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Got to see my Little Man today!!! Measuring a week ahead!!! He is beautiful!!!

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Oh Abk! He's so cute! :-)
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Thank you!!! He looks perfect which is all I can ask for!!!
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Omigod, what a cutie!  That's absolutely one of the better 3D ultrasound pictures I've seen, so lucky! 


Serafina, I'm thinking of you!  I hope things calm down and work out.  Not too much longer to go now.  :)

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Great 3D ultrasound pic!


My cervix got a bit longer! (As well as the continued status of being not overly soft, not opening at all, perfectly fine).  Now over 3 cm instead of just 2.8cm, so I'm no longer dangerously close to the 2.5cm threshold they consider to begin crisis-mode.   The last ten days the kids have been with their dad and I've been putting my feet up and relaxing as hard as I can have really paid off.  Yay!  joy.gif

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Congrats on the safe zone Serafina! what a relief


abk awesome 3d!


slammerkin- even when I nibbled DS's nails shorter (because that was honestly the only way I could safely shorten them without potentially cutting off the tops of his fingers) they were still freakishly sharp. He would totally scratch up his face (and my chest while breastfeeding) if I didn't cover them.  I can't remember how long that phase lasted for us. We just used socks on his hands if his outfit didn't have the mittens attached


afm- My amazing awesome friend who also gave me two huge boxes of super cute maternity clothes just sent me a box of 13 AIOs for my babe!  She is the bomb and I need to start working on her thank you gift pronto.  My midwife appointment today got cancelled and rescheduled for next week.  I even had a babysitter all lined up so I was kind of looking forward to a few hours to myself today. oh well.  I've been having really strong braxton hicks lately.Like I absolutely have to sit down and wait for it to pass because if I just keep standing and doing what I'm doing it starts to hurts a bit.

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Generous friend!!

I havent gotten any stuff from friends besides outgrown car seats.  Which I'm grateful for, but still.... cute clothes and CDs are more fun!  joy.gif

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Thats such a great ultrasound!! Sometimes I think they look like scary little ghosts in 3-d ultrasounds, but not yours ABK! Beautiful smile.gif


That's exciting Ciga! We just had a friend bring us her diapers too!! 2 dozen GMD newborn prefolds, 1 dozen small, 1 dozen medium, 15 flats, and 9 covers. Plus I already have my bamboo prefolds, some fitteds, covers, and pockets. All the sudden I'm feeling like we're all set in the diaper department!! But having these flats makes me think I want to use flats... but I swear I am not buying anything more! I know CDing only saves money if one can keep themselves from indulging in every cute thing they want.

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Originally Posted by superbeans View Post

Thats such a great ultrasound!! Sometimes I think they look like scary little ghosts in 3-d ultrasounds, but not yours ABK! Beautiful smile.gif


haha, I was thinking the same thing.  They usually look so weird and like they are made of clay but ABK's actually looks like a cute little baby. It kind of changes my ideas about 3D ultrasound.

also, that sounds like a pretty sweet CD haul too!


I just had to post this...I just got off the phone with my parents, who are coming on Sunday for a week, and my Dad spent like 10 minutes talking about how huge I am in the photo I sent from when I was 20 weeks. He asked "is that baby kicking it's way out yet?" and then when I told him I wasn't even in the third trimester yet he started talking about how worried he was because I look so big.  He was legitimately concerned and kind of wouldn't shut up about it.  Honeslty! I love my dad so much and I'm really excited for them to come but I am not looking forward to the "you're so huge" comments ALL WEEK LONG. At least I have my mom there to tell him he's being an ass.  I posted the first photo in the belly thread back at 20 weeks but I would just like to post it again because I honestly don't think I'm that enormous in this photo considering this is my second pregnancy.  I mean, I know I was smaller than this at the same point with DS but that's normal, right?  My belly has pretty much stayed the same size for the past month+.  Am I crazy? Is my belly frighteningly large and my midwife and I are just not seeing it?

20 weeks in this pregnancy

AppleMark 20 weeks with DS

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Ciga, your belly is perfect! Most women I've talked to get comments about how big their belly is, especially from men who don't seem to pay much attention otherwise. And your belly is not abnormally big, be sure of that!

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Ciga, I think you look beautiful and not abnormally big. Many women get bigger with subsequent pregnancies (this hasn't been my experience, but I've lost a lot of excess weight between all of my term pregnancies, which clearly, you did not need to do!). If you were large in some unhealthy way, your midwife would notice. It's part of her job. smile.gif
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OMG you're not big. I'm on preg #6.
People think I'm due NOW!
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You look fabulous!! You look about the same as you did with your son at 20 weeks, maybe a little higher but about the same size. Your dads just being silly.

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Thanks for humoring me ladies. I don't know why I let it get to me so much today. I've been having more body security issues with this pregnancy than I think I ever have before. I think because my son was so big and we had such a difficult birth I'm extra sensitive to the "you're huge" comments because I feel like it means this baby will be ever bigger and even harder and somehow I'm doing something wrong that will make that true. My brain tells me to let it roll off my back but sometimes its hard to reconcile that with my crazy pregnant emotions.  Anyway, thank you. 


It's pretty interesting how comfortable people are with talking about a pregnant woman's body.  I get those comments every time anyone asks me when I'm due.  Like "you have until October! Whoa!"  People just have no sense of how long pregnancy is or what it looks like. I've even gotten those comments from mothers, which seems kind of hilarious to me. It just proves the theory that you block out most of pregnancy and birth as soon as there is a baby in your hands.

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Hi all :) 


ABK.. that is a gorgeous 3D pic!!  How many weeks were you when that was scanned?  My tech told me before 30 weeks they all look a bit gumby, but that is just perfect!


Ciga.. you look awesome!  I've combatted the snide comments on my size by taking 3 weeks off my due date and all I get are gee you're tiny comments :)  LOL  I'm so far from tiny so I love this!  Mainly for the sake of customers in the shop though - a bit hard to have an 11 month pregnancy with family Hahaha!


Shiloh.. LOL You're hilarious!


Everyone else.. Hi smile.gif  I only got as far as this page and I have to get back to work, just wanted to pop in! 

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Thank you all so so much!!!! I was between 26 and 27 weeks. This was just the other day. The person who did it told me that after 30 weeks they are kind of big and too smushed to get a good picture. I don't know but I know his turned out really good! Here is another just for fun!

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Cute pic, ABK!


Ciga, people need to bugger off. Seriously. Everyone's body looks different with a baby crammed inside or not, and you only need to worry if your midwife is. I've had people start to ask when I'm due, as if it must be soon, and I just smile blandly and tell them it's October. I'm pretty sure I don't actually look like I'm due (I've gained 12ish pounds) but people just don't understand how big pregnant women get when it's really the end.


Rainyday, was it you asking about Braxton Hicks on the last thread? What you described sounds like a B-H to me. I get them a LOT when I'm out walking my dog. For me sometimes they cross the border into painful territory. I ended up stopping walking during the last trimester of my second pregnancy because they got so painful and frequent, but I carried full-term anyway. You can also get them when you need to drink more water, so if you're having them a lot you might want to note if you've had enough to drink.


AFM, just got back from a trip to Texas with my mom and kids to see my aunt. We had fun, but it was a LONG drive (almost 1000 miles each way) and now my bum is sore and I'm sooooo glad to be out of the car for a while. My DD and I are working on laundering and sorting baby clothes (some of my own stuff from her babyhood came back to me, and my mom cleaned out someone's yard sale stash, plus other friends are sending hand-me-downs) and diapers and it's fun. She has sorted and put away all the newborn stuff herself, snapping onesies up and carefully laying things out in little stacks. It's a little early to be putting stuff in drawers, I think, but I hate to stuff it in bags or boxes and postpone it, so it can just sit where it's supposed to go for a few months I guess. If it smells musty I'll wash it again towards the end. I think it's cute how much care she's taking with all of this stuff--at age 7 she really does seem to think this baby sister is going to be her personal, living dress-up doll!

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week 24 weeks 6 day



exercise: Nill.  I work 3-5 days a week grooming dogs so I count that as my exercise.  Heavy lifting sometimes and going up a flight of stairs carrying my equipment.  I'd really like to start walking my dogs in the evening so we will see.  I'm usually just so pooped out and sore after work that I don't want to move.  


appointments: We had our 20 week ultrasound June 5th before we left for a 2 week vacation.  I told my MW that we didn't want the results until we got back.  She kept calling while I was on vacation to give me the results so I finally caved and called her back.  They found 2 "soft markers" for Down'n Syndrome.  There was a slightly enlarged ventricle but not large enough to be "worrisome" and a dangling choroid plexus.  These conditions usually resolve themselves and there were no hard markers so I'm really not all that worried.  We chose not to do a repeat scan because everything else looked good and there is no real concern for a home birth so that was important to us.  


I have another appt on Wed and we might do the glucose test.  I've been eating like crap especially while on vacation so I'm a bit nervous.  I gained 6 pounds in the 2 weeks that I was gone from straying away from my normal diet.  The first week wasn't bad because we cooked a lot but the second week not so great.  DH's family eats out A LOT so we did so much take out.  

I'm up 25 lbs which is more than I would like at this point but I should be able to stabilize the weight gain by getting back to my cleaner diet.


Kind of bummed that we let 2 people find out what we are having.  DH and I aren't finding out but my mom and my friend wanted to know so we let the tech tell my mom and she told my friend.  I think they have already given away the gender.  I had a boy dream and I think boy but DH thinks girl.  My mom made a comment about how we would be able to just use the clothes we had from DS for the new baby and my friend asked me if we had any boy names picked out.  Obviously I don't know for sure because I'm not going to ask it just kind of stinks that we let this happen.  OH WELL.  


I can't believe there is only 3 months left.  It is kind of zooming by.


symptoms:  My only "complaint" is that my sacrum is starting to kill me after work.  I literally could barely walk the other day.  I'm hoping that a visit to my Rolfer will fix that.  Now I just need to find the time to go. Feeling lots of movement; this baby is busy.  Braxton hicks have already started as well. The shortness of breath I can do without.  

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Happi, thank you!  I haven't had too many since I posted that - I do get maybe one a night, and they're always at night - weird.  My midwife said the same thing you did - drink tons of water.  So far, that's helping.  Although, holy crap, it's hard to keep hydrated right now - it's so hot in Washington.  It's supposed to be 95 by Tuesday.  :(  We're not used to this weather!  Yeesh.  And I completely underestimated how much more being pregnant would affect me in the heat.  Blech.


I've noticed that the BHs seem to bring on a bout of kicking as well, which is funny - the only times my husband has been able to catch her kicking is after one of those.  I got so used to the kicks being way far down, and then lately I'm getting the occasional punch above my belly button, which is so funny to me! 


25 weeks today!  Wow.  One of my apps on my phone claims I'm in the third trimester now, which is weird.  Pretty sure that's 27/28 weeks.  I won't be calling it the third trimester until then at least. 

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I only have a minute here, but I wanted to check in to say that we had our gender reveal party yesterday and found out that we are having our third boy!

Definitely not what I was expecting after the tech called him at "she" at the end of our appointment, but I'm working on processing it, and I know it will be awesome.

Think positive thoughts for my 5 year old. He was our helper for cutting the cake, and seeing the blue broke his little heart. He ran out of the barn crying and hid in his room. Very very hard for me to see, but I know he will love this little baby, too. I just hated to see his hopes crushed like that. 

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend!

Here's a little picture of the reaction, caught by a friend's camera.


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