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3 kids - One small room!

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Three kids (8, 6 and 4 - all same gender) are going to be put together in one small room. The room is 3.5m x 3.6m.


The only usable side of the wall is the 3.5m one - This is where all three bed heads will be. I decided against bunk beds because my 4yo is not a good listener and I just know she will jump off the top bunk when I'm not looking and I can't risk that. I also have a toddler who has no fear of heights. So three twin beds it is...


I don't know what to do with this room. I feel like crying everytime I look at it because it's almost impossible for it to work. All three beds will be practically stuck together with no personal space for the kids. I also only have space for one small built in robe (to house all three children's clothing) and one 1m wide pathway.


Any ideas?


I'm looking for ideas on how to give the kids each some space/privacy in the room (espec the 8 year old).. also coloring/decorating ideas so the room doesn't look englufed by the beds and bedding.. which furniture would be best in a room like this? Have a completely different idea that doesn't involve a bunk?? Please share it with me!


Throw everything you've got at me.. So far I only have the light for the bedroom and it's this one:



And by night...


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How about beds that lift away into the wall? OR have a trundle that pulls out so there is extra floor space?
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Or Japanese futons  that get folded up during the day (or even just stacked)

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Futons are a great idea! We had three mattresses in one room for a while. A queen and two singles. The kids could rearrange them and make slides for hours each day!
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I have all three of my boys in a room. I have a bunk bed and I built a trundle underneath. 

It's a bigger room, but it saves so much space. You can see the trundle (roll out bed on wheels) under the bottom bunk. We pull this out for ds3 each night. It's cozy and comfy. I retrofitted a free toddler bed  into the trundle. If you get the right kind of bunk bed to begin with, you should be able to fit a full size single mattress as a trundle if you want. 




ETA: on the wall you can't see in this photo, I also built a collapsable desk for the kids to draw on and do their homework on. I've been waiting for a folding chair to show up so I don't have to keep bringing up one of the kitchen chairs. I'll take a photo if I get a chance.


ETA: There's a little study off of this room that I turned into a private space/mini-bedroom for ds1 (age 11). I bought a narrow foam mattress (custom cut) and built my own frame to fit the room. The idea of building your own narrow beds is also an option if you don't like the trundle idea. I'll try to take a photo of that, too. 

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I retrofitted furniture I found for free and scraps of wood I found or had lying around. All I paid for were the hinges for the desk, the screws. A jigsaw and electric drill were the tools required. The 'desk' is the same height as regular desks.



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Awesome lilgreen! Thanks so much for sharing that with us.


Unfortunately I won't be able to do bunks. My 4yo is a dare devil and the least well behaved of the lot and I just know she will leap off and injure herself. I'd rather less space than injury. I also have a one year old who has a no fear attitude similar to his sister.


Love the collapsible desk idea! I could even have one on the wall side of where my eldest's bed would be. It could be her own little work space.


Anyone have beds which have shelves on them? Is it practical or more idealistic than anything else?



Im thinking of shelving all across the back wall too, but not sure what I'd put on them.

We also have a small school/play room which will house their toys. Our house overall is quite small. It's my bedroom (with one co-sleeping toddler), 3 kids bedroom and 1 school/play room (which I've decided will remain that way for various reasons - contains toy mess, we need a space dedicated to this as lounge room is tiny, plus I don't want to seperate the kids as they love sleeping next to one another).


I'm going to paint the room a lovely off white so as to keep it looking open and airy and the beds we will end up getting will be white.

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Springshowers and Rinap, thank you so much for your ideas! :) I will talk to dh about a fold up bed and see what he thinks (as he will most likely be building it). We do wool mattresses and they are foldable to an extent (like futons), so I will keep that idea in mind.

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How about these ikea chair beds? They are futons but single width and in the daytime fold up to a comfy chair. Making the beds would mean creating a little seating area and freeing up much of the floor space for space to play.
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I have two children in a small room and we intend to buy these from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00161837/
I'm figuring as it is a floor bed, it won't take up so much space visually in the room. We're putting them as an L shape against two wall in the small room then putting beautiful duvet covers on to look pretty.

You could have a single bed (sorry I'm from the UK so don't know USA bed terms) in the room and then pop ones of these as a trundle underneath and then out a second ikea floor bed some place else in the room...
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OP, where do you get your wool mattresses from and are they comfy?
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You ladies are full of fantastic ideas! Thank you so much :)


skycheattraffic - Those armchair beds look awesome!! Thank you for sharing :)


mamaUK - I'm actually from Aus, so I totally understand what single bed means lol ;) I'm getting three singles for the kids. We currently have all three squished on one king single and it's looking horrific, so we really need to hurry up with their room.


I get my wool mattress from a supplier here in Aus.. I'll have to dig around and find his name again. They are comfy.. they tend to settle after a while but they feel so.. hard to describe.. peaceful I suppose? I can fall asleep on one easily, whereas a spring mattress, I keep tossing and turning. We have one for our king size bed and one for the king single that the kids sleep on. If you go to a mattress store they will give you every reason under the sun to not buy a pure wool mattress. One guy even told me that they cause allergies.. Umm okay. I actually suffer from allergic rhinitis AND dust mite allergy and the bed has not made it any worse at all. In fact, I find that a heap of clothes will make me sneeze like mad, whereas I can shove my face in the bed for hours and I wake up completely fine. We also have 100% wool pillows which I've found to be good. I'll never go back to innerspring - I love my wool mattress!

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Thank you for the information OP? We're they awfully expensive?

How have you decided to arrange your three singles?

I can't wait to get onto my children's bedroom!
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They were around the $1000-1200 mark for a king single, which I suppose is expensive.


I still haven't decided how I'm going to arrange the singles redface.gif It's a decision I'm dreading, but also at the same time we're trying to organize other aspects of our renovation.. so my mind is filled with so many decisions to make in short period. Can't focus on anything anymore :)


Are you looking at getting a wool mattress for yourself or your kids?

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I'm not sure love, I've never actually tried one before, I don't even know if they've available in the UK. I have read about how toxic regular mattresses can be though, although I've read Ikea mattresses tend to be better than most if that makes sense?!

Are you going for regular height beds or low level beds?
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I've thought this over for a couple of days and I've decided that I'm going to go with regular height and regular looking beds. While they're not as practical as fold outs or floor mattresses (which we did for 4 years, many moons ago), asthetically they're much nicer. This might sound really superficial, but we've been living like gypsies for years now and make doing with whatever.. and I really yearn for something homey. I want a nice, normal looking home. All the kids my daughter's age (that we know IRL) have their own room at least. I can see my dd looking around in envy a lot of the time. She's asked me why our house "doesn't look like everyone's elses home".. Actually my 6yo asked me that too. :( I don't want them to hate the idea of small living (our house is 800sq ft) and I don't want them to feel deprived amongst their friends in terms of having a nice room.

My daughter doesn't want for her own room to sleep in (she wants her sisters with her), but she just wants a pretty and functional room to be in.. Something that doesn't look like we'll be moving home again in 6 months time (the "making do for now" look that we seem to have down pat). So I've made a deal with myself to give her that much at least. Regular height beds look a little more homey and solid to me, so I'll probably be going with that. Something a little "pottery barn" looking, for their room. The rest of our house is very minimalistic in style (and stuff/clutter).

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Thank you everyone for your help!! I think I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board regarding the wardrobes/shelving and colouring to allow for the 3 typical sized beds in the room without looking/feeling squished.

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I didn't know PBK had a room planner! I mucked around with it a bit and I think I've come up with a good solution.. I can keep the normal sized beds and still maintain a sense of privacy and space for each kid. So relieved now to have it all figured out. :)

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Love how do you plan to place them in your room? I'm looking for ideas orngbiggrin.gif
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Hi OP,

Thinking on your puzzle pieces ... 

I'd do stair-step beds.  So, for the baby, a floor mattress (or on a really shallow pallet for air circulation), for the middle one, a higher base (say, standard height?), and for the older child, an even higher base.  

Not such a difference in height that you have to worry about falls and injuries, but enough that it delineates personal space.

You could paint the walls behind the beds three different colours, which would visually separate the space and make an area for the girls to post things or hang art, or what have you.  

You could also, perhaps, fit a wee footlocker at the end of the beds?  

To be honest, even with the description of your kids, I'd still use a low loft bed for the eldest.  IKEA has one that is not that tall.  I'd use that for your older girl, the bonus being that it makes a bit of playspace beneath for all three of them (a space for shared books and toys, etc).  I think the kids would figure it out quickly, especially if the place they'd be jumping to would be a standard size bed wedged next to it.  

It would take them a while to figure it out, but then they'd get used to it.  You could put cushions on the floor to break any falls as well.  

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