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I have been dragging, but I've done a bare minimum of yoga every day for the last 3 days.  A blip?  Or am I actually getting back on track?


It's funny, sometimes these breaks give my body a chance to rest, and I feel certain improvements in some asanas.  I other ways, I feel like I've dropped back and have to catch up again.  I have today off, so I have no excuse to miss yoga today.

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Hey All, I see that no one has posted on this thread in a bit but I'd like to join in anyway.  Just subbing for the moment so I won't forget to post later but will definitely answer the opening questions within next day or two.  Hope that's all okay.  :innocent

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The thread creeps, but never manages to die.  For me, it shows that creating habits is hard!  I've managed to get my old routine back in action for 3 days running.  Will check in again in a few days!

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Hi I am new here and just found this thread....perfect timing. I need the motivation.

My weight has really crept up on me and I need to be practicing my yoga. I am returning to it after being away for some years.

1. Who am I? 

I work at home so having a home practice is important for me. I am an artist and a writer. I am presently writing and illustrating books for children to publish on Amazon so will see how that goes, only one done so far and it didn't do much beyond family and friends, lol.

2. My first month goal is to do my home practice three days a week and go to a club two days a week. I want to do the breathing exercises everyday. I prefer the home practice, but I NEED to get out of the house ....

 3. and 4. My home practice is what I can afford to do regularly, but sometimes it is hard to stay motivated. I found online classes at classesyoga.net and love that there are videos for larger bodies. I have at least sixty extra pounds now...just crept up on me, I think a lot of it was stress so that makes Yoga even more important for me. 

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1.   #1 Who are you?


I am Kerry! 

I am a farmer; I care for ten acres, four pigs, eight sheep, 16 birds, three dogs, two cats, a bunch of fish, several fruit trees, and a vegetable garden. I guess that is my “job” (as well as preparing, organizing, storing, and serving foodstuffs) and it is time-consuming and life-consuming and I mostly love it but sometimes hate it.


I am an artist (-in-waiting); I am blessed with a studio I never actually enter, but only dream about working in.  I dream of sun-drenched mornings spent painting in vibrant oils, knuckle-deep in clay, arms that ache from cranking the wheel on the press. But those are school–girl fancies because day-to-day…


I am mother to a 3 yo DS, whose extroverted, talk-all-the time, “who will play with me while you do the chores” behavior baffles me, because I am an introverted gal from a quiet, “just happy doing my own thing while you do your thing” family, who married a deeply private man from a quiet family of introverts.  What gives? shrug.gif  If I hadn’t had him at home I’d a really wondered if he wasn’t switched at birth.


I am devoted daughter to a mother who lives with us (in the El).  And step-father, whom I still struggle to like.  Loyal sister to two sisters, one brother, two sister-in-laws, and three brother-in-laws.  Auntie to four amazing girls and five unbelievable boys.   Even just writing that I can’t believe how blessed I am with family. 


I am most of all a person interested in creation, family, and food.  Writing this was a great exercise for me.  I am really looking forward to being a regular part of this thread.


WooHoo, Question #1 done!!!:bouncy


Jaxy/Marie-  Didn’t mention this as part of “who I am” but I am also a total Francophile, I grew up in ME and the only language offered in HS was French.  Never been to France or even Quebec but DH & I visited Guadaloupe for our “babymoon.”  Off-topic but are you raising your son bilingually?  Could you recommend some great French language kids books or music CDs?  Also, just recently found out that we are just 3+ hrs from Montreal, so definitely planning a visit in the next year!


SweetSilver- I identify with so many of the things you have written.  “tight groin”, “finding time to do it,” “the way I react to stress makes parenting difficult.”  I need more time to properly react/ respond to these feelings.  But they fit more neatly into the questions I haven’t answered yet.  BTW- A creeping thread suits me because I am a slow thinker who is only sporadically online…


Jessimaca-  Love the name & origin! 


Berrymama- Gorgeous photo!


I hope you both are still participating in this thread!  You seem like wise women from your posts. 

Be back to answer #2 in a day or two.  


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Hello pjsart!  hola.gifI think we must've crossed threads last time I posted.  Writing and illustrating children's books, how fun!  I am hoping that joining this thread will be a source of motivation for me too.   How's it going so far?


2.) My goal this month is to establish a daily practice.  I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 15 years, but my practice was definitely at it's strongest while I was pregnant with my son. I think now that one of the reasons I so loved being pregnant was due to all that time spent doing yoga, taking walks, meditating.  Time for those things, and self-care in general, really fell off for me after his birth.  I got pregnant again last December and found out just how much I wished I had kept to it.:eyesroll  Those first two months were brutal. I was so fatigued, stressed-out, angry, anxious, emotional...    But I started practicing again and for a couple of weeks things got so much better. Unfortunately, just when I felt like I was gaining some serenity about the changes another baby would bring I miscarried at 13 weeks. At first I kept up with my practice, and meditation especially seemed to bring me a lot of solace in those first few weeks following our loss.  DH and I decided to try again right away and I charted and started running again. But then my mother got very ill, and a stressful visit from my in-laws delayed my O, and my practice fell off (as in came to a grinding halt,) and I decided I needed a break from TTC and anything else non-essential, to try and unpack all the crazy of the last year.   It was the right decision.  DH and I had time to really talk about how we see ourselves and each other as parents, and what we need from each other and what we can give.  There has really been a huge improvement in our relationship and I think if I become pregnant again he will be more supportive and understanding during those first tough months. My family came from all over and helped us get the wood in, and cider pressed, and a fence built behind the barn.  I am so grateful for them.  And my Mom has finally turned a corner and is getting stronger again.  And now my practice is slowly, slowly shuddering back to life.  


3.) A home practice is essential to me.  I haven't been to a class in over three years.  It would be at least a 40 minute drive to get to a class around here.  I like that classes introduce me to new poses and encourage me to spend time on asanas that are less than favorites.  Yet often I find that I like to go a little more slowly than most classes flow or spend extra time in a pose that feels extra good.  


4.) I have a stack of videos; favorites include a series of five 20 min. practices with Rodney Yee, and Jennifer Wolfe’s prenatal with 15, 30, 45, and 75 min sequences  (although I haven’t seen that 75 min one in a long time).  I have an audiobook of Seane Corn that I really like (but again, it’s too long to do often). 

Sometimes I like to put on The Magic of Healing Music by the Becvars (my only new agey music, suggestions welcome!) and do asanas of my own choosing in my own sequence. But I feel like I don’t ever push myself hard enough when I practice without any guidance.  I end up just doing a bunch of seated twists and forward bends.  shrug.gif

This summer I got two new books: Yoga and Fertility and Fully Fertile: A Holistic 12-Week Plan.  DH and I have decided to start TTC again in the next few months; we are kind of leaving things open though, no stress, no worry.  And I am really looking forward to taking these next few months to place my attention on my own balance and peace of mind. It takes some of the stress off TTC if I shift my focus to getting myself healthy and centered.  Both books have some great sequences in them.  I’ve never really worked from a book before but I kind of like it.  And I am loosely following the “12 week plan.”

Week one is to start a daily practice of breathing, kriya exercises, and asanas.  I’ve been on week one for about three weeks. :wink   I really want to get a daily practice going before I move on—which I’ll measure by 7 days in a row.   Managed 4 days this past week, and tomorrow is a new beginning. :joy

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MsBe, sorry to hear about your loss--it all sounds so incredibly stressful.  Glad that it is looking up.  And great work on the 4 days of yoga!


I've been less persistent, but have managed to be consistently every week about doing some routine.  It is so hard creating a new habit that sticks.  I did nearly daily yoga for 5 months, then slipped back.  I consider the fact that I still do it 2 or 3 times a week a victory for changing something about my daily routine.  I continue to incorporate yoga principles in the walks that I do, and that is also a good meditation for me, though the walks are irregular, too.


I can ask myself--can I do just one salutation in a day?  Just one?  But I can also ask, what do I consider a personal victory?  I need to be able to say that my irregular persistence--when it is so difficult to be mindful and forge new habits--is a victory in itself.  I would love to take that to the next level, but considering that I did no yoga for a huge stretch, the 2-3x/week is huge.


Welcome everyone!  And hopefully this thread can find it's footing to help energize our motivation in those moments when we have the choice to stop for 20 minutes and do our daily yoga, or get chores done or just spend more time on the computer or...... 

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Hi! Good job on doing prenatal yoga! Doing exercise during pregnancy can help alleviate constipation, improve your mood and build your strength and endurance, which can potentially help during labor and delivery.

Doing prenatal yoga is also very helpful as it will help develop your body's flexibility and balance to prepare you for the big day. Also you have to understand that only you know your body best so if you feel that one system doesn't work well for you or makes you feel uncomfortable then you have to stop and find another system that will better suit you. Keep it up and stay healthy!

Sandy Sherwood

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Made it 8 days in a row and was feeling great but had a very busy Wednesday and was exhausted yesterday... :zzz But back on the wagon today with another 30 minutes!  :)


How is everyone else doing?  

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Didn't practice yesterday, but day before did a great session, and really focussing on not hurrying through it.  I give myself permission to do whatever yoga I can muster, but I managed to focus for 5 breaths in each position.  It made such a huge difference, and I have time this morning to do it again.


My nose has been all stuffed (no cold, possibly allergies) and the big drive yesterday had my ears stuffing up and popping even with the mildest rises.  Odd.  

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Ahh, it is so difficult to build new habits! I have been every other day for the last few days and already it is eating into my self-confidence. Can I maintain a practice? Is it too uncomfortable? After just more than a week of daily practice I started having, umm, uncomfortable dreams, and so the next night I resist sleep and the following day I skip my practice (too tired), then I sleep well and practice, repeat... Anyone else have practice bring up regrets/ worries one thought were long gone? Did you just push through? What things make you NOT want to practice? Struggling...
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I'm afraid the only thing that keeps me from practice is feeling lazy, or trying to make up some lost time because I *being* lazy...all morning!  That's interesting about the dreams and emotions.  Yoga is a lot about release, so it makes perfect sense that you are experiencing this.


I've been content with my every other day practice.  I did 3 practices in one week.  The last 3 days I've been sick, so today was the first day I did one sun salutation with crescent pose and pigeon pose on both sides.  And that was enough!  Counting diligently to 5 breaths for each pose has really been a revelation for me, rather than breathe in, move, breathe out move, like vinyasa.  That is really great for generating heat, but can lead me to shirking on each pose just a little bit to get to the next one.  Doing yoga on my own helps a little, but my relative inexperience benefits from taking multiple breaths in each pose to finish getting into the correct position.

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So, How do you keep going?  


How do you pick it up when it's dropped off?


What time of day is the best time for you to do yoga?  A time where it's easy for you to not forget it or be lazy about it?


My yoga is still sputtering in fits and starts.  I've gained a good 10 pounds.  Ugh.  I am having such a rough time.  Some of the weight gain, I don't understand.  Some of it I do.  And even though my yoga has been spotty, I feel this last year has been an overall success.  Sure, I did more at the beginning of last year, but I haven't gone a whole week without doing something, and recently it has been at least twice.  This morning I knocked out 6 sun salutations and some core work.  About 10 minutes total.  


Just wondering where all you ladies are at with your routines.  Faithful?  Is it a long distance relationship?  :p  A temporary separation or a full-on divorce?


I think my relationship is in therapy.  Working on it.  

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