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My baby is the same way Daisycoming.  I offer him my breast and he tries to suck for a few minutes and then cries, I presume because he isn't getting the "flow" like he does with a bottle.  I'm also sooo very angry with myself.  After 2 weeks of taking Domperidone, I was starting to get great supply (for me, with low supply issues)- I was starting to get 4-5 and even 6 oz with each pumping.  And then this weekend we had a "meet and greet" party for baby and on Friday and Saturday I was so busy, racing around to the store getting things, and cleaning, and doing yard work that I was missing pumping sessions and then exhausted at night and sleeping through sessions, that now after 3-4 days, my supply has been cut in HALF.  All it took was missing 2-3 pump sessions in those 2-3 days and I'm right back to being able to pump only 2-3 oz per session, even WITH the fenugreek, more milk special blend AND the domperidone.  I'm devastating.  I've been trying to power pump today (ever 2 hours) but I'm getting even less and less each time.  My LC told me to use the SNS (supplemental nursing system) when I supplement to help stimulate flow.  All I can do is try.  I'm such a dumbass.  I finally start to get a good supply for baby and I screw it up on some dumb party (that most of my family didn't even show up to anyway).   *feeling very frustrated*

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hug2.gif Jnajla


I can understand. I have 3 other small kids to take care of and DH was gone for a few hours this morning and a few hours last night. He doesn't go back to work until next week. Well, I came to the reality that there is no way I can watch my children and pump all the time. I decided to drop some pumping sessions. The sad thing is my supply bumped up the past couple days. I know if DD2 would latch that I'd have enough for her, but she won't. Makes me feel like crying as I write this. And I just don't have it in me to fool with that SNS thing either. I have planned to pump only when it's convenient. I am thinking when DH is home from work at night and morning and at DD1's naptime and when I dry up, I dry up or if I start completely losing it or getting sick of it, then I'll just stop. I have never liked formula, but I don't see any other way to keep my sanity. I am using Earth's Best right now, but got a can of baby's only (supposedly the best) on the way in the mail. Hope she takes to it well. I breastfed 3 babies through trials, but nothing could have prepared me for all the problems this time. If I only had my little baby here, I think I would try to push through, but with the other kids... it just isn't happening. 

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I am using Baby's Only to supplement, but uncomfortable with the first ingredient being "brown rice syrup". I don't like the idea of it being loaded with sugar? I'm also thinking about getting this kit to make my own formula:
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I'm thinking of that kit too Jnajla. I think all the formulas have similar amounts of sugar from my research. Am I wrong? As far as bad stuff I think the baby's only had the smallest amount of bad stuff of all of them. Anything I should know? I know it can be constipating for some babies. Going to give a probiotic supplement to hopefully help as well.

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More BOOBZ woes

I finally got my breasts to roughly the same size, but now I can't seem to find a bra that fits. Ugh.

When I was knockd up I bought some 36Cs, thinking that after the initial engorgement they'd settle back down into a reasonable size. One month postpartum and they still haven't. So I went today to get something that fits, but had both girls and grandma with me, and after trying on a ton of bras, I settled on a 36E. Mostly I just wanted to get out of there, Ela was getting antsy and my mom was getting snippy with her, so I rushed. Got home and put it on, and the middle sternum part doesn't lay against my skin, amongst some other fit issues. So I looked online and the interwebz tells me that means that my band size is too big (should be a 34 I guess, which makes sense since my ribcage measures about 29.5-30 inches) and the cup size is too small. So I guess that means I might be a 34F?! I don't even know if I can wrap my brain around that size, wtf F cups? So now I have like $100 worth of bras that don't fit me. Hopefully they will exchange them, I've already taken the tags off
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All of that is terribly unimportant compared to the actual problems that some of you mamas are experiencing, and that post probably belongs in a general chat thread rather than this one. Sry.
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Kitteh, have you tried the Bravado Silk Seamless ? I bought one and absolutely love it!!
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Taking Quest in for lip/tongue tie evaluation/operation tomorrow morning. Wish my baby and boobies good luck.
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It's ok Kitteh- this is the boobies thread and we're all here to support each other. Bras are expensive. I've been wearing sports bras because I don't know what size I'll end up being. I gained a lot with this pregnancy, going to take many months to lose it...
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Good luck Farmermama- keep us posted!
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Yes, Farmermama, good luck today!!
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Hope it goes very well farmermama. If you have any trouble with breastfeeding after because baby being in some pain possibly, avoid the bottle and try cup or dropper feeding if you want to avoid my mistake... Also, if your provider doesn't tell you about stretches, make sure you do the tongue and and lip tie stretches post revision to keep the area from reattaching. I have to do it for 4 weeks from the time of the procedure. I'm one week down now.

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I just wanted to jump in and say I have been following this thread and it has helped me feel better to know some of you ladies are going through the same thing. This baby is my 3rd, and I EBF my older two children with pretty much no probs, so I was completely shocked and devastated to have problems breastfeeding with my new baby. She has been on mostly formula and about 1/3 pumped breastmilk in a bottle for about 3 wks now. I am not sure what all of our problems were, but there were 2 obvious problems: MAJOR soreness on my part and despite almost constant nursing, she was losing weight at almost 3 wks of age (she had been at birthwt, and then for some reason started losing again). She started off initially latching on (seemingly) fine, but latching got harder and harder, especially with the soreness, etc. Now, sadly, she does not nurse at all anymore.


I have been pumping too, and every day feel like quitting too, especially when I can't really find the time to pump. I only pump for 15 mins each time and really only pump about every 7 hours, which I know is not enough, but I really don't feel I could sustain pumping on a regular basis more often than that. My supply has increased some just since I started pumping and I can give her anywhere from 1 to 3 bottles of breastmilk per day, so that helps me feel better.


I have researched formulas somewhat (don't have enough time to research as much as I'd like to!!) and so far I am sticking with the types that are available in stores and working on what seems to work best for her. Luckily, at last weight check she gained a good bit and we are off weight checks until mid-August!


Anyway, I am starting to accept this new reality, and I do feel I am learning from this experience in that I am seeing things from a totally different perspective, as a bottle feeding mom. My sister is a lactation counselor, and my other sisters all EBF, so they have tried to give me tips on how to increase supply, etc etc etc, but somewhere inside I feel like it will be easier for me (and our family) to be happy if I just accept things as they are and be happy that she is gaining weight now and is a happier baby.


Thanks for letting me share:)

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The procedure was a little scary. Why didn't I expect blood? Duh? But it was short. Just a few minutes. He kept sticking his tongue out right after. The nurses said they had never seen that. I think he likes his tongue freedom. He nursed right after. He did second boob without shield! And it was tolerable. Yay! Dr told about exercises and gave his cell number. Feel pretty good about it.
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I've found a way to help me squeeze in a few pumpings and a nap! I took 2 old sports bras and cut slits where the nipples are and use them as a "hands free" pumping bra and then I set my alarm and "nap" for 30 min while the pump is going. I did this twice last night. The other times that I pump when I'm awake, I will massage my breasts, etc. Baby nursed on right side for 15 min last night, but then when I tried to put him to breast today, he screamed like I was trying to harm him. It's heartbreaking. So, pumping it is...
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Jnajla, thank you for you post about using an old sports bra....certainly came in handy at 2:30 this morning when I got up to pump but couldn't find my pumping bra!
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Moringa has also had rave reviews as a galactagogue, some report more success with moringa than fenugreek. Here's a link (also available from luckyvitamin.com

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I just had a thought, and I have no idea if this is stupid or not, but do you guys encourage comfort nursing? DD sleeps a lot in the cradle hold in the ring sling, which gives her continuous access to the breast and she's always popping on and comfort nursing, which will occasionally cause a let down.  I imagine that stimulation would help with supply too.  Same with night time sleeping, we  bed share so she's on and off the boob all night, but because we bed share it's possible to position yourself so that you don't have to fully wake up to nurse...it also takes the pressure off of both of you since baby is sucking to soothe rather than because of hunger, so they don't get upset if milk doesn't come out quick enough.  Just a thought :)  


I am more on the side of kitteh with over supply issues, and i am also tandem nursing.  i can totally relate to catching multiple ounces from just passive flow from let down (these are some very soggy days!) that being said, i have noticed a *huge* reduction in my supply when i am relying on crappy take out food and not sleeping well (to the point where i was worried about my supply) and a very quick rebound as soon as i return to more traditional/paleo type meals.  So make sure that you are taking care of yourselves!! Make sure that you give yourself a break and keep your own stress levels down and eat well.  happy mommies happy babies.  

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I wish that my babe would comfort nurse (or want any kind of nursing for that matter). I offer my breast and he tries to spit it out or cries most of the time greensad.gif I'm still averaging about 20 oz or so a day from pumping. I find that my supply decreases quickly when I skip my night pumpings (some nights I'm just too exhausted), but I pay for it with decreased supply.

Daisycoming, are you still pumping? How are things?
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Hugs to you mamas, hang in there!

So I made some lactation cookies, not for their lactation-increasing properties but because they are delicious and quick & easy to grab when I'm on my own with both girls during the day. (sometimes they're TOO easy to grab, I've been eating 3-4 a day!) Well, for some reason I guess I just thought that they wouldn't do anything but taste yummy, since I don't need any boost in milk production. But I thought wrong! Yesterday I was back to spraying Amelia and causing her to sputter and choke at the breast greensad.gif

I suppose I could try eating fewer cookies per day, but i don't know if i have that kind of self control, they're so good!
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