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Interesting read and here I thought I was the only one who fell asleep/dozed off while nursing. My problem is I do it sitting up greensad.gif I prefer side lying but he seems to get his nose too close and can't breath so we can't sleep/nurse right now greensad.gif

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone smile.gif


I sleep sitting up while nursing too. I attempted side lying with my DD, but didn't get the hang of it. With the my brest friend pillow, I feel secure enough. I also keep my hands on baby and have my legs propped so, baby couldn't fall. I am a LIGHT sleeper though, so I'd notice. 

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That how I feel about it. I don't sit right on the edge or anything and my hands are in him, I'm using the pillow. I have found that I prefer my boppy though and haven't grown to love the My Breast Friend just yet.
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You'd think with my fifth child, I'd be able to sleep while nursing, but unless I'm REALLY exhausted, I'm too light of a sleeper.  I do almost all of my nursing in a recliner too with a boppy pillow.  I do occasionally nod off, but mostly I'm awake.  So far I average 3-4 hours a night nursing (about an hour at a time) and that doesn't include the 3 hour session from about 8-11pm before I get to sleep at all.  But I can't complain, he's a great nursling!

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Just discovered I have a crack in my nipple on my left breast. Totally explains why it hurts to nurse on that side. This is a first for me, in 6 kids greensad.gif how do I fix it?? Oh, I'm putting coconut oil on it after each feed and I ordered a mixture of shea, coco and coconut that's organic to use but it probably won't come until Tues. any advice for healing it and quickly so we don't end up with mastitis (because that sucks even more!!!)
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I wish I had advice for you, Tenk- I'm so new at this I can barely figure out what I'm doing! I had blisters on my nipples from pumping in the hospital and used shea butter and it healed it up in a hurry.
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I use that wishgarden healing salve I mentioned before from InHisHands.com. I always have gotten slight cracks or sores from nursing. That stuff seemed to help a lot though. With my second child it cleared it up in short order and we were able to go on nursing for the rest of the time without any more problems. I would say though it is really uncomfortable, it isn't the end of the world. Hang in there. 

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Tenk-The LC who taught my BF class said a new study showed cleaning the breast once a day with soap and water can help cracked nipples heal.  In the past, the advice was never to use soap.  I hope it feels better soon.


BF has been tough at first but we are getting better.  I want to try lying down nursing tomorrow.  I think we are ready.  He is getting better at latching and re-latching now that we are on day 6.

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My babe still won't latch... I'm able to pump between 1.5-3 oz 7-8 times a day, and supplementing a few feedings. I see LC again tomorrow so we'll see what happens.
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Aww, mama, I don't have advice for you regarding the latch greensad.gif With L, we saw an LC, went to Nursing Mother's meeting, saw a therapists for sucking and swallowing, and I rented a hospital grade pump because my Ameda Purely Yours couldn't handle it. There were times I wanted to give up and I think this whole process contributed to my PPD as well. Make sure you are taking care of YOU too!! It is equally as important for you to be well mentally and physically for this to all work. If you need to or just want to, feel free to PM me and I will give you my cell number. We can text or call or email anytime and just talk about how this is going ... if you want, don't feel obligated at all ❤ thinking of you and sweet Easton.
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Aww, thank you so much Tenk. I think I have neglected myself because I'm running on fumes with 2-3 hours of sleep a night, have cried over all of this, feeling overwhelmed...
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JNajla, this is me!!  I think my nursing is faring better than yours but mentally I am completely broken.  This one child is sucking the life from me and I am moments away from throwing in the towel.  I know breast is best but if I can't take care of myself how can I take care of baby??!  I am beside myself and very overwhelmed.  I have worked w/ a LC in the hospital and had a home visit.  We have a plan set up and its working - baby is gaining.  But holy hell.  This shit is hard.  I am a strong person in general and I have never felt so weak.

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Spotty, the same goes for you, if you wanna chat them let me know. BUT this is what I was implying .... Don't neglect yourself for this one thing. Yes, breast is best, but mama needs to be healthy and YOU have to decide what you can handle. Nursing IS hard and it does get easier MOST of the time but not always and it can be so mentally taxing that you can't breath. Your babies will not love you any less if you give him/her a bottle instead. Just putting this out there mamas !!!
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When I was a FTM, nursing was awful and I wanted to quit. But, I was so glad I persevered. It really was worth it. Just saying. :) 

I think being a FTM in and of itself is just really tough. You never realize the responsibility it is to have these little munchkins. It does get easier. Hang in there. 

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Just wanted to say nursing was hell for me with my first. But after it was hell it was bliss. For me it was so worth it even though I did get depressed. A few weeks can make all the difference. Dr Jack Newman's website was a big help. Also, JNajla, just wanted to remind you it's normal to get more milk out sometimes than others. Usually early morning is when you'll get the most, and the end of the day is when you'll get the least. Rest and stress can make a big difference. Also, I found last time looking at pictures of my baby helped me more than looking at my baby. Looking at the baby made me feel stressed and resentful and overwhelmed, but pictures gave me some distance and I could feel her adorableness more.

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Ditto on the FTM being rough I often describe it as having myself and my life blown to pieces and then slowly gluing it all back together. Essentially becoming a new person (a better one in my case)





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I will never remember that word, but what a beautiful (& true!) concept.

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Yeah that really is a beautiful concept. Made me tear up a bit (everything does these days, but still.) Also seconding the assertion that being a FTM is particularly hard, and no one really prepares you for the enormity of it all. I tried to prep myself this time by expecting 6 months of total hell and chaos, but so far it is nothing like i expected and so, so much better than this point with my first (ok, so we're not even a week in, admittedly. But still.)
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Nice!  I am going to need a lot of gold to repair me ... :-/

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It's going to make it so much harder when I go back to work too... I'm averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep, I don't know how I will be able to function. Stressing... LC appt went well today, baby nursed for 40 min, ate about 1.5 oz, then I pumped 30cc residual.
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Again, right there w/ you JNajla.  I cannot even begin to get my head around going back to work .... help.gif

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