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Chat Thread - June/July

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Hi ladies,


I thought I would try to revive the chat thread.  The PP chat thread is great, but it's nice to have a place to just chat generally like we all used to!  I miss our chat threads!!  I thought maybe with how busy everyone is with their little babes that a weekly thread isn't realistic, so maybe monthly will work??


I'll post what's been up with us from the PP chat thread that isn't PP related: "We've had a major flood in our city the last few days.  We've been very fortunate and our house is dry, but my parents have been evacuated (and refused to leave, have no power though.  So they've been here a few times to shower and charge their phones as their power is out).  The downtown is shut down and likely will be until the middle of the week (roads and bridges closed).  So far we can still drink tap water.  It's very surreal.  We went to a ridge over looking the downtown today along with hundreds of others to just try to fathom what we're seeing on the news.  The damage is unbelieveable (the 100 year flood plain has been totally filled with water), and we have many friends who have not been so fortunate and have major damge in their homes."


So, DH is trying to get some work done today, just making lists and calling clients.  His office is downtown, on a main floor, so he has no idea if there is damage to the building yet or not as only building owners have been allowed downtown.  He's meeting with his boss and a couple other co-workers right now to try to meet about getting work done.  He can't really work from home as they all work off a server and the backup hard drive is at a coworkers house right now (they took it out of the office as the flood waters were coming in).


Otherwise, we're just having a quiet summer so far.  We had one wedding last weekend and have two in July. One in our city, one near the ILs, so that will be another nice visit.


How is everyone else doing?

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Wow, Nstewart! That's crazy about the flooding. I'm glad your house is OK. Hopefully your DH's work space isn't too damaged.

Not much to report here. Went to post natal yoga today. Hilarious. During the class, usually 1/3 of the babies are nursing, 1/3 are sleeping (so the moms can actually do yoga) and 1/3 are fussing / being changed. The most fun is chatting with the other moms afterwards. :-)

We've been trying to figure out a summer vacation for the older kids, but I didn't want a long drive with the LO. Elodie isn't a huge car fan. We've decided on a mountain cabin on a trout stream. DH can fish with the kids, go tubing, roast marshmallows. There's a hot tub as well! And we can take the dogs so that makes everything easier.

I mailed Elodie's birth announcements finally. So glad that's over with! Now I need to start the daycare search. Ugh....
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Hey Mamas! Been busy here, mom in town for a week, had mastitis for a few days, then ILs in town for a week, on top of that Lennox likes to wake hourly in the night, so I am a bit out of sorts here. I really need to get more sleep, so am spending as much time as I can reading to get ideas that will work.


n, crazy about the flooding! 


Kate, I am planning on going to a mom & baby yoga class starting in July - mainly to meet some other moms, so it sounds like a good idea!


Off to try and nap, hope all is well with everyone else!

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NS, I am so glad that your house has not been impacted by the flooding.  I hear that it's been pretty serious.  Are things getting under control now at all?

We have a wedding to go to in August and I am so excited!  I love weddings!


Kate, That yoga class sounds great, so funny though!  Isn't that just mom-life to a T?  Your vacation sounds great!  Just relaxing and low pressure!  Sometimes it sounds fun to do a lot of activities but it just ends up being exhausting and stressful.  I think you've got the right idea.


Sheryl, Oh I am so sorry you haven't been getting any sleep!  I hope you are able to get a nap in and find some solutions.


The week before last we survived a week with DH out of town.  I do mean survived.  He has to go again in July and I am hoping things go a little smoother.  Or a lot smoother.  Oh well.

He's been home a lot though this week which has been lovely.  We even got to escape up to Lake Tahoe for an afternoon.  Decker and I walked along with DH while he did some disc golfing.  It was so beautiful to just be together walking and talking in the forest.  I think we take it for granted that we live so close and can enjoy it so often.


I took Decker to the doctor today for reflux meds.  We've done everything we can at home and he's still in pain.  I hate to give meds if I can avoid it but I just can't watch him be in pain.  I am so hoping that this helps him.  He's really a pretty mellow little guy when he's not hurting so I'm hoping he can enjoy more of his awake time now.

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Co, things are starting to get back to normal!  Clean-up continues (this will take a while), some roads and bridges are still closed.  Some houses will be condemed, and some businesses will need to close for 6 months to just get to the point they can re-open.  The volunteer effort has been something else.  Thousands of people just getting groups together and helping strangers clean up their homes, yards and basements.  I'm so proud of our city.  Some areas of downtown are still without power (for a week now), including the area DH's office is in. So he's been working from home as best he can but can't do much without his work computer as all of their files are on a server.  Thankfully, their office was not flooded.  But, the Calgary Stamped is still a go! Yee-haw.  This is the city's major event for the year and a huge revenue generator so I know that all the businesses in the city will be thankful it's a go.  (Not that I'll have time to do much stampeding this year!!)


Kate, baby-mom yoga sounds fun!  I might check out something like that for the fall.  For the summer, I just want to be outdoors as much as possible!!  We have a similar vacation planned for the first week of September.  We've rented a condo on the water in the Shushwap (interior BC) for a week.  It's only a 3 hour drive and it will be off-peak so not so busy.  We'll just enjoy the water and some playgrounds and just hanging out for a week.  I just got Sander's birth announcements in the mail today!  Need to send those out this weekend (but at least all my thank-yous are already done!!)


Sheryl, I hope things settle down soon and you can get some sleep.


Co, so sorry to hear about Decker's reflux! greensad.gif  I hope the medication helps.  Glad to hear DH is around more for the next bit before he is off again.  We are the same about enjoying the mountains.  We are so close but don't get out nearly as much as we should given it's less than an hour and a half to Banff and less than an hour to Canmore.


Otherwise, not much going on with us.  It's a long weekend here (Canada Day is July 1) but we don't have anything planned.  DH wants to do some work in the yard, and I think we might go watch the parade on Monday or something.  It's supposed to be HOT as well, so maybe we'll hit a splash park or wading pool.  Definitely no cooking planned, except on the BBQ.  Our home is quite old and gets really hot and we have no air conditioning, so I guess maybe we'll be sleeping in the basement. Oh well, summer is finally here!  I'll just try to enjoy the heat and remember that December is not THAT far away!

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NS, hope you had a great Canada Day! Are you making it ok in the heat?  Swamp coolers are quite popular for those without AC here but I think they don't do well in humid climates (it's DRY here).  

Today was a rough day (Decker was grumpy and DD2 fell and cut the back of her head open) but we made it.  Yikes!  DH drove 3 hours to look at a car and it turned out it had a salvaged title.  Sigh.   We had a great day at the beach yesterday though!  DHs sisters and another friend go every Tuesday and the girls LOVE it.  I can't imagine going with three littles if they weren't there to help.  They are so great to help, holding baby, reapplying sun screen, playing in the water with the girls and helping me haul all the junk to and from the car!  It's been in the hundreds so the usually freezing cold lake felt nice!


Does anyone have fun plans for the 4th?  We are headed to a BBQ with some family and friends.  I need to figure out a dessert to make still, maybe a berry crisp.

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Happy Belated Canada Day to our northern neighbors!

The weather here for the 4th was horrible...rain, rain, and more rain. We went to a friend's house for the afternoon / dinner. Didn't even bother trying to grill out.

Today is DH's b-day so we met DSD for brunch and then did some shopping. I made shrimp scampi with linguini for dinner and tiramisu for dessert. Can't wait for that and some champagne!

Gah...just started pouring again. Blech.

Hope everyone else has better weather for their weekend!
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Co, I had to look up what a swamp cooler is!  We recently received one from our ILs who bought a new AC unit for themselves as a hand-me-down and boy were we glad to have it last week.  It was really hot out (for us, anyway, it got up to 36C which is 98.6F but "felt like" 43C which is 109F and that is hot enough for me, thank-you very much!!).  So we were at least able to cool our master bedroom and pulled DS1's matress into our room.  Sander sleeps with us still anyway.  


I'm glad that you had a good day at the beach.  Isn't it awesome to have friends/family to help out on outings?  The boys and I ventured down to the Stampede yesterday with my sister.  I wasn't going to go this year but with DH working so much over time decided it would be nice to get out of the house and do something FUN.  I'm so glad we went, DS1 had a blast and loved the rides and just all the action.  My sister was so helpful with him and she enjoyed getting to see him have so much fun.  I wouldn't have even attempted it without her.  Hope that you had a great 4th of July celebration!!  DH's bday is July 4.  One year we will have to make a point to head to the US and celebrate there, as it's a guaranteed fun birthday, right?


Kate, Sorry the weather is so crappy!!  Hope you had fun anyway.  Your birthday dinner for your DH sounds AMAZING!!  I am totally drooling now.  I'm going to cook for DH tomorrow night (since he worked until 1am on his bday).  He's requested steak, baked potatoes and greenbeans.  Pretty simple fare, but I guess comfort food for him!  DS1 and I baked chocolate cupcakes today for his bday as well, I just have to frost them up. 


Not much to report here.  DH worked late every night this week.  He stayed home this morning until nap time to spend some time with us.  I think he'll be working late every night until next weekend as well as most of the day tomorrow.  Bummer.  His missing a week of work due to flooding downtown (no electricity for over a week!) didn't help his already busy schedule any.  Thankfully (and knock on wood) both Sander and DS1 are pretty settled into things now.  I've (again, knock on wood) figured out Sander's schedule (or he has, or we both have I guess) and he's now having 3 short naps in the AM, one long nap in the PM (usually overlapping somewhat with DS1's nap) and going to bed around the same time.  DS1 isn't fighting me on naps anymore (he actually ASKS to nap some days!) and bed times are smoother too.  So, I can handle DH's extra work much better than I could have even a few weeks ago and also it's just much easier to parent when everyone has a routine that includes a break for mama in it!  It's also a chance for me to do chores while the boys sleep.  


Meeting my boss for coffee next Friday and I'm going to talk to him about working part time from home in the fall.  I mentioned it to him before my mat leave, but both of us acknowledged that we'd just have to see how things went for me and at the office before we could firm anything up.  I know they are swamped, and one of my co-workers wants to take a month off for her wedding/honeymoon so they'll be even more swamped come September.  I would propose finding a university student to come here one day per week to watch the boys while I work from our home office and then fit in the rest of the work in the evenings/during nap time.  I guess it wouldn't be as relaxing, but I am one of those people who has to be doing something all the time so I can either go all crafty again (which was fun...) or I can work (and I do enjoy my work, so it's not like it will be painful (usually)).  Kindof excited about that prospect!!

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NS, How did the meeting go with your boss?  Is the flood recovery still making good progress?


Yikes things have been busy!  A little too busy for my taste but it's mostly been good things.  Wednesday and Thursday DH and I left the girls with his parents and DH, Decker and myself snuck away over night.  We went to San Francisco for a ball game and then headed up to Napa for dinner and stayed the night.  We stopped at a tiny olive oil shop and Dean and Delucca then headed home.  It was just soooo wonderful to spend time with DH.  Decker was really great on the trip too and it was nice to be able to enjoy his sweetness without the distraction of two other kids.  This coming week is the birthday party for the girls which will hopefully be fun.  This summer is just packed!  We are enjoying it and doing fun things but I think I am starting to look forward to settling into a bit more routine in the fall.

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Co, the meeting went well.  It wasn't to formally discuss anything in particular, we're just trying to meet up once a month for coffee to keep in touch.  Seems like they've been really busy in my department, and my co-worker is still planning to take 4 weeks off for her honeymoon in Oct.  But, they may be hiring a first year lawyer on secondment from a firm in town at the end of the summer.  If that happens, I don't know if they would need me too or not.  Just have to wait and see I guess.  I'm hopeful that my boss will still want my help but can't say for sure.  I just won't stress about it for now, as it isn't like I HAVE to work during my mat leave.  We have a tight budget but enough to get by without.  As always, the lord will provide.


It sounds like you had a great little get-away with DH and Decker!  Much needed I'm sure!  It is nice to get the babe to themselves sometimes too, without the sibling(s), isn't it?  I love San Fran, I haven't been there in a few years but it's a great city.  I've never been to Napa but I'd love to go.  Is Decker's reflux improving?


So Friday DS1 went to his old dayhome for the day, so after my meeting with my boss Sander and I had lunch with a friend of mine and then went and did some shopping.  It was so nice to be able to just bum around the mall with a coffee and take as much time looking in a store as I wanted to!  After DS's birthday at the end of the month he'll be able to go to his old dayhome whenever I want (number restrictions are different after 3 years old) so I'm thinking that maybe once or twice a month it would be nice for him to play there for the day and just plan a day to myself with Sander.  He enjoyed seeing all his friends too, so it's win/win.  And DH is FINALLY done his crazy report for work!  YAY!  He was home literally to sleep and then for a few hours every other day or so for 2 weeks.  I don't know how single parents do it, Kudos to them, seriously.  Looking forward to more family time now that that stretch is over with.  We have a family wedding the next two weekends in a row.  One in town for my cousin, and one about 5 hours away.  The one away we will also be camping out that weekend with DH's family, so I need to get our camping gear and tent trailer in order over the next week and a half.  It will be our first trip out this year (and quite possible our only trip!) so the organizing always takes a bit longer.


Sheryl, are you getting any more sleep?  Have you started Yoga?


Hope everyone else is doing well.

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Becky, what a nice getaway! How did Decker do at the ballgame? I want to go to one this summer, but was wondering if it would be too intense for Lennox. Tell me any secrets you may have for going with LO.


N, glad you have your dh back! Camping sounds great too! Sleep has been improving, phew! Lennox actually did a 6 hour stretch a few nights ago. I had to go check on him. He is doing 3 and 4 hour stretched regularly and the hourlies have not resurfaced in a good week, so I am hoping we are past that. I have been trying to feed him more during the day to tank him up. I also have been making sure he doesn't fall asleep after 2 min of nursing in the middle of the night, I think that was our problem, he wouldn't eat that much and then be hungry every hour (and I was so tired, I didn't care to pay attention). We started yoga last week and it was fun, I really enjoyed seeing all the moms/babies and was actually sore the next day, so it was successful.


I have a month left before I go back to work. Its kind of scary, but I feel like I will be ready. I have to admit I am kind of bored. And I really don't like doing housework all that much, which is what I feel like all there is to do most days. It doesn't help that I don't know very many people who are home during the days. DH will stay home with Lennox at first and then we'll have a nanny transition in. I started pumping and he took a few bottles so far without a problem, so that is great. My biggest concern is that L will be upset/more fussy without me around, but that is something we need to get used to. I have been trying to find opportunities to leave him with dh for bits of time, and will need to find a good nanny, which I am now officially procrastinating on finding...before time was my excuse, but now I really need to get on the ball.


I keep wondering about some of our members who posted a lot prior to May but have been gone since, I hope all is well with them and their little bundles. I know that for myself, finding time to sit at the computer is not nearly as easy as it was when I was pg (and working FT - ha!). Which reminds me, I can't say enough how happy I am to not be pg anymore!

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Becky, what a nice getaway! How did Decker do at the ballgame? I want to go to one this summer, but was wondering if it would be too intense for Lennox. Tell me any secrets you may have for going with LO.

The ball game was actually the only time the whole trip that he was really fussy.  Honestly though, I think it was because he was hot.  It was a warm day and being pressed against our body in some way no matter what didn't help.  I ended up walking him a lot.  Sorry, that's not really helpful except to say maybe try an evening game if it's warm where you are!



Dh was away at camp with the Jr. High youth group last week.  It went MUCH better than when he was gone last month.  Praise the Lord!  I am so glad.  I am also so glad that he is home!  It was exhausting.  Trying to find the balance between having enough to do and not doing too much it hard for me.


I am so excited that I was able to sort through clothes for all three of the kids this afternoon!  Decker just moved up to 3-6 month clothes and the girls just had too many!  We get a ton of hand-me-downs which I am so thankful for but I thoroughly confused why people buy SO MANY clothes.  I usually end up going through things and thinning out a couple times because there are just so many, and then I hand off the excess to others.   I guess that's a good problem to have! 


I find that I am looking forward to the routine of fall.  It seems that the weeks have been quite full this summer and I am hoping that will slow a touch.  I am working on getting my ideas for kindergarten organized for DD1.  I am excited to start schooling.  We won't be terribly structured but I think we will all benefit from a bit more structure.  It's not my strong suit but the kids do better with a little.


How is everyone else fairing?

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