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To Do List

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I remember doing this in an old DDC and liked having it to go back to, as I accomplished tasks. If you're interested in recording things here, I'll start.


1. Make crib sheets

2. Make throw pillow cover

3. Hang alphabet cards above crib and frame others above changing table

4. Go through diaper stash and find some to sell, so I can buy more LOL

5. Make bella bands (I need to do that soon, so I can actually use them, and I got the fabric AGES ago)

6. Review home birth supply list and start getting some things

7. Find fabric for blanket to go on the other side of the minky I bought (this pattern)

8. Move DD to DS's room once their new bunk bed is set up

9. Move all her clothes from closet and dresser

10. Get out and organize baby clothes, oxy-clean soak as needed for stains

11. Have coffee with birth photographer to meet and chat with her (August)

12. Figure out what hose attachment we need to re-buy for birth tub rental, and buy liner

13. Get out newborn and small diapers

14. Make sure I have fitted sheet for the bassinet we were given, if not, make a couple

15. Write out kid's daily schedule for whoever is helping out (friend or my mom, or both)

16. Pick fabric for and sew nursing cover (I already ordered the D ring and boning)

17. Sew nursing pads

18. Make curtains for both rooms

19. Make more flannel wipes

20. Finalize van setup of 3 car seats

21. Prep the few new cloth diapers I bought

22. Sew baby blanket


I'll add to it as I think of things. I think what I did before is replied with a quote with stuff I got updated, and I think as the posts went on, the list got more crossed off. Anyone else do that before?


Man, I have a lot to sew don't I???  Most of those projects are fairly quick, even if they're new to me


ETA: I totally just added the last one that was already done, just so I could cross it off ROTFLMAO.gif

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Good idea! I'll do mine and will go back and edit this post when I've accomplished these:


  • Finish changing dresser
  • Go through borrowed newborn clothes, do inventory
  • Wash borrowed baby clothes with baby detergent (to get), put into dresser.
  • Finish baby registry
  • Hospital Tour #1 - missed it, signed up for next one mid-July!
  • Hospital Tour #2
  • Find a Doula - 7/1 contacted a doula agency! 7/6 3 interviews scheduled, picking doula by 7/14!
  • Find a pediatrician - 7/12 got some good recommendations, if one of them accepts new patients, this might be off my list soon!
  • Finish birthing class
  • Breastfeeding class (July)
  • Baby Shower (August) & Thank You notes
  • Labor pain management class (August)
  • Receive wall decals and put them up
  • Put up Rock & Play
  • Put up curtain rod + curtains (hand-wash them first) 7/6 ironing curtains today, then putting them up!
  • Trade my car in for a four-door with LATCH 
  • Shopping spree for big things (car seat, crib, nursery lamp, etc)
  • Install car seat before birth
  • Finish grad school applications before birth
  • Finish outstanding publications / submissions before birth
  • Make a birth plan including all our choices for treatment and procedures (with doula)
  • Pack the hospital bag (w/ doula)
  • Send out wedding invitations
  • Clean the rug
  • Get two nursing bras, yoga pants and a maternity belt
  • Become domestic partners with DF
  • Start looking for a wedding dress together with a friend (August)
  • Do a computer backup

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Here's mine:


1. Talk about and decide on a name 2whistle.gif

2. Doula, find one

3. Birth photographer, find one

4. Labor tub rental

5. Diaper service for first month (wondering whether to wait till after our baby shower^^^party, since it's in my registry) Changed our minds - DH is up for doing diaper laundry from day one.

7. Car seat

8. Bassinet / cosleeper (we plan on cosleeping, but having one of these will be nice for naps and to not have arguments with the grandparents about where does the baby sleep)

9. Diaper covers and pail

10. Go to a LLL meeting (this might be complicated ... the one that works best as far as time overlaps with our childbirth class)

11. Go to a babywearing meet.

12. Birth plan, both for home birth, labor transfer, and planned C-section if my placenta hasn't moved by 36 weeks.

13. Get someone to do placenta encapsulation

14. Pediatrician

15. Birth kit / supplies

16. Hypnobabies

17. Canning - try not to only do preserves I give up, I just don't have the energy. If we have a crappy weather weekend I might make and can chicken stock to empty freezer a bit.

18. Start clearing out our second bedroom. Baby will sleep with us for the first year, but grandparents will stay there when they visit, so it would be nice if we start getting rid of the stuff that's accumulated there.

19. Wash all baby clothes

20. Get baby toilettries

21. Diaper bag and stuff that goes inside, including changing pad

22. Will and guardianship paperwork

23. Get some nursing bras



ETA: Adding stuff that looks useful that others post in their lists winky.gif

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1. Pick name
2. Find pediatrician
3. Talk to midwife who does placenta encapsulation
4. Install carseat
5. Set up pack n play and see where/if it will fit in motorhome
6. Decide where and in what the baby will sleep, buy cosleeper or bassinet
7. Decide on birth center vs birth at friend's house
8. Buy birth kit
9. Buy/get together other things midwives said to for birth, including newborn clothes
10. Birth plan
11. Finish birthing classes (redo with DH if possible)
12. Attend LLL meeting and babywearing meeting
13. Rent storage unit
14. Go through books and trade the ones you don't want
15. New floor in RV
16. New couch or reupholster same couch and add padding and pillows (gotta be comfy after baby is born)
17. Fix refrigerator
18. Paint cabinets and walls in motorhome
19. Buy anything still needed off "essentials" list after baby shower
20. Write thank you notes after shower
21. Move everything out of rental home into storage or RV
22. If time, go through storage unit after we moved out but before baby is born and see what to do with everything (throw out, put it at mom's new apt, etc)
23. Buy new camera
24. Borrow video camera
25. Get birth ball
26. Make birth necklace with bead exchange
27. Finish reading birthing books
28. Set up/get together Ganesh and Artemis altar wherever I'll give birth (w/candles, incense, and music)
29. Have Carol make me a labor hypnotherapy tape
30. Figure out what to do about washer and dryer
31. Food for me, DH, and midwives
32. Find accessible place in RV for all needed baby items
33. Send MIL photos for wedding album (and frame photo that's already printed)
34. Print ultrasound photo for baby book
35. Get car checked before NY trip
36. Talk to AAA before NY trip
37. Have friend take maternity photos
38. Order birth prep herbs to start at 37 weeks
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More freezer meals -- lunches, cookie batter, dinners doubled, breakfast burritos

Baby clothes, bed and bedding out of storage

wash newborn diapers and bedding

sew and dye osnaburg wrap

cut, sew and dye 3 more swaddle blankets

deep clean house

new carseat for our oldest so everyone can "bump up"

going home outfit?

finish sewing t-shirts

dye obv and sew blanket

pack hospital bag - buy snacks and coconut water

take mama cloth inventory - need to sew more?

new batch of flannel wipes

clean out drawer for clothes and diapers

mix up postpartum bath herbs/sitz bath (drying herbs for this now!)

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Oh, boy! Let's see...


1. Buy diapering paraphernalia: prefolds, snappis, covers, new diaper pail, new wipes, laundry detergent...

2. Buy at least one more nursing bra and one nursing cami, after trying some on.

3. Inventory all baby clothes so far so I know what's left to buy/acquire/ask for. (This needs to be done in the next couple of days, before we go on vacation.)

4. Buy fitted sheets for Moses basket and co-sleeper.

5. Figure out storage solution for baby's clothes, both ones she'll be wearing and ones to grow into.

6. Gather or buy homebirth supplies.

7. Touch base with newborn photographer in early/mid-September.

8. Install car seat, set up co-sleeper, move change table in our room, etc. — all going to be done AFTER baby gets here, as I need space in my bedroom for the birthing pool first.


I think that's it! We've already bought almost everything we need, and I've been washing clothing as I got it. Not doing any classes or anything. Already moved my big boys into their own bedroom a couple of months ago, and got the new, bigger car. I can't do freezer meals as we only have our fridge freezer and no space, so that's out. IF I can possibly find a manual for my sewing machine online, I MAY try to sew a blanket or two at some point. But probably not, realistically. Summer's about to start, and we're going to be busy! (Plus, I'm lazy. :P)

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I just wrote down my to do list. I'll post it here too, I really don't have THAT MUCH to do.. haha

-Wash carseat (both DD's and new baby's)
Paint crib (we plan for the baby to be in our room for at least 6 months, but will be nice for naps.. And helps me nest)
-Get crib mattress, sheets.
-Find new dresser, preferably one that will hold both kids clothes.
-Fabric for nursing cover and carseat cover.
-Diaper bag (mom and sisters most likely getting this)
-Swaddle blankets.
-Wash clothes, fill in gaps.
-Get a thank you card and gift card for my cousin who is making a beautiful quilt for baby.
-Newborn photo props (headband, hat, cheesecloth, outfit for dd, etc.)
-FREEZER MEALS! This one is big for me.
-Decide how to birth the baby. Repeat c section or vbac. Discuss options of both with doctor. If opting for c section discuss options for afterwards, i.e. delay bath, keep baby in OR on me or at the very least in dh's arms.
-Deep clean house.
-Big sister gift for dd.
-Get another nursing bra, pads, lanolin, hospital clothes.
-Pre register at hospital.
-Figure out babysitting during days for dd during hospital stay. Dh plans to sleep at home with her at night.
-maternity pics/family pics/DD's 2 year pics ( these should be happening on Sunday)

I think that's it! I have a little more than 60 days to do all of that. 4 pay checks. Eek.
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I'll post mine in a couple of weeks once we're settled in our new place. Right now all my to-do lists are moving focused and if I try to think beyond that I go a little crazy. :)

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Oh whatever, I LOVE making lists, so I'll start making one and add things as I remember.
This is in no order I can think of:


  • acquire stretchy wrap got a used baby k'tan for cheeeeap. It MIGHT not fit me (it's hard to tell with a belly in the way but it was so cheap I went with it anyway)
  • sort out diaper situation  (what diapers am I getting from S or C or M and what diapers am I buying new)
  • acquire baby gear from S (Wednesday!)
  • buy diaper sprayer toilet attachment & wetbags
  • buy exercise ball
  • arrange for my sister to send the car seat (she's sending it with my dad who will give it to my mom who will send it to me)
  • wash baby clothing, blankets and fabric things
  • change table and dresser for baby (bought, not assembled yet)
  • dresser for me
  • fill out maternity pay forms (second last week of August) (turns out I can't until my very last day of work)
  • acquire postpartum pads
  • finish baby sweater knitting
  • knit baby hat (the green Sweet Georgia yarn?)
  • buy laptop


The last three might not get done *sigh*

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Originally Posted by katalopolis View Post


buy exercise ball


i just bought an exercise ball at Marshalls for $10. Didn't see any prices that low on amazon.

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I have a big list going. I'll post the major things that need to be done.

1. Order new cloth diapers
2. Order birth kit
3. Make herbal sitz bath- done
4. Get birth tub- not getting one
5. Buy a glider and ottoman
6. Rearrange our room to fit in glider and ottoman
7. Order birth prep herbs to start at 37 weeks
8. Have freezer meals ready for after baby is born
9. Make sure we have the essentials after the baby shower- done
10. Wash covers to car seat and swing
11. Get a gift for midwives
12. Nursing bras and night gowns
13. Clean carpets- done
14. Fix shower
15. Deep clean house
16. Yard sale- done
17. Clean out garage
18. Make "Big Sister" Tshirt for dd
19. Order new wraps and slings- making
20. Maternity pictures!
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OH LISTS! This is like porn for me!


Let's see...


1~ Get home birthing supplies

2~ Make lotus birth kit
3~ Wash car seat covers
4~ Wash baby clothes
5~ Wash cloth diapers for newborn
6~ Buy a new buffet style dresser to house both DD's clothes, diapers (maybe...I might put them somewhere else), baby's clothes, AND be used as a changing table-Found one at Ikea, now to travel to the Cities and get it!
7~ Make more freezer meals
8~ Buy "Emergen-C" from Costco. It come with 90 packets in three flavours. Enough for me during labor and enough for hubby to keep on hand for work.

9~ Get baskets for doula & midwife & birth assistant's thank you gifts
10~ Fill out midwife papers before July 18th
11~ Get postpartum supplies for me & baby
12~ Buy second set of sheets

13~ Wash new blankets

14~ Start sleeping with stuffed lamb, so it smells like me (lol I know)

15~ Wash swing cover

16~ Pull out bassinet from storage

17~ Pick up clothes & mattress from friend

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1) order home birth kit and assemble other supplies on the list. Then pack.
2) order wedding necklace gifts for kids tonight from etsy
3)final wedding dress fitting
4) buy sandals for kids to wear at wedding
5) hire wedding photographer
6) final tidy of yard before wedding
7) wedding flowers??
8) talk to contractor about drywall quote in our possible new apartment
9) rent tenant storage facility and talk to tenant( stressful)
10) tidy house for home inspection by potential buyers.
11) knit baby blanket
12) knit second child's toy kitty
13) pack for mini camping honeymoon
14) full out paperwork for kids camp

This is my todo list for mostly the next week!!! We get married July 7th!!! Then honeymoon for 4 days while the kids are at camp 9am-3pm and with grandma for overnights. After that I can really start thinking about baby orngtongue.gif
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There's not really a huge amount I need to do, but there are a few things to get organised. I'm 31 weeks now so my due date suddenly seems a lot closer!


1) Pack hospital bag (I have made a list of what's to go in it)

2) Get new mattress for the cot bed

3) Boil and thoroughly wash all the cloth nappies

4) Buy a woven wrap

5) Figure out food to take to the hospital (I'm primal so tea and toast isn't going to do it for me!)

6) Start thinking about freezer meals

7) Fix cot bed (My 4 year old is still in it and has broken a couple of the slats from jumping)

8) Buy nursing pads and post partum pads

9) Hopefully get bunks for my daughter's bedroom in an attempt to lure her to her own room.

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Before we leave for the States:

Buy tickets to US

Go to immigration office to check that being gone for 4 months won't affect my residency here

Buy dresser/changing table

Buy a comfy chair

Deep clean house and rearrange room

Hire someone to clean (dust and scrub) the house right before we get back

Let landlord know we will be gone

Get note for airline from my OB saying when my due date is and that I'm safe to travel


Once in the States:

Purchase any essential items I don't get at baby shower

Make some wraps

Buy homebirth kit

Sign up for Medicaid in case of hospital transfer

Make list with DP of who we want my dad to text/email when baby's born

Make a plan with my mom about how to control postpartum visits

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Purchase essential items we didn't get at the baby shower (primarily: wet bags, diaper pail liners, some diaper covers, crib mattresses, changing pad & cover).

Buy fabric for crib sheets & sew them.

Sew swaddle blankets.

Finish craft projects.

  • baby socks for both boys
  • two striped crib blankets (25% complete)
  • wool soakers from felted sweaters 
  • jersey knit baby leggings
  • bibs
  • burp clothes
  • diaper doublers / liners  (i have more to sew but i'll finish them when we see what our needs are like and how heavily the bebes wet) 

Wash all clothing & diapers. 

Collect another round of hand-me-down's from everyone, since their kids have all grown since the last time. 

Meet up with our twin-friends and get their twin hand-me-downs. 

Install hand-me-down carseats to ensure we don't need to buy a new car. whistling.gif

Assemble side-car crib/co-sleeper.

Buy fabric and sew sheets for side-car crib/co-sleeper. 

Re-organize our closet (which is turning into the "nursery" for the twins) 

  • assemble ikea wardrobe to hold our clothing.
  • move all of our clothing. 
  • move our dresser out of there
  • paint the closet.
  • stencil the closet.
  • assemble the twin cribs.
  • find some kind of extra storage. (ETA: under-crib boxes?) 


Pack hospital bags:

  • me
  • DW
  • twins
  • comfort measures for labor 

Write up "birth plan" and go over it with our doula. 

Meet with doula one more time before birth. 

Write/mail all 'thank you' cards

Solidify plans for our dogs/cats/chickens. 

Write up Care Instructions for dogs, cats & chickens 

Confirm with the lady who is doing placenta(s) encapsulation for me. 

Finish all pre-birth adoption paperwork for second parent adoption. 

Change our names so they match

  • social security
  • DOL
  • bank
  • work
  • health insurance
  • car insurance
  • everything ever

Paint front bathroom
Install cabinets in bathroom
Put together guest bed
Buy twin mattress and futon mattress

Oil changes for both our cars




.... I thought I was doing pretty good until I typed this all out. Sigh.

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Mrsandmrs the list is always longer then you imagine in your head wink1.gif
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Mama Ana -- I too love lists.  My husband likes to tease me about it, but it keeps me from forgetting things.


My work in progress list:

  • All the stuff I have to do at work before my maternity leave starts (11 weeks) and which I should be doing right now instead of this list.
  • Figure out whose health insurance we will use after the baby is born (Right now, my husband and I each have individual insurance through our jobs.  After the baby, it will make more sense for us all to be on one plan, but there is no clear winner as to whose plan)
  • Figure out whether we want to start with an infant car seat or go straight to a convertible.  Choose car seat.
  • Purchase car seat
  • Install car seat
  • Figure out where the baby will sleep for the first few months (this will involve rearranging stuff in the bedroom and I'm honestly not going to get my husband's attention on this one for at least another month)
  • Figure out what the baby will sleep in for the first few months.  (Co-sleeper?  pack and play with bassinet?  Moses basket type thing?  Laundry basket?  Can I be obsessed with no plastic/no flame retardants and use the pack and play with bassinet option? (probably not))
  • Figure out if a floor bed is a reasonable option after the first few months
  • Buy some new born onesies
  • Figure out what kind of cloth diapers to start with. 
  • Convince my husband to give a mix of cloth diapers and disposables a try
  • Attend birth class
  • Figure out if I want to work with a doula
  • Put together birth plan
  • Continue reading pregnancy/birthing books
  • Read about newborns
  • Choose paint colors (so that we can finish the $*$!# 2 year construction project before the baby is born)
  • Complete hospital/midwife papers before next appointment
  • Get a dresser for the baby and maybe a glider/rocker

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I forgot to add; I've ordered The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding, so I need to read it until I know it well. I am very determined to make breastfeeding work this time!!

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so much fun to go back and update my list when i got something done! (and bumping the thread in the process. :P )

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