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my son is 9 and still not talking; autistic

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my son is 9 and still not talking. he said a few words when he was 2.5 yrs old. then lost it. he only babbles. is barely potty trained. the only thing that gives me hope is i met a boy that's autistic that started talking at age 12. i doubt nathan will ever talk. i plan to put him in a group home when his number on the waiting list comes up in about 8 yrs. sad really

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Hello, and welcome to the Mothering message boards.


I assume that your son has had some therapies and is being seen by a healthcare professional.  Are you looking for specific suggestions or support from other mothers here?  Are you just feeling disillusioned, like there is nothing that you can do?  Feel free to add more to your story. 

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Have you tried any computer-assisted communication or PECS cards?  I work with a nonverbal 12yo who can type words on the computer or a talking electronic dictionary. 

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Rent this documentary. It's fascinating and could give you hope and new place to start.


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Feel free to share more of your story and perhaps we can help direct you to resources and things to try to help you and your son connect more. Communication doesn't always come in the form of spoken words and many mamas here have experience with alternative ways to communicate and grow together. I hope you are able to find something here that will help give you more hope in not only your son, but also yourself.
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I have 2 autistic nephews - one is 11 and one is 14.  One has echolia and occasional, rare words…one is completely non-verbal.  Neither are completely potty trained and neither will ever live alone.  Both will be placed in group homes.  


Kids who have autism and do well get a lot of press - but it doesn't always turn out that way.  You are not alone.  

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I've worked with kids with severe autism, many nonverbal. I wouldn't give up yet. Like another poster said, speech is not the only form of communication, and I have seen many kids potty train in adolescence. I taught an 18 year old how to use pecs--nobody had tried before because they assumed he couldn't do it. Please don't give up yet, a lot can still be done.
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