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101 sounds like a fever. I hope you're feeling ok, oxford!
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Ha ha! I converted wrongly! It 99.3 Fahrenheit. Warmer than I usually am. No fever and feeling fine :-) im hoping it lasts and doesn't crash tomorrow!

How are you doing ocelot?
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Hello everyone, can I join you guys? I'm on cycle day 2 and still pretty disappointed ttc didn't work last cycle and I'm not pregnant...really thought that was it and our timing was perfect! It's so frustrating. Want to join you ladies and try to relax more this cycle, all the poas stress was crazy and all for nothing anyway, so I plan to only test once this time with the one remaining digital test I have 1 day before AF is due.


So I'm just hanging out, hoping the next 11 days pass by quickly and that nothing gets in the way of us trying this month as ovulation will be tricky busy this time. So might have to bd a bit earlier than we would like to.... but I've read upto 4-5 days before O is still good...right?

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Welcome winter! I totally get you, there is just not enough space in our lives to keep the crazy too wink1.gif fx for you on the bd! And yes I've heard that -5 through to 0 are the best - just catch whichever days you can...
Oxford - wow re the temp... So fx for you lady! I've never cracked 37, I think my highest is like 36.57 or something, but then I'm a cokd fish lol (cover line is about 35.95) I think it looks really promising...
Ocelot congrats on becoming an aunty - now you just need to get it happening too wink1.gif
How's everyone else?
Afm - nothing new lol
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Welcome winter! TTC is hopeful, exciting... And mainly frustrating, annoying and a pain in the neck! The C bit is fine, it's the T that causes all the problems! You are very welcome here to share your journey and we all try to keep each other sane. Baby dust to ya!

Chuord- how's Darwin? Are you having fun? Are you late yet? :-) fingers crossed

Hinton everyone else. Bring on the new week :-)
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Oops! That should be... Hi to everyone else!
What a helpful autocorrect phone ;-)
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Lol Oxford - same same - I'm now either one day late or cd 5 of the next cycle... Temp dropped a little this morning but still almost .2 above cover line... So who knows, tested to try and get resolution bfn... So I guess I'm just waiting for temp confirmation wink1.gif
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Oh no, oh no, oh no! Big temp dove this morning :-( it dropped by 0.3 Celsius. FF has taken away triphasic on my chart :-(. It's still above the cover line but I think the witch is on her way. I am very disappointed as I was so hopeful this month :-(

Chuord- sorry to hear that you may be out too. This roller coaster is no longer fun :-(
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Oxford - lol totally no fun! I'm definitely out... My up side is I'll get another o season with dh before his solo trip thanks to the timing.. I'll take it...
If it helps when stalking chart pics, several ladies had a huge dive to about the cover line and then bounced back up high again... A few days later got their bfp - so fx for you wink1.gif
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Thanks for the welcome. I still feel pretty sad ttc failed last cycle ....really need to get over it by now but finding it hard to get past the disappointment. O time seems so very far away at the start of a new cycle, I feel so impatient.

Fx for you oxford and chuord! when are you testing?

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Oh, so sorry to hear that, oxford and chuord! But Oxford, I won't count you out until your period arrives. Nope. Remember, triphasics are rare anyway, and any day that that temp stays above the cover line is a good day. Maybe you had a super low grade fever for a couple of days and this is just normalizing (OK, it's a reach to call 37.3 a fever, but as a basal temp, maybe) Good luck! Rooting for you over here.

Still all anxious about accidentally missing my egg over here. Wanting that temp spike just so I feel like the die is cast. I DO feel calmer now that all my fertility signs are pointed in the right direction. I'm hoping I'll have the opposite psychological reaction from most and that my TWW will be the emotionally calmest part of the cycle. We'll see.....
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Thank you for your nice messages! I am still holding a little corner of hope, although it is a tiny little bit!!

Pepperedmoth- I know exactly what you mean about O. There is something relaxing about knowing you have done all you can, your temp has gone up and things are in progress! It's nice to let go for the first week, then the second week is more frustrating wanting to know the answer!! Why Di we do this to ourselves?!
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Still no af still neg on digital and other test so I'm just gonna wait... No signs of anything lol this sucks I would go to doctor but no insurance and I don't want them to do a pregnancy test and it be neg which hello I know this give me some more advice lol.. So if I ain't started by my next cycle is due ill go to doctor and see what they say
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Had an odd weekend. DH got home from his mom's on Saturday (he went down Wednesday) and apparently he REALLY missed me wink1.gif.  Started bleeding during / after, thought maybe it was AF finally making an appearance, but by the next morning it was just faint brown with an occasional pink.  Last night, had a bit more red but a very small amount right before bed, but this morning it's back to brown.  Tested yesterday morning, still bfn.  I'm calling my dr today to make an appointment - time to find out once & for all what's going on!  Trying to stay optimistic, but I'm also trying to be realistic.  I just keep telling myself that whatever the answer is about all this, it is what it is & it is what it is meant to be.

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Wow, this thread is oddly mirroring my life! A few hours after I posted that 101F looks like a fever, I got sick with a stomach bug. Ended up leaving work early, which never happens. My boss, of course, asked if I was pregnant. My temp this morning was 98.8, which isn't a fever, except it's a degree higher than when I last temped a few days ago, so I'm calling it a fever.

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I'm lurking. This is going to be short!

Oxford--so sorry! Hoping your rollercoaster levels here soon!!
Ocelot, feel better! Hopeful it's a different kind of bug smile.gif
Lee--I hope you find out what's up! Praying for good news.
Oxford, are you due tomorrow? I'll be checking in!
Peppered-I understand that! Same thing my first month. Actually didn't O but messed it up royally regardless. Hoping there's still a chance for this month, and if it's not this month, hoping for next!

Afm--18/19 dpo, no good way to test, lots of little symptoms (but also in a strange environment and doing different things).
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Real quick one as I am delivery a training programme today.

Temp dropped again today to just above the cover line. I think out auntie is on her final approach. Ah well triphasic was a nice to dream... :-(

Hope you are doing better :-)
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Faith- good to hear you are holding on! How is New York?

Ocelot- sorry to hear you were ill. That's weird how life has been imitating your posts. You need to post how pregnancy is imminent for you and all of us!!! We can all move over to the due date club!

Lees girl- that does sound strange indeed. Have you ever had a patchy period before? Are you feeling ok with it? Hang in there

Scjp- you are having a tough time. Howard days late are you now? Are you sure you actually O'd this month? Maybe it was later than you thought? Is your cycle usually a regular length or does it vary? Fingers crossed for a mega late BFP!

Hi to anyone else lurking, or taking space away from TWW or TTC.
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Oxford - hugs on the blah ending to your cycle... Loving your positivity!

Faith - ooh it's starting to feel like a possibility for you this cycle! At the very least I'm glad AF hasn't bummed the holiday wink1.gif

Hugs everyone else - hang in there on this crazy journey!
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NYC is good, but tiring! Also meant to say--no AF yet! Hoping!
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