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I am going to quote myself from the other thread since NO ONE will comment on it.... What are your thoughts? I know that some of you already know all about it....



A few questions of trust come to mind on why I don't inoculate.


-There is NO funding in the US to study Vax reactions.


-Have you ever heard of the Lawrence Livermore Microbial Detection Array or (LLMDA) ? If you haven't it is a shame.


An independent lab using the LLMDA screened some off the shelf vaccines for all known and sequenced viruses and the findings were published in Virology on March 10, 2010. An interesting read.


Over 2 million known pathogens can be detected with this 2X3 inch glass slide that only cost around 400 bucks-

IT CAN detect mitochondrial DNA changes before any vaccine reaction occurs.   To say the Least it is a revolutionary diagnostic tool.


In 2010 the VRBPAC (look it up) were AFRAID that others would and could us this on other vaccines and find things they could not explain.

WHY? Because testing is possible for scientific diagnostic evaluations of both the vax injured and the vaccines themselves.

Translation: Vaccines Injury's can actually be correlated to vaccine ingredients.

Other Translation: They could find all the ingredients (listed or un listed) actually in each vaccine so we could at least stop wondering.


YET, they refuse to allow us common folk (general public) EVER use this amazing tool on threat of pulling every "license" a company has if they dare to and even face further threats. Google RUO or IUO to see the attempt to regulate it under "medical chip". 


*This LLMDA was used by the FDA/VRBPAC  to prove that 200,000 copies of a pig virus were found in each dose of the rotavirus vaccine. They use it but don't want us to.....*


If Vaccines are so safe as the proponets claim, there should be no objecting to implementing and analyzing information gleaned from these advances in meta-genomics and high through-put sequencing.


In fact it would make the access to this science streamline the Vaccine Compensation Court -making claims less confrontational and more succinct... eliminating fees for experts and lawyers and saving money.  Yes, it could open the door to more claims but it would also close the door on others. It would obviate protracted litigation, it would eliminate recovery by those who do not suffer from a VDI.


We know that many vaccines carry previously unidentified agents.... (simian herpes viruses and immunodeficiency viruses (OPV/IPV), Baboon endogenous retrovirus (BERV) and human endogenous retrovirus k (HERV_K) in MMR and this is just Some....


AS someone else said: "In 1970 that 100% of the Sabin Oral Polio vaccine was contaminated with simian herpes viruses and FDA permitted it without ever notifying physicians of potential adverse effects or even its presence in the vaccine. The same can be seen in 1975 when FDA lab workers found simian retroviruses contaminating OPV, and it was allowed to continue by the Bureau of Biologics (BoB). A year after asserting the vaccine, the regulations did not bar the release of OPV contaminated with simian retroviruses, the Director of BoB became the Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at American Cyanamid – the only company producing OPV in the United States at that time.

Why would I use something NOW if I know what kind of craziness like this that they have allowed in the past? What are they hiding Now? What a horrible conflict of interest.


So tell ya what. When Congress does this list, then I will think about Innoculation: (If then they could answer my other questions about immunity etc ;-)


1. Require that all vaccines distributed in the US be screened using the latest scientific technology available (LLMDA and others) and making that information public record.

2.  Allow all Vaccine Injury claimants access to the LLMDA and MICROBIAL detection arrays capable of identifying every known and sequenced virus, pathogen, fungus and parasite that might be associated with the onset of illness following inoculations.

3. Similar sequencing data on every lot of vaccine distributed in the US for comparison of illness following inoculation with pathogens present in the Vaccines and the medium (substrate) used to generate the vaccine, AND

4. for recombinat DNA vaccines (rDNA), Studies on the viability, propensities, and evolutionary tendencies of the genetic vaccine agent when introduced into an appropriate species or cell line free of any other portions of the original putative agent toward which the vaccine is targeted.


IMHO: This list is the only way to justify mass immunizations of our kids.

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I wanted to comment on the other thread about this - but got sidetracked (wonder why? - hehe).


Anyway I completely agree with you on this. The fact that this technology is available and not being utilized appropriately and is in fact being kept from the general public is criminal IMO. 


As for what is public record....even the things that actually are public record are not easy to come by (ask anyone who has requested anything via the FOI act from the FDA or other government institutions)

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As for what is public record....even the things that actually are public record are not easy to come by (ask anyone who has requested anything via the FOI act from the FDA or other government institutions)


To quote you Marnica.... I know. I don't understand how people can blindly let someone INJECT them with something that they will not tell you what is actually in them (only the things they "want" you to know). They can right now at this moment prove all of us wrong that say they amount of crazy crap in Vaccines is unknown and not safe. 

I would dare them to do it. Please, prove me wrong.


But we know they won't cause more unknown pathogens would scare the public (as it should)


It can PROVE vaccine damage done and not done. We are talking about amazing steps in genomics and screening ability now know to man. I mean to me, this is something we should celebrate!

Nope, thats just to easy, lets keep it a circus with one side screaming it is happening while the other side screams it isn't. 


AS LONG as the VAX pushers can keep even a shred of "Doubt" over our Doubts that vaxes do cause damage much more that 1 in a million, that they are filled with who knows what.... they keep control. They will never give it up on purpose.


You know what I would REALLY like, if Vax pushers are so sure, I would like to give each of them one of the LLMDA personally. Then they can walk into a PED office, get handed the vax their Little one is suppose to get and test it right then and there. The mom and dad could see for themselves exactly what they are willing or not willing to inject.

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