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Taking care of myself without putting a damper on the kids' summer

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I have 4 children, ages 9,7,4, and 2.  My girls' first day off is today.  Normally when they are at school, I put my little one down for a nap sometime between 11-1, it depends on when he got up.  I NEED  time to relax and meditate. Mid day I get sooo tired and if I don't rest I get physically ill (sick to my stomach - my meds make me so tired). I just went on seroquel a week and a half ago and I am even more tired than usual.  My 4yo son during my 2yo's nap time time either plays video games or watches tv, either sitting right next to me or if I'm lying on my stomach on the couch he sits ON me lol.  I lock the door so if I fall asleep I know that he is safe in the room with me.


Now that it's summer time, we're going to be outside a lot and my kids of course want to be in the pool but I still need time to rest so they will have to come in...I don't want to ruin their summer by making them stay inside...I mean, mid-day is when I get tired and that is really when they would want to go out there.  If I continue with my schedule the way it is, they won't make it out there till 2 or 3.  Is this terrible???  I feel bad that they will be cooped up in the house because of me.  I don't know what else to do.


I suppose in the next couple of weeks it will be getting hot early so they can actually go out earlier like 9 or 10 and have ample time outside before they will have to come in for a while.  What about in the mean time?  Ugh I feel like a terrible lazy mother.  What can I do?


I feel like these meds and my sickness takes over our lives.  I actually have been scheduling around my son's nap time so that *I* can have time to rest because I get so sick and tired :(

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I think that it is unwise to let children play outdoors during the heat of the day.


My family has always used summer "siestas" (my southern heritage!).


I would evaluate your needs and your childrens' needs on paper and schedule your days based on the weather forecast and a compromise that suits everyone.


I think that children need more rest than modern society allows. Maybe have a "power out" siesta every day when books, toys, and sleep are the only options?


I often slept in the childproof playroom while my daughter played. It was fine for both of us. No worries :)

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I don't see why you couldn't take a rest and have all the kids rest with you.  I don't do it as much as I should but sometimes when my kids are fighting and cranky and I'm overwhelmed, I tell them that everyone is taking a rest.  You don't have to sleep, but you do have to sit in your bed and read or draw quietly so mom can rest.  My mom did that with my sister and I up until we were preteens I believe.  I remember it was at 1pm every day when her soaps came on.  We had to be upstairs for 2 hours.  I usually claim an hour to myself around 1 or so when I need it.  My kids are 5, 8, and 13.  The 13 year old has her own room so she's allowed to do whatever she wants essentially in her room as long as she's quiet.  But the other two are put in bed with stacks of books and coloring supplies.  Sometimes they fall asleep, sometimes they don't.  That's not really the point though.

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