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The twins are here!

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Babies were born this past Wednesday afternoon...perfect and healthy! love.gif

First baby was 5 pounds, 11 ounces and second baby was 4 pounds, 10 ounces - at 36w6d.

I nursed the babies while we were in the hospital and have been pumping for them since we were discharged.


I'll be checking in often - can't wait for more babies to come! orngbiggrin.gif

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Great job, those are awesome sizes! smile.gif
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congratulations!!! so glad it went well!

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Congrats, hope to see pictures soon!
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Yay!! Congratulations to you and their new families!! What a gift to give <3
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Awesome, what an amazing gift you've given that family!!

How are YOU doing mama? Wonderful job ❤
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Cant wait to see pictures! Blessings to your family!

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Thank you, everyone! love.gif


I'm feeling well, Tenk. Thanks for asking! Just really run down tired. I'm pumping and that gets me less sleep at night than simply rolling over to nurse a baby! My hemoglobin is also pretty low from blood loss after the birh, which is adding to my being tired - that on top of being so out of shape from 15 weeks of bed rest, I just have no energy at all. Its hard because there's so much I've been looking forward to doing, I have to keep reminding myself...not yet! 



Here's a picture from right after they were born: 




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So beautiful! Congrats. take it easy and make sure and ask for lots of help!

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Oh they are so beautiful! Congratulations, and keep taking it easy on yourself! You just made TWO humans!!! joy.gif

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Wow, they're beautiful babies! Congratulations on giving them LIFE and to their daddies too.

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BEAUTIFUL babies!  Congrats mama!!!

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