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to sell or not to sell the crib

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I have a 2.5 year old son and a 3 month old daughter. DS ended up cosleeping with us from birth and is still sleeping with DH in the basement while I'm in the big bed in master bedroom with DD. Aside from our bedroom, we have one very, very small bedroom upstairs where we plan to put both kids (right now it is son's room, even though he doesn't really sleep there). In order to do that, DH is going to make a low-profile bunk bed for the two, and we will probably end up moving DD to the lower "bunk" (which will essentially be on the floor) fairly early, or when she is done co-sleeping. Not sure if we'll have any more children at this point.


My question is- should I sell our crib? I'm in a purging mood, our house is small, and we have way too much stuff. However, part of me always wonders if I'll regret it and should hold onto it, especially more emotional purchases like a crib.  The other thing is, my son did sleep in his crib, for naps, and at least half of the night for about a year. Wondering if we'll regret not having it around in case we want to use it sparingly for DD (just not sure where it would go in our house). We do have a pack n play, too.


Anybody been in this situation? Regretted selling it?

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My DD tolerated the crib a lot longer (18 months or so) than the pack n play (6 months). If you think you'd like an alternate place for her to sleep/nap but want to purge, I'd honestly part with the pack n play over the crib. Did your son use the pack n play happily? Did he prefer the crib? Which did you like better using? I'm honestly selling my pack and play as soon as our new addition (coming soon) reaches 15 lbs because once I had to lower the mattress type thing, I found that DD wouldn't sleep in it anymore. It felt like the mattress thingy was shifting as I tried to lower her and place her down. We don't plan on more kids after number two arrives and I'll be selling things as this baby outgrows them. I won't get rid of the crib though until I'm sure the baby won't use it at all. Just my experience smile.gif
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What sort of crib? If it has a drop side, I believe it is now illegal to sell or resell it in the U.S. and Canada (?), so it also depends on where you are.
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Not a drop side crib- it was bought less than 3 years ago. Not used much. 


Actually, we used the pack and play quite a bit with my 1st son- not so much past his early infancy until I went back to work full-time and he stayed at a sitter's and had his nap there (from about 21 mos. until 27 mos. or so). The thing I do like about a pack n play is the portability feature...nice for traveling, or staying at family's homes, etc. Even if it isn't as comfortable as a bed/crib, it sure is convenient.


With my 2nd child, we aren't pushing the sleeping separately thing like we did with DC1, even though she probably could sleep separately (she's a good sleeper so far). I think just because I ended up nursing DS in my sleep and it was my only survival so I'm just starting off that way with my 2nd. I actually think, in general, we are using a ton less "stuff" with my 2nd because I'm always on the go and don't find a need for a lot of stuff. The crib is just a big purchase...makes me worried for if we really do find the need for one down the road. 

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