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Poll Results: Which level of privacy do you prefer for a Facebook group?

  • 0% (0)
    Open-no restrictions on who can join, see posts, or post in the group.
  • 41% (7)
    Closed-only the group name and members will be visible to the public-only members may see or create posts.
  • 58% (10)
    Secret-only members can see the group, it's members, or any of it's posts.
17 Total Votes  
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We aren't closing DDCs. They stay open now under the Group feature. I have been planning on suggesting to everyone that we change the title of the group after everyone delivers so that we can shift gears once everyone's babies are born. 


Today we placed our top priorities on the table for platform features. Number one and two on the list is Groups and Photos privacy settings. I'm hoping that will come about fairly quickly but until it does we can set up private forums. We really want to keep you all here with us and hate to see you move out of Mothering to keep in touch. love.gif So if it's something you want to try, by all means we can do it. thumb.gif

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I don't necessarily think the fb group was ever intended by anyone to be in lieu of MDC, but rather just another facet of communication on a more personal level among us. The type of communication in fb is entirely different than MDC.

I think private forums could be a good idea. But again, different groups of the same people on the same site does seem kind of redundant.
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I just requested to join, let's just say I've got an unpronounceable long last name, you'll see it.

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I've been reading a LOT on here, but hadn't posted yet (first time mama and I'm a bit shy), but I requested to join the FB group! I admit I spend a lot more time over there than here, and probably more than I should in general.
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Ok, ladies. I finally have the settings changed over to "secret"-so no one needs to worry about privacy.

The previously posted link should still work for purposes of requesting to join-if it doesn't work for anyone who wants to join but hasn't, you can either post here or PM me, and we'll get you added. smile.gif
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When I went to the link it said it wasn't accessible?  

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