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We have a short list of boys names we both like and a chosen middle name. That way we've got something to choose from without deciding before we meet this child.

As for girl names we've got exactly one with a middle name. If this is a girl and she doesn't look like the only name we like then we're screwed.
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Originally Posted by vc2013 View Post

i have a question about initials. how much do you care about / put into the initials of your chosen name(s)? how do you feel about initials that spell or don't spell a word? i would also like some input on our situation:


we have picked a name with two middle names. if we go with this name, the first & mn initials will spell SIC. 

i kinda like it because [sic] is latin for "exactly like this" or "as it is written here". so i think it has a nice literal meaning. 

however: i'm wondering a bit about any connotation -- [sic] is usually used when quoting someone and wanting to point out any (spelling) errors.


so i'm wondering: what do other people connect with SIC? do they connect it with [sic] at all or is that a more obscure association most people wouldn't get anyway? or is [sic] so widely used that it does matter? i don't expect many people to know the literal meaning of [sic], so if they do know the word and its use, will they see SiC and think "error"?


any thoughts? 


SIC definitely connotes "error" to me as well. Interesting to read the meaning!

However, I don't think I'd be worried about these intitials, unless your last name begins with a K. Most times, kids don't even know each other's middle names anyway, and the chances of anyone putting that together without considering the last name intitial too seem slim to me.

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Originally Posted by letniaLynne View Post

Anyone else totally stumped for names? We have one girl name we like but NO boy names. None!! We kind if gave up or I should say have been ignoring the name search for the past month or so since we hit a wall. We will be 32 weeks on Thursday! So I think it might be time to revive the conversation lol


Yes, you'd better get on that! orngtongue.gif


We've totally dropped the naming thing for the moment, too. But time is ticking away, so we also need to get back on it. I don't know why I'm so stuck this time.... I think maybe because in previous pregnancies, we always narrowed down the first name and then found a middle name to go with it. Right now, I still haven't narrowed the first name down, and all the possible combinations from my two lists are overwhelming me.

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Originally Posted by Bromache View Post

However, I don't think I'd be worried about these intitials, unless your last name begins with a K. Most times, kids don't even know each other's middle names anyway, and the chances of anyone putting that together without considering the last name intitial too seem slim to me.

Haha- no, his last name will begin with a W. I've decided that it's unlikely kids will tease him.. He might just be SW without anyone knowing his others names.. DF never uses his full initials.

However, it does make me sad (but I'm glad I asked!) to see adults have that "error" connotation with SIC. The name, like I said, already feels completely natural to us.. So I'm not sure if we're going to change anything (we could use a different second mn and make him an SIL W. instead of a SIC W.) if the literal meaning is really that obscure. I'll bring it up to DF.. And see what he thinks.
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Right now DF is really stuck on Piper. I don't hate it, but I have few minor objections to it. 1. Last name ends in er, so there's the rhyming quality to it. Also, I did a poll on Facebook asking what comes to mind, and multiple people mentioned the show "Charmed", which I can't stand, and that bothers me because I'm weird like that.

I countered with Pippa-but would actually prefer the more formal Philippa, with the nn Pippa-he hasn't shot it down completely, but isn't a huge fan.

One of my biggest hang ups is that my three older girls' names all end in "ia" and I'm having a hard time abandoning the "trend", which is why Sophia is still floating around as a possibility.
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freckledmama, i've never heard the name Philippa before - what a great name!


about Piper, i saw your post on FB but then it disappeared in my feed before i could answer. for me also, the first thing that came to mind was "Charmed". that said, i once taught a toddler named Piper and the name fit her perfectly and i never thought of "Charmed". i think sometimes when you take a name out of context, people just try to brainstorm everything that comes into their minds as far as pop references go etc but that doesn't mean anyone will think "oh, like Charmed" when you introduce your daughter! 


i also wanted to add, though, that this little girl Piper i had in my class got made fun of in kindergarten because her name rhymes with "diaper". you just can't anticipate everything, and kids are so.. "creative" when it comes to nicknames. 

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gah. I feel 100% certain about Baby A's name and like 70% certain about Baby B's name. My wife has gone back to the drawing board on Baby A's name, but she feels 100% about Baby B's name (even though he doesn't have a middle name we can agree on). the more we talk, the more apparent it is that we don't even have a close third place. it is like, these two names and then nothing else is even close. I like some other names, she likes some other names, but there is not one other name we remotely agree on for a first name. i don't think the two names we like sound like twin names at all, but that's fine by me. 


meanwhile, my mom and grandma are up in arms about how we won't share our names. my mom was like "just tell me one thing. are there any fruit names on your list?!" and i was like, "no, no fruit names. all the names we like are on the top 1000 baby names of 2012 from the social security administration. they are all real names that other people have." (side note: no fruit names UNFORTUNATELY. i love huckleberry but he was disqualified in an early round) my mom went on to say "oh good, I told your grandma hopefully you wouldn't use any crazy names like fruit names or city names." This, of course, set me off because Baby A's name IS A CITY NAME. and also, CITY NAMES ARE NOT WEIRD. Austin? Dallas? London? Sydney? Brooklyn? There are so many city names that come from historic people names, and visa versa. I mean, there are SO MANY totally common city names. Granted, our city name is a little more off-beat, but city names are not "crazy." I didn't say anything about the "crazy city names" comment because I didn't want to give her any hints. I just repeated that all of the names we like are on the top 1000 of the SSA list. it really reaffirmed our decision to not share the names with people so we don't have to listen to their damn opinions.


we had a baby shower this weekend and some friends were joking about showing up to the hospital and just filling out the birth certificates for us. imagine the surprise of finding out your child's name after the ink is dry! it would be like a cabbage patch kid. 

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Ooh, I love discussing names. I really like Ari Rowe. I have a 6 yo dd named Ahria ("R" -ia) Satori. Now pg with dd #2 and first name will definitely be Audrey. If u/s turns out to be wrong, Silas is our boy name! For middle names we like:

Audrey Biana
Audrey Phoenix (I'm leaning towards this)
Audrey Scarlett
Audrey Bronwyn
Audrey Sarah (Family name)

What do you think?
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mrsandmrs aw man.. Ignore, ignore, ignore! >greensad.gif there are so many great city names out there.. AND fruit names too, FWIW!

familycastle I love Audrey! My fav combos from your list would be Audrey Phoenix and Audrey Scarlett.
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Familycastle; I really like Audrey Scarlett, the two names work really well together.


Mrsandmrs; it's hard enough finding one baby name, but two must be extra difficult!


I still haven't figured out a middle name for our baby, I should really start thinking about it a bit more.

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Mrsandmrs-this is when you tell mom one baby is being named Appalachicola, the other is named Kumquat.
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MrsandMrs  -- Once they meet the baby, it will cease to be a city name and just be the baby's name.


I think my daughter's middle name will be a city name (Augusta), which was my grandmother's name.  I honestly never connected it with the city until my husband pointed it out, it was always just my grandmother's name.  If anything, it was a feminine form of August or Augustus.  We rarely talk about it, but we're still working on a first name.  I have a front runner name, which my husband hasn't vetoed and actually kind of likes, but I'm worried it's become too popular.  Popular isn't a bad thing, but I'm hoping not to choose the equivalent of Jennifer or Jessica. 

--The name has been climbing in popularity for the last 10 years or so.  In 2012, it was pretty close to 100.  (totally useable by me)

--In my state, it was the 56th most common girls name last year (still totally useable)

--I'm on a parents email list for my local area, where people often sign their emails including their kids names and ages.  Their are at least 3 little girls with this name born in the last six months.  And that's just among people who don't lurk.  And this is the one that makes me think -- too popular?  Or do we use it if we like the name.  FWIW, names that were more common in my state last year seem to appear less frequently on the list.  So, maybe I'm just hyper aware of this name?

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familycastle - I like Audrey Phoenix the best on your list too.  Especially for a girl


mrsandmrs - I agree with what greentomato said.  We've not been revealing the middle name to anyone outside here actually because I have found that while I don't mind other friends/family/etc. "stealing" my name choices, I have BIG problem with others' careless remarks.  It's not like I am in middle school coming up with frivolous names that sound pretty; this is the name of a special new person I have been waiting to meet and who I will love above all else.  I learned my lesson when we shared that we were (and did!) name my younger DD's middle name Lilith for the mythical first wife of Adam who would not be subservient to him.  I didn't even think that half of my family is pretty religious and they didn't hesitate to tell me that was a HORRIBLE NAME CHOICE (DH and I are closet athiest so we just sort of chuckled in private and steeled our reserves), but I truly don't understand why we as relatives feel the need to comment on others' name choices.  That being said, I know whatever names you and your wife pick will be perfect!


greentomato - I think mrsandmrs said it in this thread or another thread about the popularity of names.  I think as people become more creative, the pool of names becomes bigger.  A number one name in 1990 might have meant a ton of kids had it because as parents we were really only picking from a small pool of names.  But now we're in 2013 and people are picking all sorts of wild (and fun!) stuff like Apple Martin, for example.  We have this HUGE pool of choices formerly off limits or relegated to the very fringe of parents  So while Sophia (for example) is the number one name right now, I personally only know two Sophias out of all my extended acquaintances (one is the sister-in-law of my close friend and the other is one of my nieces).  It's not like when I was in school and there were literally 7 Jessica's in my 5th period math class.  I might be biased: both of my girls' have parts of their names (or their similar counterparts) are in the top 100: Maya is 66 and Lily is 15 for 2012.

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so i talked to DF about the initials. he was a bit sad, he thought we were done and sure about our choice. while i was trying to push for something "more meaningful" (better meaning?) than SIC, he said i was obsessing over it. he also brought up that I is for my ancestors and C is for his mother, so it's a beautiful balance and that he doesn't wanna give up C in case this stays our only child. he also said that our son will most likely go through life by S____ I.C. W______ rather than SIC W_____. i think he might be right about the obsessing part.. well, i've made my point; we still have a bit to go, so we'll see if it comes up again. if not, i think i'm willing to drop it (although i do feel a little weird about it now).

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Originally Posted by thefreckledmama View Post

Mrsandmrs-this is when you tell mom one baby is being named Appalachicola, the other is named Kumquat.




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I'm really starting to want the name Isabel!  But it's only #4 on our top 5 names, for my DF.  


I also love city names.

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vc2013 - I personally wouldn't sweat the initials too much.  I don't think most kids (well, here in the States anyhow) even know more than first+last names.  My middle name was a mystery to all of my friends until college application time, and even then, I don't think anyone extrapolated the information that I was BEH from that.  Other than like PPs have mentioned, just gross initial negligence (not naming my kid initials with FUK, you know?) I think it's all water under the bridge.  My initials now are BS and I haven't ever heard one peep, even from my most immature co-workers when I worked.

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So we've FINALLY started talking about names. Nothing definite, just narrowing down possibilities, to be revisited and narrowed down further several times.


Our girl names list is about half the size as that for boys, though we have a couple of common top choices for boys names. There's a girls name DH came up with that I absolutely love (and which I had as possible nickname of something in my list), but it doesn't flow well with any of the options from the middle name theme I was hoping to have, so we'll see. For boys, I actually really like the two names which are "really likes" for both of us, though I'm a bit sad that they weren't my absolute tops - though maybe they'd work as middle names.


So even though we still have a way to go before we narrow it down enough (I'd like to have 2-5 options for each sex and then do the final decision when baby is here), it feels like we've made a lot of progress; mostly in taking names off the list without either of us getting upset, and being willing to give it time to have some names grow on us till we tackle this again.

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Thanks for your input! We actually just added Audrey London to the list too.... Ahh!
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I think I am going to email my mom and tell her we decided on Texarkana and Starfruit as the twins' names. I don't know why this is bugging me so much! 

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