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looking for encouragement

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I'm officially 14 days past due. I'm planning a home birth so induction has not been on my radar. My last DS was born 12 days past his due date and weighed 10 lbs. even (also homebirth). I just feel like my body has been ready for a few weeks  now, cramping and lots of pelvic pressure but it just won't go into labor. I am feeling a lot of anxiety and very emotional the later I go and keep hearing negative comments from others. I'm hoping someone has some positive encouraging comments or birth stories to share regarding going "late". Thanks

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I don't have any personal experience, as this is my first, but I have known lots of ladies who went two weeks over their EDD and a few that went a whole month over due!  I was just talking with my boss, who was 2 weeks over with her first and a month with her second, and she told me that up until the early 1900's the average length of pregnancy was "known" to be 42wks, not our current "average" of 40.


All I can say is hang in there, you are perfectly safe and still right on track! As long as baby isn't stressed and is moving and you can hear a good heart beat, try not to worry too much.  Stress will only make it worse.  I think babies know when to come out and part of that is their knowing that the mother's mental and physical states are ready and prepared.  Just like most women won't go into labor if they are fighting off a cold or a flu, they most likely won't go into labor when their mind is preoccupied with worry and stress.


Try to take a long bath, treat yourself to a massage or some acupuncture, daydream about Baby being in your arms, and just breathe.  Sending you lots of Love stillheart.gif

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It is frustrating, especially w/ your first. I don't know if my story is positive or not, but it's mine. Our first went to 43 weeks. I had to sign an AMA every other day when I went in for the non-stress test & the (military) staff were threatening to go to my husbands commander & recommend disciplinary action on him to make me induce. They called me in for a "test" at 42 weeks & proceeded to test my cervix w/ cervadil, w/out telling us what was going on, it was the nurse who unwittingly mentioned the induction. When he was born he was 7 lbs. even & perfect; that's my positive part!


This last baby was 41+2 days. I always go past 41 weeks & have just quit going places after my due date. I hardly fit in my clothes by then anyways.

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I have a friend that went to 43 weeks with a healthy girl who is turning 19 soon. :)

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Thanks so much, I love hearing this stuff. There is such a push for induction as if your due date is an expiration date.

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