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scjp-Maca is a superfood supplement that's been used for thousands of years by the Peruvians. If you choose to purchase some make sure it says gelatinized, NOT RAW. You do not want to consume raw maca.

http://www.littlebitbetter.org/eating-well/maca-root-superfood-star/ Many people take capsules cuz they find it easier for dosage. The typical dosage is starting w/2 caps & working your way up to what feels right for you. I take 3 in the morn and 2 in the early afternoon. It can give you energy so taking it past 2 or 3 pm is not advisable since it could keep you from sleeping.

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Lol Prescottchels - 5 maca a day? How do you sleep? I'm considering taking one every two or three days wink1.gif to at least be back on it...
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lol I WISH it gave me that much energy. I don't actually notice that much of a difference, but that is what I test good at on the EAV machine...It's kinda rare that I actually take that many in a day yet. It's a new dosage that I haven't gotten in the habit of doing so much so far, but maybe when I take that many regularly I'll feel like a super star joy.gif

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What benefits do y'all notice besides the energy?
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Make sure you are careful with the dosage, particularly if you are taking maca for the first time. If you google maca side effects some people have become ill from taking too much too quickly. Also beware of your individual circumstances as to how it will affect your body. Here's an example


These are all still chemicals that affect the balance of the body. I know some ladies have had fantastic results and love it. Make sure you do your research and choose the right chemicals for your own situation.
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I hate to say it but I don't even think we will be able to ttc this cycle at all now gloomy.gif dp is now going to be away 2 or 3 extra days, so isn't back until Wednesday or Thursday! Which will be cd 19 and 20....I usualy O between cd 16-19 so I'm 99% sure it isn't going to happen this month. I'm so upset we can't even try now and it will be an entire month before we can again, why can't we just get pregnant on any day of the month? greensad.gif
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Hugs! I'm sorry. This sucks sometimes. 


Maybe try to take it as a retreat time, focusing on taking care of yourself, distracting yourself with other things (books, go to see a movie, dinner out), and enjoying whatever pleasures you might give up while TTC?

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Winter2013-actually, it is possible to conceive anytime of the month! A few years back I read a book called "Sperm Wars" and one of the things the author talked about is how a woman's body can shoot an egg out just about any old time it wants under certain circumstances, one being a partner being away for a time. So it is totally worth BD'ing throughout the month no matter when you O under normal circumstances...Also the stats are higher toward increased cases of pregnancy when a couple BD's all month not just during the normal "fertile time". 

That book is a great read-everything & more you ever wanted to know about sperm & then some! 


On the topic of Maca-some people get headaches from it, for others it relieves headaches...you just never know how it's going to effect you just like anything else... Also it's great for the men in our lives... DP is nearly 40 & was starting to experience some difficulties shall we say...and now he says he feels young again in that dept, which I can attest to Sheepish.gif  It's commonly referred to as nature's viagra winky.gif


AF started today and DP & I will be leaving for vacation in a couple days so lots of time together.... I'm not bringing any OPK's or HPT's, whatever happens this month is what happens... I've had a nice break from the insanity and I'm hoping I can keep from getting back on the TTC roller coaster. 

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Everyone talking about Maca -- My curiosity is piqued; I may try this stuff. I have issues with attention, but can't tolerate the medications for it. Perhaps a more natural alternative would work. I'm also trying to exercise more, which does help.


AFM - Tick tock, tick tock. The TWW takes forever. I'm about 5 DPO, and planning on waiting to test on the 23rd if AF hasn't shown up by then. I have ONE FRER, so I figure the best idea is to wait until I'm very likely to get an accurate result. Also, I'll be traveling at that time, and I kind of like the idea of finding out privately, where I'll have some time to process before telling DH or anyone else.


I'm also really getting good with this cycle not working, because so many other things will work better right now if we don't end up having a baby yet. So, even though I'm impatient to KNOW, I don't feel quite as roller coaster as I usually do with all this.


Fertile vibes to all of you...

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Guys. #%#####%%**!!!!

I am in something like shock.

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lol.gif Looks like big congrats are in order for you, Pepperedmoth!! joy.gif

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Thanks, Prescott! It's not fair that I got this test on my first try and so many of you have been trying longer. :-(

BUT maybe this signals a turn in our luck? I dunno, I don't really believe it yet. I feel in a daze....
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Pepperedmoth - WoooHooo! This is awesome news! So exciting!

Who next, ladies? Pepperedmoth will need some company in her DDC!
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PrimalJoy is next! Fx for you...... I want company, indeed!
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Peppered moth - congrats! That is awesome, thanks for breaking our dry spell wink1.gif
Fx for a sticky one xxx btw it's sweet what you said about happening so fast, but don't feel bad - we are all truly happy for you wink1.gif nature knows when the time is right for each of us.
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Can I join?


I am also trying to adopt as well. I have been on the list since November. I can conceive no problem and had 7 (~5 weeks-ish) early miscarriages in the 2 years we tried. The doctors boiled it down to my immune system. They said my body may never accept a pregnancy or it could change tomorrow, or 5 years from now. Its been a year and a half since we started preventing. My health is good. I am fit, I eat well, and I want to try again. We are also on the list, so we will be having a baby no matter what, its just what ever the universe decides. I stopped the pill about 10 days ago, and I am taking vitex to get my cycles under control. My PMS and flow were getting horrendous before I went on the pill. When I went on the pill I never got a period, even on the placebo week. I was only on the pill for about 6 months. I kind of miss trying to make a baby with my husband, and I never thought I would say that again. Saner TTC sound good, because I dont want to fret too much, just make sure we BD at the right time.  I spotted yesterday, but no period yet.

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Congrats pepperedmoth! May you have a easy and peaceful 9 months ahead of you  jumpers.gif


Lots of baby dust to all those in waiting! dust.gif

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Pepperedmoth Congrats!!! joy.gif A happy and healthy 9 months to you! Hope we all join you soon too!

My Opk test was positive today! Which may be too early for us to try this cycle as dp is away until Wednesday! greensad.gif FF says I should O either Monday or Tuesday, so I will continue to temp so I will know which day I O when my temp rises that morning. IF I don't O until Tuesday, is there still a chance that BD on Wednesday could potentially still work? How long does the egg have to be fertilized, 24 hours?

I know I'm scratching at straws here but if my temp rises Tuesday, maybe I won't O until late Tuesday or even that night? then the egg will still be good to be fertilised Wednesday.... right?

(I really can't wait until next month when I won't have all these timing issues!)
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Mountain mama - welcome! Thanks for the background, and huge hugs on all the ttc trauma... Fx for you on this 'leg' of the journey!

Winter I don't know, it does depend on when you o... Some sites say 12 hours for the egg others say 24... Would it help if you (still keep temping) but just throw some bd in there and hope for the best? The timing is totally out of your control (lol unless you surprise visit dh) so I'd hate for you to get too stressed over it... Good luck!

Hi everyone! Justjenny - how are you going?
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