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teens and meningococcal vaccine

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I have 2 teenagers, and one 10 yr old.  


I have been thinking of looking into the meninogococcal vaccine

I admit to knowing very little about the vaccine, or the disease really, but what I do know about the disease scares me.
So, lets talk. I would love any great links you have about risk/benefits to the meningococcal vaccine.
A few basic questions:
-what percentage of meningitis does the vaccine prevent?
-any other way to prevent meningitis or treat it properly if people get it?
-anything extra scary I need to know about the vaccine?
As most of you know my default where vaccines are concerned is not to vaccinate.  Tell me why this is right with concerns to meningitis or why this is wrong with regards to meningitis.
I am not interested in the legal aspect - I would bet oodles of money no dorm in Canada insists on vaccination.  It is also quite likely my kids will not live in dorms (although my middle might).  Stick to the medical issues, please.
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My nephew caught a bacterial strain not associated with the vaccine...drs told my sis some people are just more susceptible to it that others, and something in his body triggered the reaction he did to that bacteria...he was in a medically induced coma for two weeks, spent the next two weeks being weaned off machines that kept him alive, and then went to a rehab for a month to learn how to do everything all over again...eat using utensils, physical therapy, walk, talk, write, use the toilet, etc, etc...it was horrible, and one out of two people who get that kind he had, die.  

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that's horrible, emmy!  i'm glad he made it through!! 


I don't have any links or hard facts.  This is one that scares me, too.


Anecdotally, I had viral meningitis a few years ago, and it was the most awful, painful thing I've ever gone through.  Two spinal taps (ugh) weeks in bed, and I lost so much weight I looked like a skeleton.  My doctor told me not to expect to feel like myself for months.  Bacterial is so much scarier.

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Hi Kathy....


Have you really looked through these?



or this one:



AS one person put it:


When we try and eliminate a bacteria (for instance made-up type A) with a vaccine we create a void which will be taken up by some other bacteria. Let's say type B which has been a harmless bacteria up to now.(which maybe why the strains the vax doesn't cover are up-see my link below?)

So now type B bacteria has a lot more room to become invasive and turns out to be a greater pathogen or nuisance than bacteria type A which we got rid of.

But there is no vaccine for type B and kids are getting sick with a B bacterial infection.

The conclusion is the Vaccine against type A bacteria is successful. 95% less sickness by type A bacteria.

No one mentions that kids are now becoming very sick and some are dying from bacteria B. But the medical community knows it. They start to develop a vaccine for type B bacteria.

Suddenly you hear about a "new" disease. Bacterial type B infection.
But "anti-B" vaccine will save our kids....

On and on.

There is no end to vaccines against bacteria. We have a never ending supply of bacteria in our body and the only way to prevent disease is to keep them in check and balance which nature does very well.





Prevnar was introduced in 2001, and you can see that "overall cases of bacterial meningitis" in kids under 2 has actually gone UP since then.

Non-b strain Hi bacteria are also on the rise for bacterial meningitis in kids under two.


-what percentage of meningitis does the vaccine prevent?(They might say 95% but see reasons above)
-any other way to prevent meningitis or treat it properly if people get it?( Keep your body with a healthy check and balance, this is why my whole family eats Kefir all the time and other probiotics and other than that a healthy immune system) I will have to check my "library" to see if Vit C and garlic might be good boosters as well)
-anything extra scary I need to know about the vaccine? (serotype replacement is scary to me after researching-a bacteria Vax will always have this possibility.)
What do you think? I have a DS that is 13 as well so it made me look through the literature. We won't be doing anything about it other than the above. *I know its always a process as we look through this stuff! Hugs!*
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ssun5 - no, I haven't done a search yet.

I have been a weird combination of busy and lazy - but thank you for the links.  I will check them out.kiss.gif

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