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JNajla, I am not chiming in to sway you at all, but rather to let you know that your feelings are completely normal, natural, and warranted.  I have struggled w/ BFing, too.  Though my struggles were not as severe as yours, they were enough to tax me to the point of integrating formula.  Trying to nurse Holly was literally driving me batty - to the point that I resented her every time I heard her "I"m hungry!" cry.  A mother shouldn't feel that way.  When I relented and made her first mixed bottle of EBM + formula, to my surprise I was relieved.  And when she was done I was overjoyed!  I felt so good seeing her satisfied and full.  She was never getting enough off of my breast and was constantly hungry.  Now when I hear the "I'm hungry!" cry I embrace is as a time to bond, as feeding time should be, no matter how the food is delivered.  The bottom line is you should do what is best for your baby AND you.  Only you know your breaking point and only you can make the call.  But know that its YOUR best judgement.  HUGS to you, dear!

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I honestly feel a lot of pressure to keep trying to give my baby breast milk. Dh had a tizzy when he saw that the formula we were supplementing with had "corn syrup solids" listed as the second ingredient and makes references to formula being "toxic shit made in china". It makes me feel inadequate, like I can't even nourish my own child...
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Ugh!  I am so sorry you are feeling the pressure from your spouse.  I know he wants the best for his child, but he should also want the best for his wife.  I really hope you guys can find a comfort zone and seek the peace you so desperately crave.


Again, not to sway you, just illustrating how our situation played out, part of my decision to integrate formula was my husband.  He saw how distraught I was trying to nurse.  He feared for me and my happiness.  Furthermore, exclusively breastfeeding meant he couldn't help me work through the problems at all.  Now we can approach feeding as a team.

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Like I said before, you have to do what is best for you and him. It sometimes makes me crazy and ours is going relatively well. Pleas don't feel guilty, it's your body and if you are stressed or exhausted or not making enough or whatever. YOU have to be happy too. You have been successful even if you stopped today, you gave your baby breast milk no matter how much, YOU DID IT!! You should be very proud of yourself no matter how long the time smile.gif

Well said, Shanna-cat and Spotty!!
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And well said, Tenk.  JNajla, you have succeeded.  You have to think of these 4 weeks of breast feeding as success.  That's 4 more weeks of breast milk your cherub got had you not tried at all. :-)  I'm very proud of you for trying as hard as you have given the circumstances.  Way to go, mama!

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Jnajla, it's so important that we maintain our sanity to the extent we can during this tough time. I've thought about quitting at least 3x per week because its such an emotional roller coaster. Babies need their mommas to be happy smile.gif

Also, and this may be a little selfish, but this is the only time I get to spend 12 weeks home with Emily and I don't want them to be stressful. I really want to enjoy this time as much as possible.

We are still having some latch issues.....And i developed mastitis earlier this week...holy hell did that ever suck! Taking Emily to the chiropractor next week due to the latch issues on the right side.

I am building up my supply and pumping so I can bf her on my left breast and replace the right with a bottle feed. In the meantime, we've also supplemented with formula here and there. She doesn't seem to mind at all!

My nipples are still incredibly sore.....the cracks and wounds are healed but it still hurts to wear any clothing at all.
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I gave up all the natural crap for my nipples and went to Lanolin and it works WONDERS!!!

When I had mastitis I was encouraged to continue nursing on that breast to release the pressure and infection.
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Definitely keep nursing if you have mastitis!! It only gets worse if you stop...
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Thanks ladies- we're still trying. I'm pumping about 14 oz a day still, but needing to supplement. My inverted nipples are coming out with the continued pump use, so latch is better, but he gets upset because he's not getting the supply and flow like he does with a bottle (even with medela low flow nipples), so... *bang head on wall*
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Hang in there JNajla!  Your fortitude is amazing and very becoming!


Not to stress you further, but what will be your feeding plan for back to work?

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I'm sort of already working now (teaching a hybrid class) and that has complicated matters- mainly because of the need to find places to pump. When I return to my M-F job in September, I'll have to block off time in my schedule to pump (I'm guessing 9, 12, 3) and then I'm done by 4 (I only work 8 hour days- lunch included) M-Th and done at 12 on Fridays because Im 90% (about 34 hours a week). The sleep part is what is going to be challenging... This has definitely been a test of sorts (on my strength and sanity). One day at a time. And a test of my budget... the Domperidone is $120 for 1 month supply and then the herbs and tea are $60 a month. So... I'll be shopping at Goodwill for my work clothes (I've lost 25 lbs of baby weight, but still have 25 more to lose so nothing fits me). BUT, my babe is all worth it. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support!
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Puritan's Pride has Fenugreek for buy 2 get 3 free or something similar and maybe free shipping. If you're interested.

I had to return to work at 10 weeks pp with 5 year old and I remember dreading the lack of sleep and having to get up and nurse before getting to my 1st meeting while looking professional. IT SUCKED!!! But I did it and you will figure out what works for you guys too smile.gif
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So this morning I pumped about 4oz from both breasts and started feeling a sharp stabbing pain in my left breast. It kept up for 3 hours and got progressively worse. Turns out I had multiple plugged ducts....no fun!

I called my LC and she told me to take Lecithin immediately. It's essentially an emulsifier and helps the milk flow more easily. So......today we've had 3 good feeds, no more breast pain, and the feeds are taking half the time!

She prescribed 1200mg of lecithin for 3-4 times daily for 2 weeks and then 1-2 times daily for prevention of plugged ducts and mastitis.

I have such respect for breastfeeding moms....I was so unprepared for the physical and mental challenges. It's not easy!
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Originally Posted by helenh View Post

I have such respect for breastfeeding moms....I was so unprepared for the physical and mental challenges. It's not easy!


yeahthat.gif I couldn't agree more!

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I had a very mild case of mastitis with my first and Man alive! I was not prepared for the whole-body aches and pains that came along with it. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck!
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Pumped 4 oz in one session! New personal record! Finally pumped enough for baby to have a "complete meal" with no supplementation!
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WooHoo! Go mama!
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Wonderful news!
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