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Spotting and Bedrest

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I've spotted first trimester with all three of my previous pregnancies, the first two only a couple times, but my with my third baby I did very frequently. I have with this one as well, and its all be "normal" for me until the past few days, I had darker red and more of it starting on Wednesday. I talked with my midwife that night, and I had a scheduled appointment for yesterday anyway. I've had some mild achiness too, almost like AF is coming, but again, I've had this before with my previous pregnancies too, which have all ended with healthy babies. We couldn't find the hb with the Doppler (I saw it at an ultrasound last week though) but it still too early, but I think I felt a small nudge from the baby while she was pressing the Doppler down there. I felt my last baby at just shy of 11 weeks, so even my mw thought it was possible I felt something against the pressure of her pushing. I've still been super nauseated too which is reassuring.

In any case, I've started on several supportive herb tinctures and vitamins, and am on bedrest for 3 days. Although I did have some more blood with a BM early this morning, it was lighter colored and less than yesterday, and I've only had a tiny bit of pink since. Its so strange to be in bed though, I'm usually sooooooo active chasing my 3 kids and running our farm. I'm hopeful this spotting will stop and I can relax, and can not WAIT for regular kicks so I can be sure all is well in there!

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Hi Fern5Fern, 


How has it been going? 


I hope things have been improving and you're able to be done with bedrest and feel reassured.


Wishing all the best for you.

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I'm doing better thanks! The spotting stopped for the most part, just a tiny streak of pink here and there. I had a couple really rugged days of nausea and dizziness but even that has lessened some the past day or two. Still taking the herbs and counting the days till second trimester!
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I, too, cannot wait until the second trimester is over! Had some bleeding in my first also, and just keep thinking to myself "Stick, baby. Stick!"


Glad things are better for you : )

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