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U/C Birth... Placenta!!

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Im Due in October with my second baby...we want a 100% natural birth (No scans...and home birth)
My only concern is how to cut the placenta and any advice on how to deliver the placenta.
With my daughter it came out about 10 mins after she was born so im praying for another simple birth.
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Placentas don't need to be cut--they usually just plop on out on their own.


Are you wondering about cutting the umbilical cord?  If so, you simply need to tie it securely in two places and then cut inbetween the two ties.  Some people use string, some use small elastics, and some use plastic clamps.

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Yh thats what i meant.. ohok sounds simple
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Just make sure that you wait until the cord has completely stopped pulsating and there will be very little risk of bleeding (and baby will get all of his/her blood volume). There is no 'rush' to cut the cord. A couple of hours elapsed after our son's birth before we got around to cutting the cord, and by then it was limp and white with just a few knotty purple clots. At that stage, there's no need to tie it at the placental end as you're unlikely to get blood everywhere, and tying it at baby's end is a precaution (but a good idea nonetheless). You can even lotus birth if you like, and not cut the cord at all - it's not something I've ever wanted to do, but some people swear by it.

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Yeah, you will know when it's time to cut the cord.  I like to wait until the placenta has delivered, but with my last birth, I was in labor for five hours with my placenta (and only one hour with the baby LOL), so I decided to cut her off after an hour so I could focus on getting the placenta out.  With my twins it slipped out right away (barely caught it in a bowl), so I didn't wait too long to cut their cords...they shared the placenta so it was difficult to juggle them once the placenta was on the floor instead of inside of me. :)

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I would love to do a lotus birth but........ i have pets. Wouldnt work out so well lol. Also, after encapsulating the last one, it would be a shame not to do the same with every placenta i make! That stuff is magical i swear. I think the thing to keep in mind, generally, is dont rush. No need to wash, weigh, poke, prod, cut, etc. within the first day even. The only thing that NEEDS to happen in a timly fashion is that baby on the boob.
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