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Just read reviews on the avent natural bottles and the negative reviews show similar issues with babies sucking too much air. So, might have to switch. The avent natural bottles are what came with my pumps. Thinking of getting avent classic bottles since they worked pretty well with my first child when he did have to take a bottle.

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Any one else have recommendations or personal experiences with bottles? I've been pumping (and donating!) a ton of milk, and I think DH and I are going to go have a date next week, so we're looking at bottles. I've ordered a little Medela kit, because that's my pump brand and I figure at least they'll fit my pump. But they're not the wider based bottles (which I've heard is good for breastfeeding babies) and the nipples aren't vented or any of those other fancy systems that are supposed to simulate the breast. Is any of that necessary? Any mamas with experience want to chime in, I'd love to hear what you think!

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I like and use the medela bottles. The biggest issue I have with pumping, is that I can't stay on a schedule. LC says my supply is going to dry up because I sometimes go 6+ hours without pumping, but I just can't sit and home 24/7 and pump. I've been going to the gym already, going to weddings/ summer cookout, etc. It's impossible to pump with things going on and the days that I have to teach.
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Daisycoming, the Domperidone isn't covered by insurance. It's "off label use", normally prescribed for reflux with a side effect of increasing prolactin levels. It doesn't cross blood brain barrier so it doesn't end up in milk. I probably would have given up on pumping if it weren't for the med because I just can't justify the insane round the clock pumping for only a few oz of milk.
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We've been using the como tomorrow bottles and they work well. We also have the lansinoh momo bottle and the nipples that go on the Medela pumps system. All have slow flow nipples and are designed for breastfeeding babies.

The Medela bottles are convenient. The momo tends to leak a lot out the sides. Our preference is the como tomo....we purchased them from Amazon.
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Are como tomo ones the soft sided bottles? I saw them on amazon, I think, and they look interesting... but strange. Any specific reason that they're your favorite? Does it have anything to do with the soft-sided bottle thing?


I kind of figure that, like any baby gear, the bottle choice is going to come down to baby's preference and there's no telling what that might be til we try stuff out. So I'm starting with the Medela kit, but I guess we might have to buy a few different bottles to try out, if the Medela ones don't go over well.

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Daisycoming, the Domperidone isn't covered by insurance. It's "off label use", normally prescribed for reflux with a side effect of increasing prolactin levels. It doesn't cross blood brain barrier so it doesn't end up in milk. I probably would have given up on pumping if it weren't for the med because I just can't justify the insane round the clock pumping for only a few oz of milk.
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Sorry for the duplicate posts- my phone is posessed today
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Kitteh- the clinic gave me a Similac bottle and it's quite wide compared with the medela bottle. I think that it's wonderful that you're donating your milk.
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Wow, that is quite a difference! Does your little one prefer one over the other?
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My babe doesn't seem to prefer any type of bottle over another, he will drink fine from any bottle. The similac bottle is vented and it didn't seem to make a difference.
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I've only tried the avent natural and Dr. Browns. Dr. Browns is the winner. I got the standard size - not wide - she latches on it much better than the other. She still gets quite a bit of gas, but I think it's a big improvement over the other and she seems more comfortable eating. With her tongue tie and lip tie, she even had trouble gulping down any of my milk she did get when latched to the breast, so yeah. Not sure if it is because of silent reflux or what, but she's handling things pretty fine. I hold her for a while after she eats and stuff to make sure she is comfortable and upright. I use a baby carrier if I need to be hands free. I compared the avent natural with the avent classic and I fail to see much difference in the shape and size of the nipple. I think my baby may take to the larger sized avent natural bottles that I already got once she's older. So, I'll just hang on to them in case. 

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Kitteh, the como tomo bottles are soft sided. Emily tends to burp right away after drinking from this bottle and it's comfortable to hold. The only downside is that they take a little longer for them to warm in the bottle warmer. So we warm the milk in the medela storage bottles and then tip into the como tomo.
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Daisycoming, how long are you pumping for each time? My LC told me that as an exclusive pumper, that I need to pump for at least 20 min, preferably 30 min. Also, she told me that the tea contains the least amount of herb and that the tincture is best and capsules next best. Is your supply increasing at all?
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Really JNajla? My LC told me that it doesn't matter how long you pump at each time, but that the frequency that you pump is more important to increasing supply. She recommended 8 times per 24 hours as a start.
I wonder why such different views?
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When I was EP'ing I was told to pump every 3 hours for 20-30 minutes. The longer I pumped the more let down I had each time. Once the milk separates you can see the fatty content settling on top. The longer you pump the more fat you pump. She gained more/better when I was EP'ing and bottle feeding expressed milk because the pump got more fat (hind milk) than she could get out.
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Wow, so interesting! I was simply trying to increase my supply a little so that I could pump more than an ounce at a time to use in the bottle. But we didn't have any nursing issues. Obviously there are different solutions to different problems.
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I have yet to pump 8 times in 24 hours. I just can't get myself hooked up that often, especially when I'm pumping for 30 minutes each time. Where I struggle is the middle of the night when I'm so tired that I hallucinate and if I'm working, or a long day out (wedding/ cook-out, etc). It's so hard to do, but I'm trying. My LC told me to pump for 25-30 min in order to try to empty my breasts as much as possible.
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I only pump for 10-15 mins. No way I'd have time for 30 mins and then feeding the baby and taking care of my other children. I try to pump 8 times a day. I read you should pump like 10 times a day in the beginning if you exclusively pump... I have no idea where I'd find that time? I'm just doing the best I can. I'm on the edge of giving up every day, but I enjoy seeing her happy and healthy and having nice poos so, I'm hanging in there for now. I tried breastfeeding again yesterday. But, I think I accidentally gave her nipple confusion and when I tried to cup feed she screamed bloody murder. I have done cup feeding with one of my previous kids and they did alright with it. Think my newbie is just too picky. She tried to nurse for about 10- 15 mins, but her suck/latch was pretty awful. She has never had a good latch though, so who knows if any of it matters. I feel like I gave my strongest attempt at this. I only have so much time in my day with the other kids all being little. I have cried because I wish I could breastfeed, but I just don't think it's going to happen this time around. 

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Dayiscoming, don't be too hard on yourself. Your best effort is your best!!! She knows you love her. With L, DH bottle fed my pumped milk at night so I could pump during that feeding (3am ish) instead of doing both then I eventually cut out that pumping session. She started sleeping thru the night around 12-14 weeks so when she figured out nursing I didn't have to worry about night time supply.

Wanted to add, every day I wanted to quit!! It was by far the hardest thing I've ever done physically and mentally and I had PPD (for other reasons as well) which made it even harder or maybe her not nursing made the PPD worse?! Who knows
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