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Anyone else with almost NO symptoms?

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I was expecting this, because it happened with DD, but it still weirds me out a bit. I had bloating early on and some fairly persistent queasiness from about 5-7 weeks, and I wake up once or twice a night to pee, but apart from that I essentially have no symptoms. We had an ultrasound a week ago and know that there is a healthy baby in there, but it's hard not to worry! I feel like the tiredness and queasiness were more pronounced w/DD.


I guess my main issue is, this pregnancy feels very, very abstract to me. I know it probably does for everyone this early, but I feel so...normal. Anyone else?

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I'm in the same boat.  I'm right around nine weeks and my symptoms are pretty mild.  My breasts were a tiny bit sore early on but now they're just a bit bigger and the coloration is slightly darker.  I only get queasy if I go too long in between meals.  No vomiting.  I'm going to bed early and am pretty beat at the end of the day but nothing that bad.  Some significant burping, but nothing else on the digestive end.  No constipation at all. 


I think you used a good word, abstract.  It does feel very abstract right now.  I'm trying to accept all of this as within the realm of normal rather then to worry about it. 

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Yep I know what you ladies mean! Every so often something will gross me out and I'll think oh good a pregnancy symptom! Ha! When I get hungry, it is strong and sudden. I am a bit constipated. But mostly I feel great, totally normal, a bit sleepier at night, been going to bed more at 11pm instead of 1am. I'm a super night owl, hehe. I get angry faster so trying to meditate so that I don't get too cranky. But really I feel quite normal! I think I might've felt a baby flutter!! And so looking forward to regular kicks so I can feel a little more pregnant. I feel bigger and I think about being pregnant often but having those kicks will be so special.
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Well, glad I'm not the only one! I hesitated to say anything, because I know so many in this DDC are feeling miserable. I know I'm lucky in that sense. But the abstraction is tough. I mean, really, it's hard to believe I'm pregnant sometimes, but for the lack of a period and that ultrasound.


My breasts are more sore than usual. More motivation to wean DD--OUCH! And I'm tired, but I don't know if it's pregnancy fatigue so much as the fact that I'm hardly sleeping--waking up a LOT at night. 

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Blanca78, I know what you mean, I always feel a little weird when people talk about how very, very sick they are or were when they were pregnant and I'm like... That's not me, hehe.  I always word it as "I'm one of those weird super lucky pregnant women who never gets sick, really."  My friend just told me one day when she was pregnant, she sipped water at work and barfed all over her keyboard.  Poor thing! 


The abstraction part IS weird.  I was with friends who know I'm pregnant the other day, and it was all hot and summer-y feeling, and my friend's husband suggested we go to a taco place, and I seriously thought (in my head, luckily!) "Ooh, a beer!"  And then remembered oh yeah, I'm pregnant, I can't have a beer!!  lol!! 


I have always been big on meditation and visualization.  I haven't meditated all that much lately, but I have taken time pretty much daily to be like "hi baby!" and visualize what they're looking like in there, with the arms forming, and the other stuff the app on my phone describes, heheeh!  It helps me feel mentally more pregnant, even if my body isn't showing too many signs.  (The constipation lately has been my most prominent symptom and since that's been making me feel sick, I've felt more pregnant, but ugh, I'd prefer for that part to just get better immediately!!)


(Not trying to change the subject, but...) Can I ask what kind of fiction writing you do, Blanca?  I love writing!  I've never had any fiction published.  I've written a few blurbs for newsletters at my zoo workplaces, but that's about it.  Like I said, though, I really love writing.  I even completed NaNoWriMo last year, though sometimes I feel pretty cheesey saying that, hehe.  Do you write short stories?  Novels?  I tend to write snippets and scenes that I think I ought to turn into stories, but then usually never do.  Anyway, just curious! 

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Hi Meg, thanks for asking! I got my MFA in fiction a couple years ago and did a collection of short stories for my thesis. They're all about contemporary couples/families. However, I was finishing it soon after DD was born, so it is pretty rough--definitely didn't get the TLC it deserved. I haven't had much energy for writing lately, but when I do I've been working on revisions of the thesis and a couple of new stories. Good for you doing NaNoWriMo! I think that's a great exercise, but have never followed through myself.

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Yay for writers! I try to be a writer on the side as well. I haven't had any work published either but was twice long listed in a pretty huge national contest so that gave me some motivation to not give up the dream. I've had a REALLY hard time doing any writing recently (though its been a prob my whole adult life!). I work a really high stress full time job and between that and my toddler and early pregnancy I've felt like doing absolutely nothing but being horizontal when I get any downtime at all. greensad.gif
Meg I did Nano twice and it was awesome just to get that quantity of words onto paper!
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Blanca, that's so cool! That's great that you keep working at your thesis. My brother edited his for about six years, I think, before it was made into a published text book. He is a writing professor. So sometimes it has been hard for me to write because I crazily think there's only room for one writer in the family or something. But then I just shake off my dopey inner critic's ramblings and just make myself write again.

LltheTinkerbell that's cool you did Nano too!! That amount of writing seemed just enough to make me write with abandon and stop thinking so much. it was a great brain purge!!

Oh gosh I'm sure all of that makes it tough to even function much less write! You'll get back to it when you're ready. Whenever I doubt that I'm a writer at heart, I remember the one thing that really makes me feel like one is realizing I can never stay away from writing for too long or else I feel like I'm going crazy! So whenever I hit an unintentional hiatus I know it won't be too long before I'm back at it again. smile.gif
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