hasn't changed.
I think I will stop offering the potty each time and see if that helps.
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Hopefully it will help. 6 months has a lot going on.
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It sounds to me like she could be feeling a bit restless. If she doesnt like taking naps then maybe try putting her down for one or two naps instead of three.

6-month-olds dont have the ability to consciously stall naps (at least i dont think). It sounds like her body is active at the time when you are trying to put her to sleep, thus, more pees. When my DD was that age, she would pee frequently in the morning after she woke up, that would last for a few hours. This coincided with a wide awake period in which she wanted to see what was going on around her, she wanted to practice crawling and she wanted to play with her toys. When she'd start quieting down, she showed both a lack of interest in playing and she didnt need to go potty much. Thus, when i laid her down for a nap her body and mind were ready for the rest. Does that make sense? She might need to get more energy out before she's ready for a nap and peeing a lot is an indicator that her body is in active mode rather than sleep mode. Try waiting for her cues that she's ready to sleep: rubbing her eyes, yawning, a glazed stare, crankiness and less of a need to go potty.

Also, its difficult to get 6-month-olds on a regular schedule. Some take to it more than others, but the reality is they are going through a lot of changes. So while she was okay with it at first, her body is changing so its best to roll with the punches.
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The active body/mind thing does make sense.
I usually don't try to put her down for a nap until she rubbing her eyes. I have the mindset that if I let her go past the threshold it's going to be be meltdown city but maybe I'll wait till she's more tired before I lay her down.
Thanks for the help guys.
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I have no advice, but I've so been there!! Even if it is not on purpose, it used to get really annoying. Haha. I feel ya! smile.gif
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