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~Weekly Chat Thread for June 22nd-28th~

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Starting next week, when someone asks when we are due, we can just say next month. Oh my. I need to get cracking on that to do list.


My husbands laser eye surgery went really well, with the biggest complication being our failure to get Monkey a picture of the robot doctor. He was feeling well enough to take Monkey to the grocery store before dinner last night.

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Leigh - that sounds great "next month." I'll feel better getting June out of the way. Glad your husband's eye surgery went well.


Tuesday I'll be 31 weeks. Just crossing off each day on my planner getting closer to a safe zone for delivery. I'll see my OB Tues and hope all is still going well.

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31 weeks today... :)  I can't believe that on Monday, I am 2 months from EDD!  Which means likely 2 months or LESS until she's here (2 of my 3 have come before their EDD).  EEK!  This is feeling more real by the minute.


I set up my L&D tour for July 1 - waiting on my sitter to confirm that she can watch the kids (or I'll have to call and reschedule).


Contractions keep picking up...  I'm having 3-4 really good ones a day lately....  Tons of BHs of course. 

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I can't believe another week has gone by!! I'll be 34 weeks on Monday. Saw my MW on Friday. Only measuring 35 this time (had been 4-ish ahead). She says baby feels good. I need to focus on positioning more as baby was tending toward ROA. She's recommending an u/s in a week or two, I think in part because I haven't had one except at 14w to confirm singleton. I've wanted to do one, anyway, but have put it off due to finances.

Am I the only one who occasionally does her own internal checks? I was surprised to find baby definitively lower today. But then I tried walking and got plenty of confirmation! Sooo much pressure, ligament pain, crampiness... Sigh.

My mom came over tonight to help tackle the to do lists. We've never finished unpacking and sorting from our move last Fall, so it's a big part of my concern. We worked on the garage and I was able to locate my birth pool, newborn diapers, extra birth supplies from last time, etc. Lots more to do but I'm happy to get some things checked off! Though I found out other things are going to have to wait. The shower originally planned for next week is being bumped back by 3 weeks! :/ I'm going from worrying no one would show because invites were never sent to worrying that I'll only have a week to prepare after the shower. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity, though, so I'm just trying to trust it'll all work out perfectly!

Edelweiss, so glad your u/s went well!

Calladonna, I don't envy you increasing ctxs already! I am still getting a variety of activity but am hoping to make it a couple more weeks without serious prodromal labor!

Leigh, I hadn't thought about "next month!!" Eek! That's exciting and scary, especially being due early in the month.
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In the last couple months my DH has grown a full beard.  Last night we had this conversation:


Me:  So, you really like your facial hair?

DH:  Yeah.  I guess so.  You don't like it?

Me:  Not really.

DH:  I'll shave it if you want to make out.

Me:  I guess you get to keep the beard for a couple more months.  


My poor DH.  I don't want to be kissed, touched, or even looked at romantically.  At least 2 of my other pregnancies it was the COMPLETE opposite.  He hasn't been completely neglected, but I'll be happy to enjoy lovin' again.

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I am already saying "next month" since I'm technically due in July. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and having tons of BHs and an occasional more serious contraction. I'm both excited to get this show on the road and nervous because of feeling unprepared. DS came at 42 weeks, so I'd be a fan of earlier, but nervous about too early. Plus, ugh! This is my last week of work and I am just reeeeeally not feeling like going. I gave 3 months notice, so this just feels like the ridiculous, bitter end. A lady emailed me Friday about re-grouping "later" on a project we had worked on and I was like "dude, later is now. Or never." I say "dude!" a lot in my internal dialogue...and aloud.

Heather, I don't do internal checks because I am a complete know-nothing when it comes to that sort of thing. When I have seen ultrasounds, they'll be like "this is your baby's head" and I'm in Homer Simpson mode or something like "looks like a donut." I am even worse when I have to FEEL for answers. My mom palpated my abdomen and told me baby is head down; she is great with such things. But me? A leg, a butt cheek, a hand...it's all the same to me.
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LOL, Crafty. I just figure I'd rather know what's going on without someone having to tell me. wink1.gif And I'd gotten familiar with the basic geography when using menstrual cups, so it's not THAT weird. Amazingly, a baby head is pretty easy to spot. Bums are big but just not as firm (though I'm not sure I've ever felt a breech baby; this time, one day I checked and went, "Wow! That's a head!"). I try not to mess with the cervix because I don't need it irritated and causing panic anytime soon... But give me a few weeks and I'll be trying to ascertain better than I did last go 'round! I figure it's better to practice midwifery skills on ME than on some other poor mother! lol.gif

Several people commented today that baby looks lower. Yep, FEELS lower, too! Gotta love being at the point of grimacing with every movement, constant BH when walking, and of course the periodic stronger ctxs. And STILL so far to go!! A couple of people commented that maybe it would be sooner than later, but I've got a minimum of 2-3 weeks in order to have a home birth and term baby, and better for baby's brain development to go to 39, so... And then I think, "Gee, baby's so low I could just squat right now and give birth!" redface.gif

I found 20 NB/XS dipes in the stuff I've saved from various kids. Some are 9 years old!! Some are very girly. Most are GN. I'm feeling much better after finding those and some birth supplies (like 6 ice packs that were soooo nice last time). Now I'm trying to figure out what other birth supplies I will still need... I found a whopping 2 chux pads. lol.gif
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I have been so sure of baby positions and then find out I'm wrong. I do think it's harder with two babies, though. I know Baby A is still breech primarily because of the kicks against my cervix.

I used to check my cervix but that was when not PG because of charting/NFP. Now I'm too afraid to increase risk of infection to check it.


Heather - yay for NB diapers! About half the diapers I have from my daughter are pinks but that won't stop me from using them. My NB covers I bought this time are all white, yellow and blue, though.

I've made it through 8 days of bedrest. Yesterday was really good with not too worrisome ctx. Sat. evening was horrible with very long and strong ones but they lasted less than an hr. Tomorrow I see my OB. Hoping for good news. I just don't feel like I can come off bed rest anyway since every time I stand or sit up I get a minute+ long contraction. DH has been really great about bringing me food and ice water. 31w tomorrow. Really hoping to make it to 37-38 but 32 is my next milestone.

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Originally Posted by harmie0515 View Post

In the last couple months my DH has grown a full beard.  Last night we had this conversation:

Me:  So, you really like your facial hair?
DH:  Yeah.  I guess so.  You don't like it?
Me:  Not really.
DH:  I'll shave it if you want to make out.
Me:  I guess you get to keep the beard for a couple more months.  

My poor DH.  I don't want to be kissed, touched, or even looked at romantically.  At least 2 of my other pregnancies it was the COMPLETE opposite.  He hasn't been completely neglected, but I'll be happy to enjoy lovin' again.

Oh Harmie, I so hear you! I don't mind hugs from my 2 year old but DH is not allowed. It's sort of this "hey, that's what got me into this in the first place" thought lol. It wasn't until DD was about 15-18 months old that we started to get our groove back and BAM! One night of spontaneous fun and here I am, 35 weeks 3days lol.
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We're coming out of a stomach flu around here: myself and the 2 year old. Luckily DH took a day off so I have backup and he's doing his best to keep girly occupied so I can rest. I'm just so miserable; I hope baby comes around 39 weeks instead of being induced at 41 like DD. On the plus side, I splurged on some cloth pads because going through another birth recovery with sposies was thoroughly unappealing. I went heavy on the overnights since last time I had bladder leakage for a few months pp with coughing/sneezing and again, can't stand the thought of that much plastic.
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Hey, doing good today.  I have been meaning to "check myself" for days now and did it this morning.  Cervix is still posterior, but VERY soft/stretchy and I think 1-2 CM already.  Baby's head is super engaged already too - I feel her solidly down in there.  My body really does seem to "remember" and get ready sooner each time.  That would also explain why my belly is so low and I have so many SPD issues. ;)

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Oops, meant to do personals...
Heather, yay for finding some of your supplies! :D  Tell me about it.  AT 31 weeks, I do NOT want baby to come for AT LEAST another 6 weeks! :p  But I'm not that concerned.  Things seem to ramp up earlier for me each time, but it doesn't seem to indicate an earlier baby.  I'm having dreams about giving birth or at least of pushing halfway out anyway. :p  TMI, but when I push out a BM, my head always tells me I'm about to push out the baby too.  Silly brain!
harmie, I'm the same, but I keep pushing through it...  The loving is so important for our relationship.
Mary, LOL on the "later".  I'm pretty good at internal checks, but not so great at the external baby positioning checks. ;)
Edelweiss, I guess on the infection front, I figure I'm having sex/etc and these germs are all my own, so I don't worry too much.  I do wash my hands first though...  I'm more concerned with stirring up contractions, so I try to keep it quick and get out of there.  I also don't do a "full" cervix check where you go all the way up the cervix to see what the dilation is at the top, I just check the opening to see what it's doing...
skycheattraffic, that's been going through our house too - off and on diarrhea and vomit. :(  Just when I think we've kicked it, it comes back...
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Well, we survived our camping trip.  Inches and inches of rain poured down on us overnight both nights and some during each day, but we manged to stay dry with very large tarps over our tent, managed to stay comfy with air mattresses instead of camping mats, and managed to stay occupied with a few wisely chosen inside-the-tent games and toys!  Pshew!  We did have fun though, it cleared up enough to go to the beach one day and hiking to a waterfall the next, so all was not lost.  We ate well too.


I am so sore and tired though, rain beating down on the tarp all night was sooo loud, not to mention the thunder.  I actually drove to the toilet in the middle of the night, I figured my headlights weren't any worse than the lightning.  Sorry fellow campers.  Sheepish.gif

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Suddenly I'm walking and feeling like I need a hip replacement! Sigh!
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Can i just say, I love coming here to check in! It's so nice to know I am not alone with the various changes/ailments during pregnancy :)  I know that doesn't change how we are each feeling, but it feels supportive to me just to hear others stories. I wish i could be better about offering support to others, but sometimes its just one foot in front of the other around here. 


Saturday was my first day of serious BH, I have had some light cramping on and off throughout the entire pregnancy, but on Saturday afternoon i had cramping at a pretty regular (every 4 minutes) pace for about 30 minutes.  Yesterday was nice and calm but woke up again this morning with some BH again. I get pretty nervous with BH and even though I hope to deliver on time (if not a little early), I do not want this baby to come just yet!

My hip discomfort is out of control, making it difficult to walk and sleep.  Yoga has really helped, but i haven't been able to make it there the last two saturdays with all sorts of other things going on. I have to try to work in some positions each day, so I can have some relief.   

Had my 32 week MW appt on Saturday too.  Saw one of the newer MW's at the practice who I really liked. Baby was head down which was great and sounded good.  Even kicked the doppler during the exam, pretty hard too. oh and I lost 2lbs (weird).


We had our annual BBQ on Sunday at our house.  Its a nice gathering, but DH and I argued for months this year about doing it. DH has worked in restaurants his entire life, and there is no such thing as a simple BBQ with hot dogs and hamburgers with him.  Its always a huge production that I really didn't feel like i had the energy to help with, but i agreed to it as long as he had it this month and not closer to EDD.  I have to say, he did a really great job taking care of everything and not expecting or asking me to do too much.  I did what I could, but he took great care of me and all the guests.  Supposedly, everything is almost cleaned up today and i expect to go home to minimal things left to do. 

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I'm following along, everyone. I really just have nothing interesting to add XD

I'm at 32 weeks now. I'm trying really hard to not be stressed out by purging, packing, moving, the week long 4-H show I have at the end of July at the same time DH leaves to take the Bar for 3 days....I need that zen smiley face.

If Edelweiss Can remain so calm in the face of stuff that is actually important, than I should be able to let of this stuff that doesn't really matter at all. You are so sanguine! I keep thinking about you and your babies when I start to get panicked, and then I tell myself to step back and get some freaking perspective.
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Originally Posted by skycheattraffic View Post
I hope baby comes around 39 weeks instead of being induced at 41 like DD.

I was induced at 10 days past date with Monkey. Bee came smack on her due date. There is hope.


Banana I am glad you DH is leaving to take the bar. Monkey and I fled the country when Husband took his. Then we made Bee like two weeks later.


I just had hicupps from Iggy, so she is nice and heads down. But butt to one side (it alternates sides) and lots of kicking in the side when she wakes up.

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Edelweiss, you have such a great perspective, hang in there!


GISDiva, I am impressed you went camping! We love to camp but it is simply too HOT to try it here in the deep south right now. If we ever get a cool night when DH is not working it would be nice but I don't see that happening until October around here.


As far as position I can never tell. I have never done an internal check on  myself but even palpating my belly I have no idea what's going on in there. She moves around an awful lot but am hoping that even at almost 32 weeks she stays head down. My BH have definitely been picking up in the last week. Very irregular and nothing worrisome but stronger and more frequent for sure. I am having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night as it is so hard to get comfortable and I feel so restless. Once I am asleep I am fine thankfully (well, until one of the little ones bursts into my room to crash in my bed.familybed2.gif Though it never looks as peaceful as the emoticon. Sleeping with DD1 is like sleeping with a flailing octopus! I have had to start wearing more supportive shoes too, I live in flip flops but now my feet are hurting too much to tolerate it for very long....sigh....and I used to run 20 miles on the weekends....sigh.....


One thing that is driving me batty is DD2. She has been super clingly lately which isn't like her. She screams when I leave the room and wants me to carry her a lot (but I can't, it hurts!). I don't know what the deal is unless she is sensing the big changes coming with a new baby, potty training (which is going surprisingly well), or just typical almost-3-yo behavior. I just hope we can both get a hold of ourselves soon!

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I usually end up checking in the bath because there's less risk of infection there. Last pregnancy, I was thrilled to find the cervical os a good 3-4cm before labor began. Figured things would go fast, since I had gone from 6-baby in 17 minutes the last time. Then labor started, stalled, and I finally let my MW check what was going on because I couldn't really reach the os anymore. I was only 3, after all that work, because what I had been feeling was the *external* os (which doesn't really matter) instead of digging around for internal. Bah. eyesroll.gif So at least this time I know, as the external os has been dilated the whole pregnancy (typical for multips), that it's perfectly meaningless. And it's too early to risk stirring things up looking further, besides that it's pretty clearly NOT going anywhere now. It was pretty cool to feel the difference the next day in my DD's labor, though. I definitely figured out what an fully open cervix felt like vs. only the external os!

34 weeks today! Yay! Eek! lol.gif Dratted sinus problems are back AGAIN. My MW said I am surely sorely depleted of zinc (which has kicked it twice now) and need to keep taking it even after I feel better. But it can make me sick if I don't eat with it, and remembering any two things together is a little much for my brain. dizzy.gif But I'm going to take more now and hopefully sleep better than last night. I still feel dehydrated after drinking a TON all day just because I was mouth-breathing all night. Blah.

I am finding random things around the house that I need for birth. Like I turned off my DS's bedroom light last night, and found the fish net at his door (unused except as a toy wink1.gif), so I grabbed that for the birth. In my bathroom today, I noticed a brand new box from Earth Mama Angel Baby. It's Mama Bottom Balm, which is sooooo good!! Saved another $8 right there (and that's off of my co-op pricing; it's a lot more in stores!)! So much more to do, but things are coming along - finally!

Edelweiss, so glad you're hanging on! Did you find any natural twin pregnancy resources? Looks like Naturally Parenting Twins (I think I linked their site for you once) has a FB page, too. I'm wondering if they'd have any holistically-minded ideas for you? https://www.facebook.com/NaturallyParentingTwins Here's to many milestones being met before two healthy boys are born! thumb.gif

Calladonna, LOL on BMs and babies. Totally TMI, yes, but the other day I was having similar concerns. And being pestered by my 2yo all the while. "No, baby, I canNOT hold you at the moment!" lol.gif

Crunchy, this one is still moving a ton, too. Staying head down, thankfully, but even my MW was having trouble finding position because all we could feel was a lot of back! I'm hoping baby settles in to LOA pretty soon and stays put. I get kicks all over the place at any given time, though, so I know there's lots of change all the time.

Jill, glad your BBQ went well! My DH would always insist on enormous productions, too. Wannabe chef. lol.gif I'm glad your DH didn't ask too much of you!

marci, I am soooo right there with you!! And it was sudden for me, too. But not quick to go away. eyesroll.gif

skycheat, ack! Stomach viruses are my worst nightmare these days. redface.gif Glad your DH has been helpful! And yay for cloth pads! SO MUCH BETTER!! I can't imagine using paper and plastic ever again.

GIS, glad it went well! I can also not imagine camping at this stage, nor at this date! But being in the south makes a huge difference. Glad you had air mattresses - that would be a must for me!
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Can I just chime in to say: OMG GISDiva, the idea of camping right now makes me want to cry! You are so amazing. I am another low-latitude ladies though in Texas and the dashboard thermometer read 107 when I got in my car a little while ago. Add that to the fact that I can't get a wink of sleep without about 900 pillows propping up every part of my body (a doozy to reset after each of many, many bathroom trips) and I would be a complete camping failure. We take an air mattress when I'm not pregnant. I think maybe though I love the outdoors, I might have been born to enjoy it at a resort? LOL! smile.gif
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