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pp breastfeeding

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I delivered my baby boy on 6/21 at 10:57 am. So far, I'm not producing colostrum. We try nursing every 2 hours or by que. He gives up easily because I'm not providing him with anything (he has a very strong suck reflex with my pinky finger). As of 4 pm yesterday, he lost 7 oz and only 1 wet diaper since birth so I talked to lactation consultant who came up with a plan. We are to try nursing every 2-3 hours or by ques, then pump for 15 min, the supplement 10 ml formula by finger feed (tube taped to pinky finger w/ syringe). He takes the finger feeds like a champ with a strong suck. They tell me not to give up on nursing, that with a c-section and previous breast reduction 13 years ago, it would take longer for my milk to come in. I feel sad that I'm not able to nurse my baby with my own milk, makes me feel defeated and defective. I'm wondering if anyone has had bf difficulties that they've overcome or words of wisdom?
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My milk took a while to come in this time. I started drinking infusions and teas to aid lactation. Has anyone recommended anything like this? I also remember someone mentioning that nutritional yeast can bring on the milk, I think because of the B vitamins but not sure. Hope you are able to work it out in a way that feels good to you!

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I know RRL tea is supposed to be helpful with milk production too. Jnajla, I would continue to try for a bit longer and maybe try some of those things that are supposed to help with bringing up your production. Don't stress too much. Just do your best and whatever happens happens. I would recommend looking into homemade formula - like the ones listed on Weston A. Price's website or in Nourishing Traditions cookbook over commercial formula if you end up needing to go that route. 

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I've been using Mothers Lactation Tonic 4x a day since delivery (chaste tree berry, fenugreek seed, caraway seed, fennel seed, anise seed) and then started drinking Gaia Lactation Support tea this morning (fennel seed, goats rue, fenugreek, nettle leaf, lemon balm leaf, marshmallow root). I've had him skin to skin with me on my chest as much as possible. I'm not going to give up on nursing. His feeling sad and frustrated.
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Don't give up. I know how hard it can be. With my first it took a month or so to get things straightened out. Make sure also that you are getting enough lying around/rest time to aid your recovery. This page has links to make more milk hypnosis meditations, as well as ideas for coping with your very normal feelings of discouragement.

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Thank you for posting the link skyandlavender
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I wanted to share my experience with you. I have nursed all my babies. L (3 year old) was no exception. She came at 33w and was too immature to nurse, I tired but he NICU wasn't very encouraging. They said she would get too stressed out and lose too many calories so we were not encouraged to do it very often. I was DEVASTATED!!! I pumped every 3 hours to build my supply and to make sure I had enough breast milk to make sure all her feeds were BM and never formula. I pumped while still practicing nursing, for 14 weeks, every 3 hours. It was pure HELL but worth it to me to make sure that's what she had. I was so tired at 14 weeks I was ready to give up and all of a sudden she just "got it" and latched on smile.gif all that hard work finally paid off!! During these 14 weeks we went to several different specialists to teach her latching and work on sucking etc and man was it tiring but again it worked.

What ever you decide to do is best for you and sweet E mama, and remember, there's no perfect way to do anything and all that matters is you do what works best for you both. Just wanted to share our success story smile.gif

Hugs mama ❤
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Thank you for your encouraging story, Tenk. I'm glad that you stuck to your guns (and heart) and pumped! It gives me hope. I've continued to pump and have finally produced some colostrum, about 2-4 ml from my right breast and a few drops from my left breast with each pumping. I then give it to baby in a syringe. I also try to nurse him every two hours, but he gets frustrated that he's not getting much and will fuss and cry (breaks my heart). I'm supplementing with formula via finger feeding. It's an around the clock, exhausting ordeal, but I'm not going to give up. I'm confident that once I'm producing a good supply and we get the hang of things, I'll be able to nurse without supplementation. I have an apt with lactation consultant tomorrow so hopefully that will help as well. I'll hopefully report positive progress soon smile.gif
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I just pumped 30 ml of colostrum! I also was able to nurse him for about 10 min. He ended up getting very fussy and angry after 10 min- little face turned red and screams, so I stopped. But it's waaayyy more progress than we've had so far, so it gives me hope.
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Great news JNajla! Keep up the good work!
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Yey, Jnajla. Doing good. :)

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That is AWESOME!!! And that how it starts. It does get easier and more and more milk will come out 💕 GREAT JOB!!
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Was only able to pump 17 ml a few hours later and only 8 ml just now. I'm seeing lactation consultant in an hour so we'll see what she says. Keep on keepin' on, I guess. Thanks for your encouraging words!!
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Tenk, while you were pumping while baby was in the nicu, were you able to pump good amounts? After 5 days of pumping every 2-4 hours, I'm still only able to pump 1 or 2 oz each time. I'm hot packing, massaging breasts, and lots of skin to skin time. I'm convinced it's a supply issue as well. LC will prescribe me Domperidone "off label" to help increase supply. I'm able to provide baby with about 50% of his feedings with breast milk andthe rest formula. I hate using formula, it makes his poops look like cottage cheese and I'm worried about where it's produced and if there are chemicals in it...
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At 5 days, yes I was getting about 1.5 ounces per side. I was never one of those women that could get 6-8 ounces per side greensad.gif but I did know of some amazing women that could. I could never find anyone to Rx that but I heard great things about it. I ended up taking fenugreek and LOTS of it and would get about 3-4 ounces per side after that. I think that's fantastic for day 5 though. It will keep getting better J, I promise 😉 and you really are doing an amazing job!!!
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Also, at 5 days old L was only taking 30ml at each feed so we had plenty for her. Although one nurse did give her a bottle of formula at a night time feed after I was discharged because she was too lazy to defrost L's milk.

Is Easton in the NICU? I didn't think he was but I could be mistaken. Oh and even at 13 weeks old while exclusively pumping I could still only get 2-4 pet breast at each session pumping every 3 hours. She started nursing during week 14 just as I was about to give up because it consumes your whole life but we figured it out ❤ and you guys will too.
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No, we're home. (He was born at 40+1 via c-section due to breech positioning). He's eating about 1.5-2 oz every 1-2 hours, sometimes will go 3+ hours without eating if sleeping. I just can't get him to latch to nurse. LC has us using a nipple shield for my inverted nipples. Because my supply is low, he gets frustrated and starts fussing/ crying at breast- so we haven't had a successful nursing session yet, so I'm pumping. I'm hoping to be able to pump at least 3-4 oz each time instead of 1.5-2, but no luck yet...
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That will come though, the more you pump/nurse the more you make. Usually around week 6 if you are exclusively pumping your supply will drop so you will definitely need the domperidome to help. The nipple shields are good and eventually you won't need those any more either. He will get the hang of it mama. As Dori says "Just keep swimming" or trying in this case smile.gif
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Neat article on night time breastfeeding... http://breastfeedchicago.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/5-cool-things-no-one-ever-told-you-about-nighttime-breastfeeding/


Stuff I didn't know. :) I did kinda figure I got more sleep than a formula feeder though since all I do once things are established is hook the baby up to the pump and doze. 

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Interesting read and here I thought I was the only one who fell asleep/dozed off while nursing. My problem is I do it sitting up greensad.gif I prefer side lying but he seems to get his nose too close and can't breath so we can't sleep/nurse right now greensad.gif

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone smile.gif
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