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Immune prep before flight with little ones?

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I live far away from my family and end up flying a few times a year with my kids. Almost without fail my DD1 will fall ill within days of arriving, no doubt from the recycled air in the plane or some dirty surface in the airport...

We go again in a week and I would really love to skip the part of the vacation where we nurse a grumpy sick girl back to health... Last time she came down with full on croup!

She is already on a daily dose of probiotics and vit d3. Is there anything else I can supplement with that might help us through this flight?
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with recent research on gut bacteria as well as research on probiotics I think that is huge right there.


washing hands more often?


also a couple of other thoughts


- that the illness would be due to stress. I know that affected/affects dd a lot. something I am not sure how to avoid except that maybe take the first two or 3 days to not do too much. esp. if they have to deal with jet lag.


- as much liquid she can drink to flush her system out.


however I am one of those who don't like giving dd a lot of stuff apart from fruits and veggies variety. I feel it really taxes our kidneys to get rid of what we don't need.

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i 2nd the stress factor.  any change in routine would stress our ds out as well.  prepping your child for the trip, making it fun and give her something to control, like packing her own fun suitcase with books and snack etc.


i would up the probiotics and add vitamin c.  you could do a rescue remedy for the stress as well. or chamomile tea and just stay extra hydrated because of flying.  hth!

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Thanks both for your thoughts... Will lean heavier on the probiotics then and lots o' water. smile.gif. Been making my own plane treats too so they aren't eating unhealthy on top of it all. T-minus two days now! Hoping this will be the trip to break the sick tradition! smile.gif
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What sorts of plane treats are you making?  I will be flying with a 2 and 3 yr old in a few months but I was thinking I wouldn't be allowed to pack food in my carry on.  It's been awhile since I've flown.  I would love to take healthy treats along!

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Dot-to-Dot: you can take any food items you want except for liquids (you can take a smaller amount of breast milk or formula for babies - not sure what the specific quantity allowances are, best to check with the airline.).

As for what I packed: homemade oatmeal low-sugar muffins, goji berries, Annie's organic cheddar bunnies and some salted plantain chips I found at our grocery store last minute. It seemed to keep a good balance of sweet and savoury, they loved it all and I felt better about it than feeding them the cookies and crap they were selling on board. Lots of water too. I stocked up after I got through security (gotta love $3 bottles of water... sheesh) since they only come around with water on board twice in a flight.

Good luck with your flight! I do the journey across Canada twice a year alone with both kids and I still get nervous before each flight! Lol.... Have learned a lot from each flight though and gets easier each time!
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