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Just had to pop in when I heard about baby ducks! love.gif They're so cute, Ocelot!!

Also in regard to children & interrupting...have you read any of Janet Lansbury's blog? I really like a lot of her approach, which is a lot about giving babies & young children plenty of time to just be w/o entertainment by us which helps them develop greater attention spans & independence with out crying it out & lots of other good stuff! http://www.janetlansbury.com/


Scjp-I'd go to a clinic for a blood test and/or ultrasound to see what's going on if I were you.


I'm enjoying watching the roller coaster go on by w/o me so far this cycle...I'm about midway thru & looking ahead to next month O time will be while DP & I are on vacation so that should be fun love.gif  We'll be in Hawaii for about 5 days to visit my aunt & uncle and to see one of DP's friends get married and of course to do lots of exploring & beaching & then we're flying directly to Oregon for at least 10 days so I can house sit for another aunt and visit more of my family-dad's side which DP hasn't met any of them yet, plus lots more exploring & beaching!


Hang in there ya'all!! grouphug.gif

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sjp - keep in mind that it is very normal for cycles to vary in length! Even if you're normally very consistent, an odd cycle here and there may be longer. The pre-ovulation portion can vary based on stress and other factors, while the post-ovulation part (the luteal phase) is usually consistent within a day or so. Without at least some form of symptom observation to track when/if ovulation occurs, it's difficult to say based on cycle length whether you're truly "late", or if you just ovulated late. I know this is the "saner" thread and we're supposed to de-emphasize charting and so on, but from watching you the past two cycles, I suspect that at least learning and tracking ovulation symptoms, and maybe temperature charting, would help decrease your stress levels since it seems like maybe your base pattern has changed and you can't rely on past history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fertility_awareness has a good overview. http://www.tcoyf.com/ (and the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility) have a lot more info.

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Ocelot, Those are some flippin' cute ducks! I love ducks, myself, though we only have hens right now. So sorry that you're out for this month. Long distance hugs, and fingers crossed for the next time around . . . 


Chuord, How're you doing? I count 12 high temps above the cover line . . . fingers crossed for you!


Oxford, I don't know anything about acupuncture for fertility, but I think it's pretty effective in lots of other areas --- in my office we use it for overactive bladder a lot! I think it's totally worth a shot. 


Faithrising, ahhhhhh how tricky for you to be traveling right now. I love NYC, though! Did I miss the post where you said where you were going, specifically? I was just there a few weeks ago --- went to the Cloisters for the first time, a museum I now HIGHLY recommend. I want to hear more about your trip. ;-)


scjp, I'm so sorry. This all sounds soooooo frustrating for you. Have you made an appointment yet to be checked out? I wonder if you had an anovulatory cycle? Go be seen by a professional! Also, I totally agree with the advice to maybe chart. That way it's easier to know for relatively-more-certain wth is going on. 


PrimalJoy, any word? I hear the rule around here is you're not out until the fat lady sings, er, shows, er, whatever (as of this moment I am going to call my period the Fat Lady). 


Lee'sGirl, Any news from you? I totes made it through your post. Not boring at all, to the pregnancy-obsessed girl like me. DID you see your doctor? Any Fat Lady? Here's to hoping . . . 


mamablue, sorry to hear you're out for the month, but you sound pretty OK with it, and I hope that's true! 


As for me, waiting to ovulate. Trying not to obsess over fertility signs (but ahhhhh I'm CD 12 no signs of fertile mucus temps still low . . . maybe cervix softening a LITTLE . . . I'm afraid I'll totally miss the egg).


Have taken up "Morning Pages" journaling and am finding it useful to keep myself calm and process. Been running more often, or trying to. Couple of stressful weeks at work. Sick of thinking about conception ALREADY and I'm not even halfway through my first cycle . . . yikes. 


Oh, and ETA . . . nice to see ya, prescottchels! (Our posts crossed) Glad you're finding your inner Zen. 



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Thank y'all so much for all the advice smile.gif I eely appreciate it. Well I just started spotting nothing major yet but I think af has finally popped up smile.gif lol I'm happy no more stress I can go on lol and ill def start charting.
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Oxford - thanks! I've been here for two nights (dh is on call this weekend so had to arrive before) it's hot! Yesterday was 83% humidity and 21-32 centigrade lol and this is the dry season! I've slowed up heaps... Walking is so hard in this weather, and everyone here runs on island time... Thanks for your wishes, I'm still in limbo lol... So when are you testing next? I'm hoping!
Faithrising - I'm hoping AF either comes immediately or not until after your trip, I totally understand you just want to be well enough to function... Maybe a bfp when you get back?
Mamablue - fx for this next cycle mama! I know you had low expectations last month... Lets make this one it!
Prescotchels - great to see you here wink1.gif
Ocelot - so are you officially onto next month now? Hoping this one works!
Pepperedmoth - thanks for checking smile.gif since I posted it went down and this morning back up higher again lol... Total confusion so I'm just waiting... I'll keep temping and if no drop over a few days I'll count the spotting as pre AF and waste done tests lol... I totally get you on the panic to not miss the egg... I mean there has to be a reason we're not all pg yet - lol that's my less rational ttc brain wink1.gif
Scjp - yay that you are starting to chart smile.gif hope you get day 1 soon and are able to start.
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Faith- think I've started- sounds like a great symptom! Keep us posted. Are you testing or waiting?

Mama blue- thanks for your advice about acupuncture. I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't help!! Bad news that the witch landed :-( good look for your treatment. Is it IUI? Relax into it and let them look after you and nurture you.

Prescott- your trip sounds fabulous. Has your break this month helped to chill? I read that couples taking a conception moon - a holiday/vacation to get pregnant - achieved 40% success!

Pepperedmoth- glad to hear you are enjoying your ttc journey. It can be so exciting and hopeful! I am enthralled by my chart and how my body gets on and does its stuff. Happy baby dancing! ;-)

Scjp- sorry to hear that the witch landed. At least you are out of purgatory! I still can't believe that you were so patient. When you start charting, I can recommend fertility friend. Make sure you post your link!

Lees girl and primal- hello!

It's 10dpo for me. My temp dipped for a couple of days, then it went back up by 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.4 Fahrenheit). I don't know how big the rise needs to be to class as triphasic? Any ideas? I hope it continues for a third day tomorrow.

Right, getting late on my side of the world and beauty sleep beckons. Good night all!
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Chuord- great to hear you are enjoying the trip. Oh my, that's hot!
I have fingers, toes and knees crossed for you that this is your month! Keep us posted on your temps. :-)
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chuord - yes, I'm out. CD2 today. 

sjp - I've always paid attention to my cervical mucus, (since I learned about it), and that was pretty accurate, but I'm really happy I started temp charting this month - it's now clear that I'm actually ovulating (my chart is pretty classic), and when it happened. And kept my pants clean, as I wasn't actually expecting AF for another day or so, but the temperature drop tipped me off.

pepperedmoth, oxford - the NP where I work recently started getting acupuncture. She wasn't a believer before, but is now! Now I'm wondering if it would help DH (who has the similar issues to what the NP is addressing).


My chart is at http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/10e837. I know they were posted a few threads back, but can everyone who wants to post them again so I don't have to dig? :) I'm taking a break from temping until AF is gone, but will start again after. I'm hoping all the previous months were just practice, because the next 4ish months are when I actually want it to happen! 

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Well I kinda mistaken my af lol I wore bright like neon panties today and the color like bled on to my skin so when I changed panties cuz they bled on my khaki shirts too greensad.gif I seen it on my panties lol and looked like spotting haha lol my bad and I have even washed them panties and they don't bleed on my clothes either sooo weird
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pepperedmoth - you're so sweet! I'm glad you weren't bored by my ramblings! No fat lady yet. Very minimal spotting, once in a while on tp but nothing more. Testing Sunday (DH isn't home until tomorrow night, and he really REALLY wants me to wait until he's home). I've decided that whatever the test says I'm calling the Dr. on Monday, because obviously SOMETHING is going on. Hope you get clear signals when o time comes!


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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prescott,—nice to hear from you! glad you are well. please bring a lovely photo of Hawaii so an Ohio girl can get some sun :)

oxford—FX! there's still a couple days left... hoping that temp stays up

peppered—Happy BDing! Waiting for that egg is almost intense as waiting for the AF/BFP. if you don't get pregnant the first month, you might get anxious over it, but it gets better :)

scjp—A doc sounds like a good idea to figure out what's going on with your cycle. i hope it all goes well!
lee'sgirl—can't wait to hear your news! if I were you I would be constantly talking myself out of POAS
Tomorrow I'm leaving for a mission's trip—I'm a youth leader at my church and it's the highschool trip. We'll be helping with ESL at an arabic school, plus doing VBS and some other ministries throughout each day.
As far as AF goes, if AF doesn't come tonight I am testing tomorrow morning. The last thing I want is to have day 1 of AF on a bus driving ride to NYC that's carrying 30 teenagers. I'm just thinking of how fun it will be to be that irritable and uncomfortable on a loud bus, and how awkward it would be to jump to the back of the bus to the bathroom to switch things out. shake.gif yick. cramps started today around 7 pm—those leg cramps, which I usually get, but the'y not really focused on the abdomen this time. And they're not very constant. The symptom-spotter in me got excited, but I'm guessing AF will come tomorrow. Will post tomorrow if there's any news!
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Just a quickie because its early and I'm going back to sleep!!

My temp stayed up this morning on 11dpo and ff has said it's triphasic. Yay! I know that doesn't mean much but it's a nice symptom.
What do you think: http://FertilityFriend.com/home/41a892

Will write more after more sleep!! ;-)
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Oxford--that's a nice sign! Hope it stays up!!

I just tested with ept--Another bfn. Wonder what's going on? No more cramps or period-like feelings.

Well onto a bus for me!
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Thanks for posting your chart Ocelot. Do you know how to add charts to the friends list? I tried adding you but it's difficult on a phone. Maybe you can only do it from a computer. I think your new chart could be the one ;-) fingers crossed

Faith- hope you enjoy your trip, that sure sounds like a handful of teenagers in such a big city!

Lees girl- I admire your patience!

Scjp- does that mean you are still in the game? Howard days late are you now? Good luck!

Enjoy the weekend. We have sunshine here!! :-) yes very unusual for a British summer!!
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Yes still in the game lol and 14 days late for me here And all neg test
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oxford - Thanks!  I agree about your temp - good sign, fx for you!


faith - I've had several moments of "I really want to POAS - maybe I should RIGHTNOW!"  I just keep reminding myself that I promised dh, and that I really want him to be home if I get that bfp!  Enjoy your trip!


scjp - fx for you!


AFM, I'm just trying to stay cool this weekend.  I'm a "well-insulated" girl, and we are in for some hot temperatures around here.  OK, hot for where I live (nothing compared to a lot of the country, but I'm not used to it!).  I figure I have a few things to do around the house to distract myself, then off to pick up dh from mil's, so we'll be there for a while tonight.  Tomorrow morning I have a date with a little white stick. ROTFLMAO.gif  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Oxford - I think it looks very promising... How long is your normal lp?

Faith - fx nothing happens (either symptoms or AF) until after your trip! I hope you get to enjoy it and have a fab time!

Scjp - are you able to go to a doc for a blood test etc? Or at least to talk it over and see if there are any other causes? Hoping it resolves for you soon.

Lee's girl - totally ditto on the not good with heat! Stay cool lady, I know all that poas anticipation will have you hot and flushed! Last night at the wharf in Darwin I kept putting water on my head and neck to cool down... Lol I'm useless with heat!

Ocelot - I've sent you a friend request on ff... Oxford I found I could do it from my phone... Go to a new web page and log into ff (the app is irrelevant for this) then when you click on ocelots link you get a +friend button in the top right corner - just click... The trick is being logged into the web - good luck!

Afm - temp dropped a little today but still .25 above cover line... Will see if its AF... Tmi A little spotting yesterday but not red and mixed with creamy m... Lol it's so hard to check 'the norm' when your routine is totally different!
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My brother called today. I'm going to be an aunt in January! I am so thrilled for them (and myself!) But now the pressure is really on because same age cousins would be so fun! He is my only sibling and we really didn't plan the overlapping childbearing well enough.
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My temp went up again today, it's now 37.4 Celsius) 101.1 (Fahrenheit). That's way higher than its ever been. Do I very excitedly got out the POAS...... Negative :-(

It's 12dpo and I usually have 14 or 15 LP. Very disappointed. I'm not going to test now until either I'm late or the auntie arrives :-(

Baby dust to all'
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Congrats auntie ocelot!!
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