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Hi Oxford wink1.gif glad that you are in with a good chance! It seems we have a mixed bag this month some chances, some not likely's... Lol I think I'll be in the last batch... I'm 2 days out from 'normal' o but am not pushing things this month - just going for romance... So who knows wink1.gif
Fx to you all!
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Chuord, romance sounds like the perfect recipe for a baby!! I'm quite fairy tale that way, I sometimes think if the BD has been good ;-) that's gotta help! Then when it's not as good, there's less chance!! Lol.
So go with romance, candle and chilling chuord ;-)
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Well, tested this morning, 11 DPO, BFN. I know it's not over until it's over, but I'm not feeling optimistic. Pretty terrible PMS this month already. And since this will be the last cycle we're trying in for a few  years... I'm feeling pretty sad about this. Waiting was my idea, but I'm worried that if it's not now, it's not ever. I just wish there was magical child care solutions that would let us do this now rather than wait.

Oh well. I have a bunch of dollar store tests and am just going to test every morning until AF shows. I have an appt on the 30th for an IUD, so I'll at least have some closure for a while.

I guess.

(Bad, bad attitude about it all today. Sometimes I hate being a grownup.)

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Primaljoy with you there it sucks to be a grown up sometimes for sure! Fingers crossed you get that BFP tomorrow!

Oxford thanks, just wa waiting game now while it bakes...or not lol

I'm just chilling at 3DPO today feeling cautiously optimistic. Sorry I forgot who it was who said their doctor told them bd on the day After O as well as before, so that sounds like I may have a definite chance as that is the only day we managed to do it this time.

Do I have a cycle buddy?
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Winter - I think I'm on DPO 3. And oxford is right around there, too.

PrimalJoy - I hate the time of month when I'm pretty sure I'm out but it's too early to officially move on!

My chart this month is so different in appearance from last month's that I half wish I could keep charting another few months to see if there's a pattern, like if it varies consistently based on which ovary is dominant that month. But I don't wish it enough to try to avoid for the sake of science, especially since the next few months are my ideal timing.
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Primal - Hugs for you, mama. Circumstances change, and IUD's are removeable. Things can go on hold without them being permanent. Plus, BFN at 11dpo isn't definitely out. You'll know for sure very soon though. hug.gif

AFM - 9dpIUI. I feel nothing. No extra CM, magic prickly cramps, nothing. Feeling kinda sad that I'm out, but I have no reason to feel that way yet. I'm not going to test until my DH goes to work on Monday (12dpo), that way I can work mentally through it before I talk to him.
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Again thanks for the welcome. I spotted for like 4 days in a row so I just counted the first day as CD1 on FF just to have a starting point because its been so long since I charted. I dont temp. I just go by CM and CP. I used to temp and my CM patterns seem to follow my temp patterns pretty well, so I just dropped the temping. Here is hoping my body is just as consistent. I am taking vitex like 3 times a day and I think its helping. I think if I should actually get pregnant I will take it throughout the first trimester. I have been thinking about things. I dont think I will test until I am actually late, but maybe that will all go out the window.


Primal, 11 DPO is not out, but I know if I test that early I would test everyday as well.

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Been Mia, congrats to bfp's. I finally ovulated Monday, which was cd 21...a full 7 days after the last time we BD. so I'm out, 5 days is a long time to hang out for "normal" sperm and hubs are def not "normal". Will be nice not to go spastic about testing tho. Another trip came down and financially we can't afford to say no. So aug/sept is out too. I may just have to accept that #4 will never be a reality for me. There r days I'm ok with it. I dunno. Am I wrong to just want to find out oops I'm pg, and not have to try?
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Marquess - you're not wrong... I think we'd all love that surprise bfp wink1.gif hang in there and take the stress off for a few months... Sounds like you're going to be flat out
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Morning all!

3dpo over here and all calm. DH got his test results back and all normal. It is touching how relieved he was, this really us a masculinity issue for them. Bless.

Hope all is well?

Primal- that's still early. Hang in there!

Marquess- sorry to hear your struggling with timing. This getting pregnant thing seems so much more difficult than it should be.

Mountain- it sounds like your zen is fully intact. Keep your calm and we will all watch your story :-)

Mama blue- stay positive, there could be a little one there now, growing quietly and waiting to meet you. Let us know how your testin goes. I am cheering you on so loudly I'm surprised you can't hear from there!

Chuord- we seem to have got a spell of your weather. Sunny little England is around 30 degrees everyday at the moment, it's wonderful. My body is loving the bright daylight an vitamin D. Hope you are doing ok my friend.

Baby dust to all!
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Oh, Oxford, I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am that your husbands results came back normal. I can imagine his relief, because I saw it in the face of my husband when he got his sperm analysis results. I wish that all future daddies would get such positive news. Interestingly, a couple I know IRL was TTC with severe male factor issues, thought they'd never have children, but something worked because she is pregnant. Baby Charlotte is due at the end of August.

AFM - 10dpIUI. Yesterday afternoon I foolishly tested with a FRER and it was a BFN. I don't know what I was thinking by doing that. It promptly took the wind out of my sails, even though I tested too early. I've had intermittent AF type cramps since mid-day yesterday. This is normal pre-AF stuff for me. I even thought I saw the lightest bit of spotting last night. Again, normal. I'm hoping there's implantation going on in there, but it sure does feel like AF is on her way. I hate the TWW. greensad.gif
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Thanks mamblue. I guess I hadn't realised how personally DH was taking it until the good results came back. It really is core to their masculinity.
Sorry I hear you are having a difficult TWW. You may not have implanted yet though :-) did you say you usually have spotting that early? u am really hoping that its a little one burrowing in! Take a look in the FF gallery at all the pregnant women who ha a negative before a big fat positive. I am watching your story mamblue and cheering you on every step of the way. Big hugs!
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Oxford - yay on the great results! That's fantastic - even more so for his ego and focus wink1.gif
Mama blue - fx for you lady... It will happen soon

Hi everyone else

Afm - back to Darwin today for more r&r while dh works and rests with me... I'm totally out this month, and have been enjoying the lack of stress...
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ocelotmom and oxford how are you doing in the tww? I want to test already but 6dpo is far too early and I shall resist! Implantation wouldn't have even occured yet, so no HCG to detect in the test anyway. Planning to test on Monday when AF is due, when are you testing? Any symptoms yet? I thought my nipples were more tender than usual yesterday, but today I'm not so sure.

I read something today that gave me hope regarding my timing this cycle, it said once the sperm are inside they can take 1-12 hours to reach the egg, the fastest strongest sperm can reach the egg in 1 hour! and my egg had maybe 5 hours left of viability before it's 24 hours were up once the sperm were in, so hoping there was a strong fast swimming one!
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Hello all! We're hoping that this cycle we finally get it. I'm scheduled to O in3 days but I've been feeling some mild cramping and nausea since Saturday so I'm thinking I maybe O'ing now. I took an ovulation test on Saturday and it came back negative so I will test again tomorrow to see what our window is looking like.


We DTD on Saturday morning and will go for every other day this week. Hopefully one of those little swimmers will make it to the egg. I'm really hoping and praying this is the month. Come on baby, come on!

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