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please vote - could this REALLY be a mere 7 week belly?

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Hi there,


So I've been riding this awesome what I thought/think is 7 week pregnant ride and today I attended  my cousins fiance's baby shower.  My sister in law said umm sweetie, I think you are more like 3 - 4 months! I said no thats impossible. She said but I didn't show AT ALL for the first 3 mos and most people don't but you are clearly further along. What does the doctor say? I said ummm well she isn't going to see me until July 11 at my 9 weekish mark. She said hmmm ok well let me know what you find out I'm convinced you are much further along. 


Now I'm paranoid I mean I thought I've been looking bloated all along but now I wonder, could my last period have not really been a period? 


I'd love your opinion based on this picture I just took. Yes thats my party name tag on the back of my phone, lol.


Vote now, how many weeks do you think I look? Yikes!  P.S you can't offend me. wink1.gif



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Oh my, thank you so much for the giggle! Your belly looks absolutely gorgeous and I am sending congratulations on your pregnancy, but even if you were pregnant with triplets, I would think you were further along. I totally agree with your SIL, and closer to 4 months.
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OH MY GOD! Haha! I'm freaking out RiverSky!


Thats means I had maybe 3 periods that weren't periods??? It doesn't make sense to me. I'm stumped!


I got married on May 4th, had my period on May 9th, we had unprotected sex one time around ovulation (we always played it safe prior to that and didn't have sex ever around ovulation) and then I had a feeling this month so I took tests from 9 dpo(verrrry faint) and then finally it got dark on 15 dpo. So why would the test have taken so long to get dark?


Baffled I say baffled! Now I'm wondering if I should bump up my apt?  Also, I had an ultrasound done in May 15 for a fibroid check and wouldn't someone have seen something then?


I'm laughing but simultaneously scared I am further along then we thought!


PS thanks re my belly its been hard to HIDE. I kept thinking I was just really bloated!

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I really can't say for sure about any of that. I have simply never seen anyone show, let alone have such a nice round belly at 7 weeks. I am pregnant with my fourth and didn't have much to show by 11 weeks. I don't think you need to bump it up though. just relax and take good care of yourself. smile.gif
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Different people simply carry differently and even with different pregnancies.


I didn't show at all with my first until 6+ months. However with my second I was in a friends wedding around 8 weeks and I definately looked pregnant. We all had a moment of panic thinking I wasn't going to get into that dress. We made an emergency run for spanks and I wore the dress, but there was a round belly underneath it. I'll have to ask my friend if she's got any pictures. While there were brief confusions about a due date because I actually missed the period before I got pregnant I had early ultrasounds that showed I really was only 8 weeks pregnant. 

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Thanks again RiverSky...I suppose if I was already past that worrisome 3 mos marker it wouldn't be so bad. I could see if I was another month along but beyond that I'd be pretty baffled.  I guess July 11th will tell me for sure! Until then I pray that if I AM further along - that I haven't done anything too stressful for baby. I drank at my wedding, and I really don't drink much on the whole, I was so stressed out leading up to the wedding with planning and the like, and we ate wayyy too much pizza, lol. I am normally an organic non gmo eating lady lots of greens, salads, good grass fed proteins but those couple months were rough (aka lots of chinese food and pizza take out) and I probably didn't make the best choices for those first couple (?) months. 


Ok all positive thinking I 'spose and if I AM only 7 weeks my body is clearly ready to be pregnant and just wants to show it! 


Maybe its all the dairy I've been craving! I'm talking cheese, ice cream, whole milk, you name it! I've been craving the heck out of it. Maybe its just a nice round DAIRY belly!

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JollyGG, thanks!  Oh my gosh thank goodness for spanks!  I'd love to see pics if you find them. So the ultra sound will be the definitive for me I guess. Just wait and see!  Easier said then done, haha.

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If you have fibroids, I think that can affect how big your bump looks. Beautiful, though, however far along you are!

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Andaluza, thank you!

Yes the one fibroid I have is about the size of a golf ball (confirmed on a May 2013 ultrasound) growing out side my uterus so its possible thats contributing for sure. I kind of forgot about that contributing to some of my bump! 

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I really think they would have noticed a 3 month old embryo on a prior ultrasound!! You're probably just bloated. Also, idk anything about your diet obviously, but depending on how it's changed recently, it could also be anything from water retention to good old fashioned weight gain.
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From what you've posted (about the period and the positive pregnancy tests starting iwth the very faint line getting darker) and you seem knowledgeable about your cycles (knowing when ovulation occurred) I would say that it's highly unlikely that you are more than 7 weeks. I've seen women who weren't pregnant at all look 4-5 months pregnant and I've seen women who are 4-5 months pregnant not look pregnant at all. I've known at least 2 moms who pop out "right away" and look noticeably pregnant that early, and I've known moms that barely look pregnant at like 7 months. Really, everyone is different...a lot has to do with how you carry and your overall body shape. I think short-torsoed women tend to look bigger earlier. Plus, if you have the fibroid, that could be making you look bigger as well. Really, it seems pretty unlikely you are further than 7 weeks, considering your period, and what you thought was ovulation and the very faint positive getting darker. I always had a faint positive when I tested before my expected period (around 11-12 dpo), but by 5-6 weeks pregnant, it was super dark...no matter when I took it..it was dark...so it seem pretty unlikely you would have had the faint positive getting darker if you were that far along. Oh..and Congratulations!! :)
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How one looks on the outside is no reliable indicator of how pregnant one is. Every body is so very different.

Congratulations! You do look beautiful smile.gif
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Cynthiamoon, ameliabedelia, and dia thank you so much!  I'm still adjusting to it all so to have my sis in law plant that seed saying there was no way I wasn't further along threw me for a loop as the bloating has been here throughout this time.  My gut says I'm 7 weeks but I won't say there isn't a possibility because there always is.  Thank you all for your compliments, you made me feel good.  I've def been adjusting to the sudden weight gain and struggling with it a tad so on this 5'3" frame I went from this in my May 4th wed shot





to the one posted, big diff! I'm 100% happy about this pregnancy, in fact happy seems a pale word to how thrilled I am but it was definitely a very sudden pop out! 

Thank you all for your kind words, opinions, and support!

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Looks like my 7 week twin belly :)

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Adaline's mom, thanks! I would be just fine with that if there were two happy healthy little beans in there!
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Looks like not much more than my belly, at not quite 6 weeks and I KNOW I'm six weeks because I had to have surgery to have an IUD out in March... and I was temping and carefully tracking everything.  


I am carrying my fourth.

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Awe, what a beautiful wedding photo!!
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Beautiful photos! I love your wedding dress. Okay, I didn't look like the top photo until I was at least 27-28 weeks along w/DD. But this time around I was super bloated from around 5-8 weeks and definitely could've passed for 4-5 months if I didn't suck it in (the bloat has gone down since then). I totally agree with all the people who say it could be bloating, and if you're on the short side your frame just might show earlier. If you were really further along, I would have been really surprised that your tests were that faint. Either way, congratulations!

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Thanks MommaCrystal (congrats on your 4th!) , Dia, and Blanca (congrats to you too!)!

My wedding dress cost $94 custom made to measurements on Etsy! I just love that place.

I agree the tests being so faint and then nice dark one 14/15 dpo I'd say this is a new little nugget in for the long haul.

I'm hoping it is just bloating. It's also in my hips and upper thighs.  In all those places mentioned I was also super tender like I had worked out hard up until say just this passed Friday. 

I'm still attributing a wee bit of the gain to some dairy love, haha! Sheepish.gif I normally don't regularly eat ice cream and since the day I think we conceived I've been non stop NEEDING it at the end of every day.  

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Personally, I'd never guess you were only seven weeks and you do look obviously pregnant, but by the additional information, it seems to me like you're at a pretty firm 7 weeks, especially since your first tests were fainter. When we told DH's family (I was around 6 weeks), one of his aunts said she already knew because I just "looked" pregnant. Everyone else seemed to think she was crazy, but I feel like I can see the distinct baby bump most days (which I definitely did not with No. 1). I might also cast a vote for possible twins on this pregnancy. And it's certainly a major difference from the wedding photo, so you've just "popped" early, it seems to me.

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