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pregnant; looking for provider who will support my plan

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hello all! I am new to this forum but am excited to join it! 


I am pregnant with my second child and am looking for a OB who will support my interests/plans. I can't go all natural with a midwife (sadly :( because of my husband but I'd like to go as natural as possible with an OB in a hospital setting (yes, i know). 


My first labor was horrible- water didn't break completely but they still kept me overnight...induced with pitocin in the morning, epidural, epiositimy, and three hours of pushing! :( I delivered at st josephs...


I'm looking for someone who won't force induction on me or rush me as my family women have a history of long labors. I don't want someone who's going to push epidural on me (too much)...Any suggestions for someone on the Baltimore area? Preferably catonsville, ellicott city, towson, etc.


Also, I'd like to take birthing classes- but no idea where to start or what to look for? I am not informed about all the birthing options but would like to be...


Thank you! 

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I went to UMD, they use midwives, but I wasn't all natural...I had an epidural at 9-10 cm, because I asked for one. I ended up with a c-section, but I felt like it was a decision made with together and not a scare tactic. In fact, they said they hadn't seen someone try so hard for a vbac, so really I felt like they supported me. I had a midwife up until surgery. My labor was very quick though, within an hour and half of starting labor I was about 2-3 minutes apart...omg, I can't even talk or move pain. I am not sure about the OBs, I had one because I ended up with a c-section, and was not happy with her aftercare, so you may want to meet with one and find which one you like best.


I did hypnobabies with my second, not sure if that helped or hurt, I really think nothing for me would have worked or maybe it did and hypnobabies helped me get to 9-10 cm without an epidural...I don't know...but it is an option and I think may be better for long labors and probably not so great with quick ones.

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Could you see a midwife in a hospital setting? Many have them - Mercy, Sinai, UMD.


As far as childbirth education options - you just have to decide what you want, and then find an appropriate instructor. Here's a summary of the main natural childbirth methods, though I know there are others: http://americanpregnancy.org/labornbirth/childbirtheducation.html


My husband and I just finished the Bradley Method with Jessica Groves at Soft and Cozy Baby and were very happy with it. Her website is: http://trustingourbodies.com/

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I'm sorry (and surprised) to hear that you had a bad experience at St. Joe's, they are generally thought to be pretty good and are staffed by midwives. Maybe it depends on who your OB is for prenatal care. For my first, I saw the OBs at Capital Women's Care and planed to labor at home as long as possible (this turned into an unattended home birth!) and then go to St. Joe's. I went to St. Joe's and was happy with the care there, but they weren't involved in the delivery at all. I found the docs at Capital Women's Care open to my plans to labor at home, which they even encouraged if I wanted to be sure to have a natural birth with limited push for intervention.


As for childbirth education options, I took Heather Brown's yogabirth class at Charm City Yoga. It was really helpful. Now, three years later, I am offering my own class based on mindfulness. It's called Presence for Childbirth (www.presenceforbirth.com) I have a 6-week class starting in September, if that timing works for you.

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If you can't have the birth you want because of your husband maybe time/energy would be better spent seeing a marital counselor? Seriously this isn't I want beef for dinner and he wants fish. This is I would like evidence based care and to not put myself and our child at an increased risk of a bad outcome but he doesn't want the best for us because ???
That said I've heard good things about the birth center in Annapolis.
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