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Celexa vs. Zoloft - effects on nursing toddler?

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I logged on tonight to ask whether anyone has taken Celexa or Zoloft while nursing an older baby (mine is almost 2) and noticed side effects.  I've been on Celexa (citalopram) for two days, and I feel much better - but I am noticing some side effects in DD , she is more irritable and is having trouble falling asleep at night - but she is also growth spurting and teething, so it's very hard to tell what the cause is!  


From what I've read (research papers and reviews), Zoloft might be a better choice for both of us, but I'm not sure whether it would have a similar effect on her.  Compared to Celexa, I've read that it is less likely to show up in her system (though reports vary) or to affect her own serotonin uptake.  I also don't like the reports I'm reading about cardio complications with Celexa.  My inclination is to have my doc run an ECG and compare it to a recent (healthy) one I've had, to see whether anything has changed.  But it would be just as well to switch to one without that complication.  


Having a love/hate relationship with SSRIs right now!  I've been working with a naturopath for over a year, and we just haven't gotten my mood swings under control (a very expensive experiment, I might add).  The SSRI is helping immediately, I think I've made a good decision for me, but maybe not for DD.  


Has anyone else had experience with both drugs?  I'm going to wait a bit and see if her behavior changes, but I'm not willing to wait long.  If it persists, I'll either have to quit the SSRI, switch to something else, or quit nursing (which is not necessarily a bad thing, as she is almost two).  We're not really ready though.  Sigh.

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I took Zoloft and didn't notice any side effects in my son. He was 10 months when I started and 2.5 years when I stopped taking it. 

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I see you wrote this post 3 years ago.  I'm noticing the same effects in my 14 month old and have been on 10 mg Celexa for 1.5 weeks now.  It is completely unlike him.  He's been a fast to go to sleep guy for naps & during the night 99% of the time until now.  Coincidence?  What ended up happening to your child in the long run?  Did he adjust and sleep better or do you still think it was teething and/or growing pains. I truly don't think my child is going going thru either of those now.  You know how they say mother knows best...  It makes me really regret starting the pills and want to wean off them asap though I worry about the effects on him as I wean because I know from being on them before the side effects stink even when weaning.  I had forgotten how bad the side effects were beginning the drug too- trouble sleeping, nausea, headaches...  I wonder if he is feeling extra anxiety from the meds???   I know it's such a small amount but he is likely sensitive to drugs like his momma.  I took benadryl once and it made him pretty drowsy as well!  


A side note: Ironically I was about to sleep train him to sleep through the night, because I can't take the sleep deprivation anymore.  I'd like to write more but he woke and is crying after only 15 min. ---again, completely unlike him.  :(  



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