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baby t is here

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 I had my little one yesterday, it was a very short labor. I got 18 stitches though.  Will update soon.

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congrats, mama!! wow, 18 stitches...my heart goes out to you! cant wait to hear the story!

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I woke up this morning feeling like one of us had to have given birth! Sending you lots of healing vibes, Mama.  Glad you have a baby in your arms to ignore the pain of stitches!

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Yay!  Welcome little one!!  Rest & Heal now.

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Congrats mama!
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Sorry you had a rough go at it mama, thank goodness there's a sweet baby at the end.
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Congrats. Hope you heal well and quickly.

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Congratulations! Sorry about the stitches but it'll be a little easier next week & the week after. Enjoy your new family!

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Finally got time to write the birth story. Sorry about all the rambling here and there.



This birth was so different from my previous two, not what I was expecting. I had been having Braxton hicks for a few weeks, and I was expecting the supermoon to work her magic during the weekend, so I was planning to go to my sister’s which is closer to the birth center on Friday to make sure I was ready. It was Tuesday night and I was starting to feel different, still some BH’s but some cramping on my belly. They were uncomfortable but nothing to keep track. So I went to sleep and I had a few cramping at night that actually woke me up, I had maybe 5 or 7 but not more. So during the morning the husband got up and ready for school, the same that the girls. I did had a few ctx and told the husband, but they were not too strong.  By 9am ctx got my attention and started tracking them, by 10am I noticed they were about a minute long and about 10-7minutes apart. Hmmm maybe today was the day, but husband was at school and my girls too, so I decided that maybe the baby will be born the next morning ha little I knew. I had to go pick up the girls at noon, but by 11am I knew I was not able to drive, ctx were picking up so fast. I called my dad and asked him to go pick up the girls and get ready to leave, because I was laboring already he didn’t sound concerned when I called. The birth center is not particularly far away but sometimes traffic can make it really slow. So just to be safe I wanted to leave to my sister’s now. I then called the husband who was in class and told him that we were leaving as soon as the girls made it home.

 In about half an hour ctx were more like 5 mins apart and were taking my breath. I was kind of surprised they were advancing so fast. The husband got home and got things ready, I had maybe five contractions in twenty minutes, and I had to stop and breath them out.  My girls made it home at noon we got everything in the car and I took a couple of bites of chicken and cheese. Then we left, the husband was not coming with me, I had known this for a long time, and I kind of prepared myself for this moment but it was so fast and contractions kept coming that maybe we hugged for 10 secs and I had to take off. We got lucky and we drove for 30 mins top and we made it to the birth center. They hushed me to check me, and I felt it was the longest 20 mins of labor, I had to pee , I was checked for dilation, and contractions were making everything so much slower I just wanted to get in the water. When they finally checked me I was 5cm, I was not expecting much, and I know dilation doesn’t mean much, so I was not excited not upset about 5cm. The midwife swept my membranes, and right after that I felt like a train was going inside me. They went on to prepare the tub, but I felt so sleepy that I wanted to lay in bed for a while. When I tried walking into the room, I felt so much pressure that I could feel baby’s head  about to come out. I finally made it to the birth room, a beautiful purple room where I was planning to sleep, I managed to get in bed, after maybe two contractions, and I felt another change when my body went to the laying position. I had maybe two more contractions and I could feel them getting stronger. I remember feeling them so strong that I kind of went into laborland, I was shaking and incredibly hot. My midwife was so great, she was applying pressure to my lower back during contractions. The next contraction, I felt the pressure of baby’s head, I did told my mw the baby is coming, but I guess she didn’t believe me twenty minutes ago I was 5cm. As I was contracting I felt my knees bending as to facilitate the pushing stage. I was still managing to breath out the contractions, while moaning really strong.  Contractions were now so close I was barely able to recover from one when the next one was starting already. I remember talking to myself to let ctx do its work, and to surrender my body to them. But contractions were faster than my prep talk, the next one was already there, and somehow my brain switched from labor to pushing. Now that I think about it, I can totally see my body taking over and disconnecting from my brain and changing my breathing patterns. I was pushing now, not moaning anymore, but making different noises. The mw finally noticed the baby crowing, which I felt was happening for a few contractions now. During the previous contractions I felt the head descending and as soon as the contraction stopped I felt his head coming back in. It was a weird felling but I knew exactly what was happening. I remember with Naori I was so scared by all these feelings, but not this time, they did hurt, but I was not scared. So by the time mw noticed the baby head crowing, she jumped over me to get her assistants. There was one contraction where she was out of the room getting her assistants and I couldn’t feel her hands on my back, that was awful, I didn’t realize how much it helped. At the middle of the contraction the team made it to the room and one of her assistants started pressing on my hips, I felt so relieved that I started pushing right then. The first contraction got me in to the ring of fire. Baby was right there. Did I mention my two girls were there the whole time!! They were mesmerized by all these events at the edge of the bed, waiting for his brother to come out. Since I didn’t push all the contraction the baby´s head was caught halfway in my perineum, his nose was out but not his mouth. With the next contraction the head finished coming out, as well as his shoulders and half his body. While baby was coming out he decided to raise his elbow, thus my second degree tear… not nice.  The rest of his body felt like so wet when coming out that it gave mea bit of relief after the ring of fire. At 2:29 I had baby Tonatiuh in my arms. He is so little, so pale and so lovely. Husband was not there but everything was so fast that it didn’t really sinked in after about two more hours when I started crying, missing him. Baby was so calm, he never cried he took a little while to open his eyes. The girls were super excited with his new baby boy, I´m so proud of my little family. 

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I loved all of the details about the sensations that you felt during the baby's descent and crowning, or how your body detached from your mind and took over when contractions came more quickly than your mind could process. I'm sorry that your husband couldn't be there, but I'm glad your girls were. Congrats, and thanks for sharing your story!
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Que hermoso! 

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