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hello from Dandylez

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Hi guys,

I don't know if you remember me? I had my son, Adair, last June when I was only 26 weeks pregnant. He turns 1 on Friday, and I just wanted to post an update. I haven't been on Mothering at all, so I missed your babies' births. I'm sorry about that, but I've taken a look back at the old posts, and I just want to congratulate you all on beautiful babes!


He's totally on track for his corrected age (as if he'd been born on his due date of October 1st). He's madly crawling around, standing at furniture and starting to cruise around the furniture. He's still nursing, and a big eater of solid food. We held his birthday party last weekend, so here are some pics of that and some other recent shots. :)


I hope you're all doing well!










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Oh Dandy it's great to see an update from you! Happy birthday Adair! How could a year possibly have gone by already?! I check your old blog occasionally, hoping for a new post. Modern medicine is truly a miracle. So wonderful that he is doing so well and that you were even able to nurse! Adair is so perfect and precious! :-)



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Thanks, Cindy! I'm sorry we kind of abandoned the blog. We were so busy when we came home from the hospital that it just dropped lower and lower on the priority list. :)


Aria is beautiful! Do you have any updated pics? I can only find your birth story. Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful birth. So glad you're doing well.

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I check the DDC periodically but somehow missed your post, Dandy! I'm sorry. Your son is so beautiful!! And that's wonderful that he is in line with all of his milestones. He's certainly a special little boy! It's hard to believe how fast the first year goes by.

Thank you for posting photos of the party. We're planning Madeleine's party... I hope we have the nice weather it appears you had!

Congratulations, and thanks for posting an update!
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