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Hi, everyone. I've been reading and lurking.

AF showed up Friday, as expected. The other thing, though... DH and I have done a lot of talking, and are really questioning whether we should be trying right now. School and work and money and other kids... We're leaning heavily toward going back on birth control for a few years, and TTC again when he's done with school.

Intellectually, I'm good with this, but emotionally, I'm having a hard time. I'm so sad thinking about my due date coming and going and not being pregnant, and I'm afraid of my fertility declining in the next few years (I'm 33 now). DH will go either way I want to on this, and I'm honestly really divided. It would take faith to get pregnant again, and it would take faith to wait. Not sure what I have faith for right now.

For the time being, I won't be actively TTC, but will probably hang around here weirdly while I wait to have certainty about our path.

I'm still rooting for all of you.
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Faith -  Thanks! I went to my dr for a blood test this afternoon, hopefully will find out tomorrow what is going on.


Oxford -  I've never really skipped a period before, if anything they will go long & run one into the next.  I am moving to a place of being ok with whatever happens, I've been focusing on getting my center back.

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I've been lurking on this thread for a week or so. I see some familiar June 2ww ladies here.. I'm not always calm and collected and TTC makes me crazy and I didn't want my insanity to be a bummer for anyone else. The emotions go all over the place, it's insane. Brief history, suspected PCOS but blood work has never supported it, only sporadic cycles, overweight and random, severely irregular AF. So really it's a generic dx, in my opinion since losing weight didnt help regulate or get us preggo. Hubs has motility and morphology issues. W haven't been to the RE since 2010 so we don't know his current stats, or mine for that matter. We have a 13 yr old daughter who I conceived while on the pill, and 2.5yr old boy/girl twins. We actively tried for 8.5 yrs before finally being able to do one cycle of IVF. We don't have insurance that covers treatment (and only covers meds for natural conception attempts) and hubs is not wanting to go that route again. SO, I did some research and started soy isoflavones to regulate AF and help me ovulate. I am ovulating, if my temps, opk, CM, and saliva scope can be believed. We officially started in january 2013, unofficially in Oct/Nov. im an early tester with no willpower, but I have a bad history with hpt, getting false bfp and it causes alot of heartbreak :/ we do have a referral for our RE and I'm hoping to get in soon. Hubs leaves Mon for 6 weeks or so and I plan to get m testing out of the way so that we he gets back we can get more serious about our cycles. Instead of fighting no af, now i'm fighting a short LP. we just want to complete our family. Four kiddos was always the magic number. I will be 35 in sept And wanted to be pg by then. Sigh. That wasn't a short intro I'm sorry. I'm long winded.

Wishing everyone the best of luck.
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Faith - exciting! Fx for you!

Lees girl - glad you are at least getting some answers... Hope it works out...

Primal - hugs lady! I'm totally feeling you, 8 months and 7 cycles for me... And I just turned 39... Lol I totally understand! I'm hoping that not protecting or trying will work out for you with a nice surprise - just take to e for you and you'll work out what you need.

Marquess I remember seeing you around wink1.gif lol it's not that we are calm over here, we just try not to go mental each month... Again if it makes you feel any better I'm 39 and finally well enough to try for number one... Here's hoping I get there, much as I love all the bfp's I'm feeling its definitely my turn lol.
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Marquess- welcome! Nice introduction and good to meet you. I hope your stay here is brief and the BFP is just around the corner. It sounds like you have all the angles covered. We are just having tests too. It's reassuring to hopefully know what's going on.

Lees girl- the inconsistency must be even worse for you if this is do different from normal. Ibhopebit resolves soon. You are very patient!

Primal- my heart goes out to you, what a difficult decision. I am sure you will make the one that's right for you. In the meantime, gifting the dynamic and taking the T out of TTC may help shift things. I want to be rave enough to give up my perceived "control" and stop monitoring everything. It is very difficult when we all want that little one so badly. All things at the right time, I'm sure you and DH will do the right thing (whatever that is). Glad you are hanging out with us :-)

Faith- still in the game my friend... How exciting!!!

Chuord- yup. I'm totally with you. It's my time too. So fed up if this waiting stuff. My zen isn't very high. I just want it to happen now!!!
How was Darwin? Are you home now?

For me, my temp dropped again, below the cover line today and a tiny bit of spotting yesterday. AF is definitely on her oval landing approach. Fasten your seatbelt, stow your tray tables, the journey is over :-(

Hi to anyone else lurking. If you feel comfortable to do so, please say hi and introduce yourself. All welcome.
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Took my first opk of this cycle. Surprisingly it was less negative than I expected. Ive been ovulating later and later but in switched the days I took my soy this month and I'm hoping I will ovulate before hubby leaves Monday. Fingers crossed
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Well, I got my blood test results back yesterday, got a definite no.  Looks like it was either a hormone imbalance (I have PCOS so it's possible that I'm developing different symptoms than I've had before) or I was pregnant & had an early mc.  Not sure which it was, and after talking to DH about it I'm not sure if we want to find out yet.  My doctor suggested doing some follow-up labs if AF doesn't show up in the next couple weeks.  I had my meltdown (yesterday was a REALLY bad day even before I got the call), now I'm more balanced again (I think).  Today has been a wonderful, relaxing day of reconnecting with DH, back to work tomorrow and then hoping for a low-key weekend. 

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marquees fx you o earlier this cycle then!


lee'sgirl sorry to hear it was negative, I hope AF shows up for you soon so you can try again on the new cycle.


I am on cycle day 7 today hooray 1 week done! 1 more to go before O and trying again yay. I am just waiting for the days to pass, remembering to take my vitamins, keeping hydrated in the heat and trying not to eat too badly.


Still quite anxious about which day I will O as it varies between cd 15-19 and dp is away for the weekend on days 15-16 so I'm going to start using the opk tests next week from about day 12, and if a line is starting to show up (still negative but starting to get there) by day 14 which is Friday, we will try on that day incase I O on the saturday or sunday while dp is away and we can't try those days. If there is no line at all or extremely faint, then we might not bother with trying on the Friday and instead wait for him to get back and try on the Monday which is cycle day 17. -As hopefully that will mean I won't O until day 18 or 19 anyway. Ahh timing is so stressful some months!


Where is everyone else in their cycle?

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As expected AF arrived with me. It's disappointing after getting a triphasic chart :-( the stats on ff are really high for pregnancy if you get triphasic, but I think it's misleading. When your temp drops after being triphasic ff takes away "triphasic pattern" because it wasn't sustained. The only charts to sustain it are pregnancy charts anyway, so u think the high probability is misleading. Anyway... Onto more interesting news from others...

Marquess- it sounds like you have a busy weekend of BD planning before your DH leaves! Enjoy! ;-)

Lees girl- oh dear, I'm sorry to hear your news :-( what an emotional roller coaster you have had. Goo to hear that you took some relaxing time to reconnect with DH. This TTC stuff can make you totally crazy! Did you do anything nice?

Winter- isn't it difficult to plot and plan "strategy"!! Especially when your DH won't be around. The last few months we have been trying to hit every day in the run up to O, and it still hasn't worked. The doctor suggested 2-3 times a week is best and the tests that DH is having ask for abstinence 2-3 days before too. So this has got me thinking maybe quality is better than frequency!!! Who knows!
Good luck and enjoy each other.

I'm so glad it's Friday. Hope you have a great weekend :-)
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oxford - the ff people have obviously not had a good education in the design of scientific studies! I've seen other stats that the percentages of triphasic charts that are and aren't pregnant aren't all that different. The difference is statistically significant, but not so extreme that you can assume a triphasic chart means anything.


To all the people who have had AF show since me - I'm sorry! It hasn't been a good month for our group, has it?


I'm on CD 9, and back to charting after AF and being sick (definitely a 24 hour stomach bug - I never had any doubt about that myself) and vacation and so on. I like this no pressure time of month (also, the first week or so DPO). 


Looking at my chart from last month, my LP was a few days shorter than I expected - in the past, it's always been on the long side, but it was 12 or 13 days, depending on whether you're going by my interpretation or the computer interpretation. Makes me wonder if maybe previous months haven't been as optimally timed as I thought.


I dreamed last night that someone here got a BFP with the wackiest chart I've ever seen (even in the dream I questioned how in the world that chart came to be, and waking, it makes no sense whatsoever - maybe if someone were taking multiple temps per day or something).

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Hi girls, I'm still here and faithfully reading along. DH has been super busy with work, so I've not had much alone time to sit down and do personals. Maybe this evening, I hope. I'm on CD9. The plan is letrozole and IUI this cycle. The meds are done, so next up is ultrasound(s) and a trigger shot. That won't be for at least few days unless I get a +OPK before my first follie check ultrasound on Monday.

Sending fertile thoughts everyone's way, and hoping that Faith got her BFP. If she didn't, that'd mean our little group actually had a bust month!
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Well af finally arrived!! On 4th of July lol. But that's okay I got to swim all day and enjoy the rainy day lol then she arrived. So I finally started yay
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I'm still reading too wink1.gif just taking a little time...

Hugs to everyone who is out, wishing you relaxation and fun contraband...
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Hey folks, 


Just dropping in quick to say still no AF! Not sure what's up—took a HPT today, having urinated about 45 minutes before hand—got a bfn. Really wish I had been charting right about now. I don't feel like AF is anywhere nearby, but I might have skipped with all the extra stress. I need to hit the sack—will be back on in the morning to catch up with all of you. Hope you're all well.

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Mama blue- sounds like you have got everything lined up for this month. How are you feeling from the drugs? All ok? I have my fingers crossed for you, you SO deserve that BFP. Remind me, is this your first little one?

Scjp- glad the waiting is finally over! You can reset the board and try again this month. What day are you now?

Chuord- enjoy your chilling time, that's gotta help. How was Darwin?

Faith- we are all watching with popcorn now! How many days late are you? It feels like a long time now!

For me, it's CD5 and all quiet. I've lost my thermometer so that's helping with the calm!!
DH has has his tests tomorrow and we get all the results back a week after. I'm so looking forward to that. If there is a problem I prefer to know, and if everything is fine I might ditch all these tools (temping, opk) and just let nature work. I'm a little fed up of trying now!

Baby dust to all of you!
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I'm on cycle day 4 so we will see what this month brings.
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sigh, all my OPK are literally the same shade, so it doesn't look like I will "o" before hubs leaves Monday. its been a hectic stressful weekend so I have no zen, lol. started off good, got the spot for the pool lovel finally. set it up and filled it. cool. went out to turn the filter on a few hours later and somehow there was a giant hole in the bottom of the pool and all 1100 gallons of water, which I pay for, is pouring out :( had the pool less than a year old and the company is refusing to honor the manufacturer warranty because I no longer have the original receipt...of course I don't man, I bought it last aug. then, my car wont start. turns out its a common faulty security system issue for Pontiacs. good thing there are easy ways to work around it. but it took me the whole day to figure it out. I started typing this yesterday and am just now getting back to my laptop to finish. that's how nuts its been. took another opk today, its alittle darker but it looks like o will be later this coming week. prob tue/wed time frame. even with BDing this weekend and prob tomorrow morning before we head to the airport, its a long shot. sad face :(

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Faith - that's sounding frustrating and exciting all at once... Fx for you!

Mamablue - fx for this month....

Oxford - excited about your test results! I'm totally with you on the fed up and ready to throw it in... While still desperately needing to be pg... I've been wishing it for other people feeling they deserve it (more?) lol and now I'm like but what about me? Here's hoping this month works! I think I'm cd 8? Haven't been checking...
Marquess - fx for you too... And hugs on the blah few days!
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Hello everyone!


Darnit, I'm so bummed to read about this whole cycle really sucking for so many different people --- oxford, chuord, scjp, ocelotmom, PrimalJoy, Lee'sGirl. . . man. The list just seems to go on. I wish I could fix it! But I'm here and cheering you on for the next cycle! 


Primal, maybe taking a break is just what you need. Maybe this really isn't the right time? Hope you find all the support you need no matter the decision you come to . . .


Marquess, that sounds wicked frustrating. I think that'll be me next cycle, though, assuming I haven't conceived this time around. I'm going away right at primo O time . . . grrrrrrrrrr. 


Faith, ohh, I'm joining in with the popcorn, too! I suppose it's POSSIBLE that you had an anovulatory cycle, but I would MUCH rather think that it's the other alternative. ;-) Waiting with bated breath over here!


Winter, welcome! And here's to hoping the stars and egg and sperm all align and you can get the deed done at the right time! You and Marquess must be TTC twins or something . . .


mamaBlue, I definitely want to keep hearing about your journey. I pretty much know nothing about IUI, and besides just wanting to hear how you're doing so we can support you better, I'm plain old curious! Hope you're feeling calm and ready to go for this go-round. 


oxford, ahhhhhh if I lost my thermometer it would be the OPPOSITE of calm for me. I had one, lost it, bought another, I thought it wasn't working well (it recorded my temp as 97.18 three days in a row), bought a THIRD, now have two on my night stand . . . am just waiting for the day that I find the first one and will have three. BUT all that said I am glad YOU are feeling calm! :-)


ok, I think that's not totally caught up on personals, but I'm somewhat there! 


I've been lurking --- it's just been a busy week for me! I didn't have to go into the office for work on either Thursday or Friday due to the holiday, but I was on call for ALL of it and pretty busy. Then it was my BIRTHDAY on Saturday and I was supposed to go camping for two days but there was a huge SNAFU with the call schedule and there were 1:30am tearful phone conversations when my pager wouldn't stop going off and ultimately I ended up having to cut my vacation short . . . 


But did I mention it was my BIRTHDAY? For my birthday-eve my pager didn't go off, and my husband snuck cake and ice cream and presents into camp right under my nose and we had a grand old party in the woods --- him and one of my best friends and another friend, too!


. . . of course I was back at the hospital again today, though. And am back on call. Sigh. 


As for my cycle, I am 5 DPO (going by the thermal shift). We managed to get the deed done two and four days before when I think I O'd, which isn't ideal, but is certainly possible. I also wonder whether I O'd a little earlier than the thermal shift would suggest (several symptoms point that way). In that case the timing would be nearly perfect. BUT THAT SAID I am trying very hard not to agonize over these details/potentialities/uncontrollable possibilities. I am also trying not to interpret every abdominal twinge and moment of fatigue as OMG I'M PREGNANT! I am being mostly successful with this. I'm journaling and meditating and reading Kurt Wallander detective thrillers and pretty much 'chillaxing.'  


I haven't decided if/when to start testing. I'm thinking of trying to hold out until I have 18 high temps in a row. But I'm also trying not to think about THAT too hard, either. I'm open to hearing advice! 

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Pepperedmoth -- Thanks, I have an appointment to have an IUD placed, but timing this cycle might actually have given us a shot at conceiving, so we'll see. If I don't get pregnant this month, I'm definitely getting the IUD and waiting for a few years.

As far as advice for TWW, just keep in mind that, as long as you're staying as happy and sane as possible, you can't do it wrong. You can't scare off a pregnancy by testing too soon (of course you know that), and there are no POAS police that are going to nab you if you decide to test early. Also, if you wait (most people agree that 14 DPO is reliable for results), you'll still be pregnant when you do decide to test. Just be kind to yourself and let it be! Good luck to you.

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