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Is anyone nauseated again?

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Ladies-- I'm experiencing afternoon nausea again. I wonder if it's food-related or just another fun symptom I get to deal with again.

Anyone else getting that?
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Not me, thankfully. I feel for you! Let's hope it's just a touch of food poisoning or a bug and doesn't last long!

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I have noticed a bit of queasiness if i go too long without eating. I hope for you its short lived or easily remedied.
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I never stopped being nauseated. I do know somebody who had it return in the third trimester. Turned out her problem was stomach acid. She took OTC medication to feel better, but I'm sure there are a lot of natural remedies to counteract stomach acid too.

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yes, dry-heaving after brushing my teeth again :/


i've had a break in between though of a few weeks so i'm grateful for that. haven't been complaining since week 18 or so and i'm now 26wks..

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I haven't really felt nauseated but I have randomly thrown up a couple times recently, with little nausea-warning.  Almost like my stomach is more sensitive or maybe it's just getting compressed smaller and smaller and that's the problem.  I have started getting really antsy and agitated if I wait too long without eating.  Almost panicky and then I get my blood sugar back up and am fine. 

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It's definitely related to not eating. But it might be a sensitive stomach or acid. Gah. I've been carrying around a peppermint spay in my purse it's happening so much.

I am also getting over a NASTY cold. My DH was even tested for pertussis. Ugh!
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I've started the random vomiting again, normally in the morning if I haven't eaten enough the night before. But I've gone off food again, and I get bloated and uncomfortably full really quickly, so kinda avoiding eating
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I'm feeling it again, mostly with certain foods (like eggs).

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