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Pepperedmoth --- Congratulations!!! sometime it works out that way. So glad you didn't have to wait long with us.

Indeed, my testing time comes closer. Proabably the end of the week; I'm only 6 dpo now and want to test closer to 12 - 14. You ladies will be the first to know!

Welcome, Mountain!
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Thanks chuord, yes after reading online some sites say 12 hours for the egg, some say 24 hours but I've also found more saying 48 hours....so still not sure about that one.

Good news though this morning (monday) my temp is still low so I haven't O'd yet yay! and my O test was positive again (I'm wondering if today's test is the first positive as it is darker than yesterdays) so I will O on Tuesday or Wednesday for sure! Really got some hope back now that when we BD on Wednesday the egg will still be fertile and I still have a chance to conceive this cycle joy.gif Of course it is less likely to work but at least there is a chance it might.

Happy BD'ing everyone!
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Pepperedmoth- congratulations!! That I brilliant news!! You must be over the moon. Have you told DH yet? Please share how you did it :-)

Winter- great news on the opk. I always struggle to see the darkest line, everyday I think it's positive, until the day after it is even darker! Lets hope this means you O on Wednesday and everything aligns. I think it also helps that DH has been away and erm.. Recharged!! You should have a really good chance then. Fingers crossed for you :-)

Over here it's CD13. I usually O anywhere between 12 to 17. Doesn't feel like its soon, so I think I will be another few days. I'm quite chilled about it this month. I'm going for my first acupuncture session this afternoon, I figured that the worst it can do is nothing and it may just help.

Baby dust to you all!
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chuord- I'm 14 weeks today and the babe is doing very well. My RE released me a few weeks ago and I had my first prenatal visit with my home birth midwife last week. She's awesome and I'm so happy to be in the care of someone who's philosophy matches mine. I'd had enough of the weekly over monitoring for the last 7 months! I'm still struggling with morning sickness but I am now having more good days than bad. Right now my only concern is trying to gain weight. I've lost a lot and my appetite is still very small. But its time for this babe to grow so I'm trying to stuff it down. smile.gif  


I'm still lurking to see all of you get your bfp's! I miss this group and think of you guys often. Baby dust to you all! dust.gif

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Hi all! Thanks everyone SO MUCH for the well-wishes. I've only told my husband so far, so it is beyond wonderful to have support so early from this group. I really appreciate it. 


PrimalJoy, I'm waiting with bated breath! I want this to be it for you! Fx that our luck has turned . . . 


Winter, yay! I'm glad things seem to be working out. Good luck! It's nice to be able to keep hope alive. I've heard lots of conflicting things about egg viability, too, but let's say 48 hours, shall we? ;-) Seems much nicer that way!

Chuord, Awh, YOU'RE sweet. We should all just have a big sniffly group hug now. grouphug.gif I am SO thinking of you and wanting your turn to be soon . . . 


MountainMama, Welcome! Sounds like you've had a rough time. I'm afraid to even try to imagine the emotional roller-coaster all those early miscarriages must have been for you. I'm glad you're getting a baby no matter what. Maybe that will ease some of the stress this time around? I'm hoping that's true for you. Best of luck, let your stay here be short!


scjp, THANKS! How're you doing over there?


JustJenny, Nice to hear from you! And thank you! Glad things are going so well. I am hoping I can follow in your footsteps and have a smooth pregnancy . . .


Oxford, acupuncture is pretty much my favorite bit of "alternative medicine." I think there are some pretty good studies to back up a lot of it (I'm evidence based medicine girl over here). Also, you're right --- can't hurt! But I guess I'm saying --- I think it might well help. So YAY! Glad you're doing it. Hope you catch that egg . . .


As for me, (and to answer Oxford's question . . . )


I'm probably going to hand around here just a bit longer. It feels too early for a DDC, though I'm seriously stalking mine. I'm worried that I'm going to miscarry. I'm pretty symptomatic, though, and I'm told that's a sign of a sticky baby, so . . . yay for that! I'll take every minute of nausea, aching breasts, aching pelvis, and freakin' hot flashes if it means holding on to this little peanut. 


I told my husband not long after I took the test. It was pretty anticlimactic. I sat him down with pizza and a beer and slid the (cleaned! dried! capped!) test across the table to him. He sort of stared and said, "what does this mean?" I said, "It has a legend. You're a smart guy." He said. "Oh. Why is one line lighter than the other line?" and then he answered his own question by saying "Oh, one's the test and one's the control." And then he just stared at it. And stared at me. And stared at it. And stared at me. And gave me a hug. 


Man needs to process. ;-) We had some good talks later in the day, and then on Sunday. 

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Lol peppered on dh's reaction wink1.gif it's true they need time - I mean by the time we tell them we've normally had a while to let it sink in... And all our suspicions before...

So ladies what's new?
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Well, Chuord, I'll tell you what. I really need the next five or so days to pass so I can start peeing on sticks. Another whole week to wait, wow. That said, I'm so far not having any crazy PMS symptoms (my PMS rage is what generally lets me know I'm out of the game), but we shall see. And while I'm committing the sin of symptom spotting, I'll add that I had a sudden, weird low abdominal pain while I was running today. Has anyone else experienced that and ended up pregnant? Or is that a normal exercise thing?

Tic tock. 7 DPO, determined to make it to 12 DPO before I test. That would be Saturday.
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Lol primal! It's cool to see you getting through the tww... Lol albeit dreaming of poas! Not sure re the tummy pains - it could be very possible!
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pepperedmoth so happy for you guys, and it's true we have time to process it all before telling our partners so it's normal for them to need that time too, and a hug is always good!

CD 19 today and neg opk test and my temp hasn't risen yet, so I am 99% sure I will O tomorrow now yay! Dp will be home tomorrow so we can try and are in with a chance if we try on the actual day of O for sure, I am so relieved and can't wait for tomorrow! joy.gif
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Peperedmoth I'm doing good I'm cd 13 not doing anything different this cycle so we will just see hubby said he Is content with just one child right now but we ain't preventing it from happening just not really trying for it. So we will just see
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PrimalJoy, my pelvis has been feeling achy and full --- crampy, but nothing at ALL like my usual menstrual cramps. Those are sharper and more intermittent; this is an ongoing stretching sort of feeling. Is that helpful?

Winter, yaaaaaaaaaay! Good luck to you! Have fun. ;-)

scjp, Good luck to you HOWEVER it works out. It's hard to not be totally on the same page as your partner . . .
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Thanks for the welcome, and congrats on the BFP. I thought this would be a good group to join, because I dont want to obsess, because its stressful. I want to enjoy TTC like I did when I conceived my daughter, and for the first bit when we tried for baby #2. I have been spotting for a few days, and I hope thats just my body figuring things out.

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Sorry for the quietness, I have been lurking and following you all.

I got the results of my fertility tests today- blood tests at day 2 and 21. All results are good :-) just waiting for DH's speem test (bless him, he survived!). Doctor things everything is normal and no reason we can't get pregnant :-) such a relief. She is going to refer us to the fertility clinic so we can start down the process, but thinks it will happen naturally before then. I think she thinks I'm a bit barmy with my temping, charts and OPK!! Still it's lovely to know everything is working as it should.

How are you doing today?
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Oxford - That is great news! I'm hoping the good news continues with your husbands sperm analysis.

Mountainmama - Welcome! This is a lovely bunch of ladies. I hope your spotting is your body finding its natural rhythm. smile.gif

AFM - 7dpo. Trying hard to stay sane. I'm on progesterone supps, so symptom spotting is not allowed. Not that I feel anything anyway. I just really want this cycle to work.
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Oxford glad the tests went okay and good results, fx for your dh's sperm results too.

So I forgot your temp rises the day After you O, not the day of O....and my temp did rise today, so I'm sure that I O'd yesterday. Dp came home and we bd today, which is 1 day after O, and going by the timings that I had (quite painful this month!) O pains, it looks like we bd 19 hours after O......which is not the best if the egg has 12-24 hours fertile, because the sperm also has to swim up and meet it and I have no idea how long that takes! But maybe they had less far to travel to reach it as 19 hours after O maybe the egg was moving down nearer to the uterus by then, so less distance for the sperm to travel??

Glad it is all done now and I can relax for a while and try not to worry about it being too late to have worked redface.gif

Hoping timing is going well for you all this cycle.
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Yay, Oxford, glad those tests were normal!


Winter, well, there still IS a chance, so we'll celebrate that. Good luck!

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pepperedmoth - Congratulations!


oxford - I'm glad everything seems to be working right for you. I'm not sure whether we're all incredibly tuned into ourselves or barmy for this whole temping thing, myself!


CD 21 for me. I think that I ovulated yesterday (or maybe sometime today), but my temp doesn't reflect it yet (which I suppose it wouldn't if it was today, but my temp rise came a day after I thought I ovulated last month, too). But maybe it didn't happen yet, as usually once O passes I'm not remotely in the mood for BD for a while, and I still am. No positive OPK yet.


I'm not feeling fabulous about my chances in general, but I think I'm ok with that. I never really pictured having more than three up until a year ago when it suddenly seemed right. I had major baby rabies then, but less so now. I wish it was possible to go back to "not trying, not avoiding", and just let things happen as they do, whether it's now or in 5 years, but the only time in my sexually active life when I wasn't questioning whether I might be pregnant was, ironically, the half-year or so before #3 was an oops. So I'm not sure that getting off the TTC-train is going to actually help my stress levels any). And all the BD is good for our relationship.


I tried to make yogurt starter today (we suddenly have a gallon of goat milk a day that we need to make use of), but the powdered culture was nearly a year past the best-by date, and I don't think it worked right, though I suppose I'll give it a try tomorrow anyways. The weird part of it is that it came out quite a bit sweeter than when I started. Not tart at all, and it didn't really set up. I think it's safe, but I don't think it'll make anything even vaguely resembling yogurt. I guess I'll try a batch tomorrow, and if it doesn't work, I'll make the rest into no-sugar-added ice cream. It's really that sweet. I can't remember what happened with the stuff I made last year - I didn't make very much yogurt before the dehydrator we were using for temperature control broke. Sorry, random babbling!

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Just dropping in to say hello to everyone! I'm thinking about you all and have my fingers crossed for a mountain of BFPs before the end of 2013 smile.gif

And of course a big congratulations to pepperedmoth!!
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I have read online the sperm need 12 hours inside before they fertilize the egg and if I O'd when I felt pains then that would be 31 hours after O when the sperm were ready, which is obviously more than the 24 hours the egg survives in there, so I'm pretty convinced I am out this cycle now greensad.gif major bummer. I can't help clasping onto a tiny bit of hope though because of reading the egg has 48 hours to be fertilized on some sites....so hoping it was a super healthy egg this time and just possibly that info is correct rather than the 12-24 hours. I really need to relax! Either way it's out of my control now.
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Winter- I hear you on the calculations and planning. You have mixed the cake now, I'm watching your story to see it bake!!!

Ocelot- home made yogurt, wow! You are creative, even if it is sweet :-)

Oasis- lovely to hear from you! How are you getting on?

Mama blue- 7 days have flown by (but maybe not for you!) I laughed that you were posting from the couch after your treatment! Fingers, knees and ankles crossed for you. Just remember quite how many sperm they used, that's a lot of contenders!!

I think I o'd yesterday and we got a nicely timed BD in last night. That's O and -2, I will take that! Ocelot, I think we are cycle buddies this month. How long is your usual LP? Mine is around 14 days.

Chuord- how are you doing my dear?
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