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The Saner TTC-Rose Moon

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Hello all and welcome!

The original "Sane 2ww" thread was started by zenquaker. This is a continuation of the "Sane 2ww" thread and we felt "A Saner TTC" was a natural evolution. 

Here's the gist of the original thread: this is a space to re-conceive the 2ww as a time of waiting and contemplation. Although we don't judge those who wish to poas frequently, symptom-spot, or do chart analysis, this a space set apart from that activity. We share our thoughts about other ways to approach the 2ww and all parts of our cycles. We encourage each other to feel our feelings fully and to greet all possible outcomes with openness.

We hope you'll join us.




AKA Strawberry Moon!! Hopefully our influx of BFP's from the Flower moon will continue on into this month! fingersx.gif dust.gif and om.gif to us all. 

Welcome to any newcomers I may have missed in the previous thread. As I mentioned back there I'm taking this cycle off, so I won't be here much, but I'll be lurking and if something needs attention. I'll be on it! thumb.gif

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Thanks Prescott! smile.gif

Oxford - ok I've been a stalking... Lol it's looking textbook so far (can't believe I forgot I had access already lol) I'm with you I'm 9dpo of 14... Lots a waiting yet! So have you started part time? Or working from home?
Primal - lol totally!!! For the last 4 years with my vestibular issues I take stematil to fly... I can't if there's a chance I'm pg (contraindicated, causes cleft pallet etc) so I have no safety net lol... That and I'm meant to eat blue cheese instead of cheddar (it works better suggestively for me) but after last month I'm going easy on that too.. Lol the things we give up for ttc! Lucky I'm not really a drinker and not into coffee smile.gif
I would totally keep testing too, I read a forum with way more women getting very late bfp's than I expected... So it could still happen - you too scjp
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Mamablue - I forgot to say ditto! I get up to 5 pre AF spotting days, I tell myself it's early pg lol as long as I can... I can see it killing the poas urge yoo
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Thanks for the thread, Prescott!



Primal—Adorable DD!!! FX for a sneaky BFP to show up!


scjp—so sorry about your BFN! Hoping it happens very soon! Please keep us updated!


mamaBlue—hoping that was implantation! I know what you mean about that second half of TWW, too.


fx for us all!


AFM—11 dpo. I had nausea today, around 8 am for a while and then again a few hours later. It didn't linger too long The first time it happened I'd say I was halfway between normal and needing to run to the toilet. That was weird. Generally, I don't get nauseous. It could have been the plum I ate this morning or I could have been working myself up about all the different life stressors. I don't want to get too excited, but hey, that's an optimistic symptom.



Life stuff: the husband and I went to Pittsburg this past weekend for some IKEA shopping (for my workplace). Besides that, not much going on. I leave for a week-long missions trip this Saturday. We're going to do a significant amount of walking to get to and from places. Could walking around the steamy hot streets of NYC for a week hurt an early pregnancy if I actually were pregnant?

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Faithrising - I don't think so, walking and swimming are meant to be the best exercise for pg... How many days before you go? I mean if there's a few hopefully you will be nice and sticky before then... Also I think it's more lifting heavy weights and stuff... If you are just be kind and have rests (snack stops lol) when needed
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Hey Oxford, I leave and arrive on Saturday. Not too much activity until Monday. I talked to a nurse friend who's been on this trip before and she said it wasn't anything to be worried over, nothing strenuous. So that's good smile.gif and I will totally stop for snack breaks!
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I am really trying to avoid symptom spotting, but I've been feeling PMSy as heck all day, and it's several days too early for that.  I decided I felt like peeing on a stick, but decided on an OPK instead of a pregnancy test even though all the sites say not to bother because, while an OPK will show a positive with a pregnancy, an hCG test will show it much earlier. I ordered 50 of the things and I don't think I'm likely to use them for their intended purpose, so I may as well call it science and use them.


Science is my excuse for a lot of things.


It was negative, of course.


My DH has become a POAS addict, too - he's testing his urine several times a day to see if he's in ketosis. Our bathroom trash is just full of peesticks.


Maybe I'll try a real test in the morning if my temp is still up. Or maybe not. 

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Hi all,


I've been "stalking" the last thread since my tww started.  I think I'm working on setting a record now for longest "tww" EVER!  AF is approx 10 days late (I think - I don't chart regularly), but based on when I ovulate it's definitely late.  I've had a very minimal amount of brown spotting (only when I wipe - sorry if tmi for anyone) off & on recently, a bit of pink about a week before I expected AF.  The laundry list of crazy symptoms include (but not limited to): Major exhaustion - like falling asleep sitting up at my computer (work & home) exhaustion. Mild nausea / queasy feeling pretty much all the time - worse if I'm hungry.  Ravenously hungry every few hours (like, going from eww food yuck to FEED ME NOW in 3.5 seconds). Sore breasts, backache, stretching/pulling feeling in abdomen - kind of like sore muscles after a workout along with lower abdomen twinges randomly. Sharper pains in pelvis that might be round ligament pain IF I'm pregnant. About had to run out of a store when I smelled some kind of fish or shrimp noodle thing the clerk was eating - then I got back to work & someone had walked through the office with fish. Ugh! I love fish but right now I absolutely loathe fish!


Anyway, sorry about the long rambling post - if anyone made it through that I'm impressed!  I've been trying to keep my cool about it all, testing once a week - so far bfn.  Going to test once more this weekend, then if nothing (no bfp no AF) I will probably call my doctor & get her take on it.  I don't know, I just want an answer and I want to not feel crazy!

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Hello lovely ladies!

Prescott- nice to hear from you. I hope your break is relaxing and chilled? Thank you bet much for the new thread. I post from my phone and couldn't work out how to do it!

Leesgirl- that is crazily like pregnancy symptoms!! Keep testing and keep us posted. I am following your story closely now!

You too- scjp! What a time you are having. I must say you are remarkably calm. Big gold medal for you. I would be climbing the walls by now!

Ocelot- nice to see you are getting into the season!! Hope your testing goes well. Baby dust to ya!

Faith- your symptoms are ALSO promising! I think you should be fine walking, make sure DH carries you bags though lady :-) enjoy your trip NY sounds exciting!

Hello mamablue - hope you are chilling and enjoying your Tuesday

Chuord- thanks for your nice words about my chart. I'm 6 dpo and things are just normal, no symptoms and nice high temps. This bit is really boring. Being on the neurotic POAS and wringing my hands, the hope and excitement...
Have you got any more symptoms?
Oh and also- any job news? I'm holding out here!!

On my job, we are still working through how it could work. It's a long process so it won't happen until at least September. I've been working long hours so far this week, not finishing before 11pm. I ache all over. I really need the part time to give me some work life balance. And freedom!!

Big hello to all the other members of the gang! Lets hope our run of BFPs continue this month. Lots of springtime babies (well in this hemisphere!!)
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Oxford - wow 11pm!!! You need a medal lady! I can't stay awake that long after a day doing very little lol! I know re the first week of the tww right... I'm now 4 days from AF time, and that and my flight tomorrow is a little too much excitement for me... Re the jobs - no news yet, which is actually great for me... Am hoping its delayed till I get back wink1.gif One thing though is we are having a very cold winter here... Normally it's 12-22 centigrade... At the moment it's 7-20 and the 20 is optimistic lol... So I'm looking forward to Darwin 20-32 just to thaw out my blood a little...
Symptoms... Very similar to last month with the addition of sore bbs from o onwards. Lol it's the not knowing that drives us all nuts isn't it! Lol oh and an early bfn today - but I had to do it wink1.gif
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Can't edit today... Hugs and sticky vibes all around!
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Chuord--fx!! Enjoy your trip! Hope the bfp shows up!

Oxford, you are a beast!! I admire you both for your stamina to work! Glad you will go part time--September will come before you know it. Would be really nice if it were sooner!!

Lee--that sounds good, but hard when the answer doesn't line up with the symptom. Hope it's a bfp soon!

Ocelot--is your husband diabetic? Mine is--before we knew he was, and while he was peeing ketones, we noticed this strange black mold in the toilet. Though if you guys have doing the diabetes thing for a long time, you may likely know that smile.gif hope he's not in ketosis'

Afm--12 dpo. very weird (sorry if TMI), I woke up from an "O" this morning. And by "O" I don't mean ovulation. That's never happened before... I also had EWCM today when I usually have creamy cm at this point (at least the amount of time i've been tracking). I took a dollar test this afternoon that said you can test any time of day. Probably not a smart move as i've been sucking down water all day and my urine was just about clear--Bfn. I bought an ept that I'll try in the morning but trying not be very optimistic.
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faith - no, my husband is into ketogenic diets for weight loss! 


I'm on DPO12 too, and continuing to feel PMSy physically and mentally, and wondering why in the world I thought another kid is a good idea anyways, as I already can't go thirty seconds without someone or other interrupting me. I swear, I remember spending hours happily playing by myself as a kid. I'm obviously doing something horribly wrong.

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Ocelot, I think as children we see time a lot differently. Today's cultures tend to be a lot more fast-paced too. I'm sure you're an awesome mom orngbiggrin.gif

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I know, I'm just being in a pitiful hormonal (of whatever sort) funk :)

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Quick update : 12dpo with spotting and achy cramping. BFN this morning. AF isn't quite here yet, but I'm sure I'm out. That leaves you lovely ladies the responsibility of getting a BFP for our tribe this month.

Faithrising - I have orgasms in my sleep only when I'm pregnant. I'd consider that a great sign!
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I'm most likely out. 13 dpo and bfn this morning. No signs of AF yet but she'll probably be here tomorrow. Fx for the rest of you!
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Ditto faith... I'm 4 days from normal AF, but have had somewhere between spotting and light flow... Too heavy to be other I reckon...
Fx everyone!
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Mama blue, faith and chuord - oh no!! I hope it was too early for all of you and there's still chance. Fingers crossed for a last minute positive. Big hugs!
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