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It really wasn't that bad.  What was worse is that I thought by taking me and the boy camping and leaving DH at home (who is of the same frame of mind you are, Crafty, and not enjoyable to camp with to say the least), that he'd get some work done around the house.  No, it pretty much looked the same as when I left.  Only with more dirty dishes.  So any sort of discomfort I had felt that was supposed to be mitigated by the awesome feeling of "gettin' 'er done" at home was all for naught... duh.gif

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Here is a question: does where I feel baby's hiccups have any indication as to where baby's head is located?
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Originally Posted by cardigan View Post

Here is a question: does where I feel baby's hiccups have any indication as to where baby's head is located?

Yes! In fact, I've never been very good at palping for baby's position, so I rely on hiccups to tell me. In order to be sure, though, you need to lie down and feel all over your belly to find the spot where the hiccups are the strongest (that's the head). I've been misled by hiccups when sitting down, as everything being compressed makes the bump feeling ricochet/reverberate, and when I lie down, it's actually strongest in a different spot. In the last couple of weeks, if baby is head-down, it will be obvious that the hiccups are in your pelvis even when sitting/standing, but until then, I reckon lying down is the way to go.
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I've been trying to explain to DH how weird it is to feel hiccups in your crotch. lol.gif


I am finally on the mend, shingles rash is slowly scabbing over, still lots of pain, doctor is pleased with progress and expects I have a couple more weeks of misery to go.

I should be totally non-contagious next week so I postponed this week's MW appt until then.  After a few days off I have been doing part-time work from home.  Funny though how everyone gets your out-of-office message once then expects that you are back and healthy the next week (I don't have the option to set it to autoreply every time).

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My feet decided to swell up a ton today, for the first time. I was out all day but drinking water continuously so it surprised me. I went by my mom's, where I typically use her scale, and was shocked by a reported gain of about 7lbs over a week ago. I'm figuring that's basically fluid, but my MW is encouraging even more stringent diet. Sigh. Thankfully, I was already planning to do things like start ordering produce shares again, so we will be well stocked on organic fruits and veggies in a couple of days!

My sinus troubles are getting worse, which makes my face feel funny even though I'm really confident it's the whole mouth-breathing-all-night thing and not, for instance, edema. I could really use a good night's sleep and a day with no headache. :/

Friends took me out to a Mediterranean buffet tonight. Omgoodness, soooo good. I'm craving the cucumber salad. Must make some myself. Anyone have favorite recipes? (And I'm awfully glad to be craving something healthy!!)
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My feet got bigger than ever last night too, it really got hot and humid here, and the weeds were taking over. So a half an hour of puttering around the garden resulted in clown feet for the rest of the night. *sigh*
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I also have the crotch hiccups and for me it is the one thing I know that heads do that bottoms don't. Beyond that I can tell big parts and little parts.


It is heavy humid here with thunderstorms on and off all week, so I think I will just skip going outside. Except today, because today I have a massage.


Other than that it is one of those weeks, kids are wrangy and a bit sick and of course, somehow green crayon ended up in the wash with Husband's dress shirts, which are the hardest to get it out of.

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Hi there!  I just found this thread.  I am due Aug 4 so I'm 34 weeks right now.  This is my 4th baby--my other 3 kids are boys and this one is a girl.  And if I had a dime everytime someone said "aren't you so glad to finally get a girl!" RIGHT in front of my boys...ugh.  I really know people mean well but I've still made it a point to say "we could've cared less what we got"--and that is very true.  I just wanted a 4th baby, whatever the gender. 


Anyway, this little girl is kicking the crap out of me, lol.  My stomach and ribs hurt from her activity!  I'm thinking its a mix of me having more room in there (with each baby everything stretches out), lower muscle tone (which also happens with additional pregnancies), and I guess she's just an active little thing.  I've had weird jittery movement (not like hiccups) with her from about 29-32 weeks, it was weird, but when I googled it and read other moms reports of the same thing their babies all came out just fine.  Anyone here had what I'm talking about?  It was a very jittery movement that only lasted a few seconds.  I never had it or I guess I never noticed it with my first 3.


I have been SOOOO tired the past 2 weeks.  I am always borderline anemic but I have been drinking beet kvass every day or eating other things high in iron like red meat, dried fruit, etc.  Anyone else feeling super tired?  I can't think of what else to increase in my diet other than iron.  I should ask my mw at my next appt...


I've also been waking up every.single.night starting around 31 or 32 weeks from 3 am to 5 am.  Experiencing braxton hicks and just general discomfort, so I've been relying on my hypnobirthing meditations to put me back sleep.  I seriously believe she will be born during this time frame!, anyone else with prior pregnancies have a regular wake-up time in the middle of the night result in their baby being born around then?

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Aim4balance, that's so insensitive, what people say about gender in front of your boys! As if we all keep having babies until we have one of each. We want two kids and that's that. We have a lovely 2 year old girl (who was a surprise) and are expecting a surprise baby this time around too. I'd be thrilled either way and everything of DD's is still in great condition, meaning a minimum of baby prep. So many people act like it's insane to wait to know the gender though, like somehow I'm illprepared to parent simply because I don't know whether we're having a boy or a girl. Don't get me wrong, I understand that knowing works for a lot of families and I respect that but it's a pet peeve of mine to be looked at as strange because simply for wanting to preserve the mystery. lol ok off my soapbox for now wink1.gif

Sleep has been bad here too and chasing my 2 year old has gone from exhausting to downright painful. I'm technically due late July but DD came late and I expect this kiddo to take lots of time too. I'd LOVE to be wrong though!
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skycheattraffic I think things would have been much easier had we not found out.  You know if you found out it was a boy and were telling people it was a boy, based on the reactions I've gotten, everyone would ask you if you were now finished since you had one of each!!  I think its great to wait to find out--we did with our first.  That surprise on your baby's birth day is priceless :)  

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Welcome Aim4. I'm having twin boys after a daughter and 3 miscarriages and someone asked if my mom was disappointed we were having boys because she couldn't sew for them (she sews and smocks beautiful heirloom dresses for her granddaughters). I was really hurt that someone could even insinuate that a certain gender could be disappointing after losing 3 precious  babies already. Seriously, don't we all just want healthy living children???

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somegirl, glad to hear you're slowly getting better. Sorry you're still in pain though greensad.gif

Originally Posted by GISDiva View Post

My feet got bigger than ever last night too, it really got hot and humid here, and the weeds were taking over. So a half an hour of puttering around the garden resulted in clown feet for the rest of the night. *sigh*

My feet suddenly got bigger in the last 2 days too! It hasn't even been hot here...humid but not hot at all.



aim: ugh, that is so annoying. I only have one girl but have had comments about how nice it will be to have one of each. (We don't know the sex) People are strange around gendering babies...it's disappointing. I was getting the weird jittery movement too but it seems to have subsided now. 



Afm: 34 weeks today! I met with our doula's partner on Monday. She was nice but both my DP and I hope our regular doula is on when I actually go into labour. It's funny how attached we are to her since she attended DD's birth.


I had a bit of a scary time last night. I woke up around 12:30 with my heart RACING, I was dripping sweat and my hands were visibly shaking. My DP encouraged me to get up and check my blood sugar and it was really, really low. I immediately had some juice and then a bowl of cereal with a banana on top and I managed to bring it up fairly quickly and I felt fine again. Such a weird feeling though and it freaked me out. I called the GD clinic this morning to tell the nurse so she lowered one of my doses a bit. Everyone has been telling me it's good that my insulin doses have to keep being raised because it means my placenta is working very well. So of course now I'm worried that it's not greensad.gif The nurse said it was only one time and as long as the baby is still very active they aren't worried. Easy for her to say!

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Its so strange because we found out what we are having, mainly because we didn't have a strong opinion on it and also I love to be able to prepare. I am SO hesitant to tell anyone though. I have been getting such negative comments. I have heard a few times that "I opened my present before Christmas" and even that I "ruined my birth". I am really not enjoying talking to other mothers because everyone has such strong opinions!


I met with my midwife yesterday and I am still measuring way too small. At 32 weeks I have still not gained 5 lbs. This is exactly how things went with my DD and she ended up being a c-section with all sort of panic surrounding her birth. This is exactly what I was afraid of and I don't know what to do! My midwife suggested I eat lots and try to rest more, but I am already doing the best I can. This doesn't seem to be a common problem so I am having a really hard time finding support...

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Agile, are you a healthy weight to begin with? Not gaining is not in and of itself a problem, and not uncommon at all for those who start out heavier. My MW encourages LOTS of water to keep any ketones flushed out but otherwise, eating well and staying active are the things to do. If you're getting plenty of protein and good nutrients, it may not be an issue at all! Hugs!
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Agilesheltie, how rude and insensitive of those people! I'm firmly in the surprise camp but would never think, let alone say that anyone ruined the birth simply by finding out the gender! I'd be very upset if an US tech revealed the gender to me against my wishes, but that's completely different. I wish more people simply supported each other with respect for individual choice and differences. When an expectant mom tells me that she knows or plans to find out the gender, at the most I say how much I loved having a surprise the first time and how much I look forward to it again. I also make a point to mention that I try to keep things gender neutral as much as I can so that makes having a surprise much easier. I hope I haven't made any mamas uncomfortable; I certainly don't think my way is better for another mom, just that it's better for me smile.gif
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Agie - maybe try adding protein powder to smoothies and yogurt? I really don't have a strong opinion for finding out or not. We've found out and with our babies we lost too early to find out we gave them the first name of the gender I felt like they probably were and their middle names are the opposite. I have been glad to find out since I felt like it's helped me with bonding but I know a lot of women do like to be surprised. With as many ultrasounds as I've had to have with these little guys I don't really think I could have not found out since I found out Baby B's accidentally by looking once..it would have at least taken a bit of effort to look away every time a tech measures femur length! Anyway I think it's every couple's choice and people can enjoy their surprises or they can enjoy knowing before birth. Either way you meet your baby face to face at birth and it's awesome.

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Agile, sorry to hear about the frustrations with your measurements. hug2.gif   I am pretty petite like you (see agile's picture here) and had similar issues with DS, my measurements were way behind and my weight gain had stalled.  One OB tried to put me on bed rest (I ignored her because the other OBs were less concerned) and I had to have lots of extra ultrasounds and NSTs.  Luckily DS decided to come out on his own at 38.5 weeks and was a healthy 6 lbs 3 oz.  This time around for whatever reason my measurements and weight gain have been pretty normal, luckily.


When it came up last time, I did try to add in extra protein and more sweets and more smoothies.  It did help slightly with the weight gain.

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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Friends took me out to a Mediterranean buffet tonight. Omgoodness, soooo good. I'm craving the cucumber salad. Must make some myself. Anyone have favorite recipes? (And I'm awfully glad to be craving something healthy!!)

I craved cucumber salad earlier this pregnancy. Man, it was delicious! No recipes here, but I'm pretty sure most cucumber salads have lemon juice and olive oil on them. I've been going kind of wild for falafel lately.... so good with cucumber. Ack, now I am ravenous!


Agilesheltie, sorry for the stress about low weight gain. It sounds like a tough place to be in. grouphug.gif 


Somegirl, I'm glad you're seeing improvement with the shingles!  

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Some girl nice to hear you're not in complete agony now!

balance I get fluttery stuff too. I think it's fingers, because it feels exactly like when dd2 would tickle my cervix (guess who validated that inference by being born with a nuchal hand...) but not on my cervix.

Carmen that sounds really stressful and not fun. Wouldn't it be good to need to lower the dose? Wouldn't that mean your body is actually doing what it's supposed to and the insulin is wacking it out?

agile don't stress. In Japan, if you gain over 12 lbs, the doctor starts yelling at you. How far behind did you measure with dd?
What does your midwife think about baby's size via palpation?
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Thanks for all the encouragement ladies! I am not sure what I measured with DD but an ultrasound at 37 weeks showed her to be under 4 lbs. Everyone flew into a panic and they took her by c-section a few days later. She ended up being 5 1/2 lbs and healthy so the ultrasound wasn't very accurate. My midwife said this one feels "little" and I am 5 weeks behind. If my growth doesn't pick up she will send me for an ultrasound too. I just have all these Vbac dreams and I can see things going down the same path again....

I am going to go out tomorrow and find some protein powder!

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