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Making lemons into lemonaid

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Where do I start..... Guess today was kind of the icing on the cake. I just got back from my HB MW appointment. I have been feeling the baby really low and last week I had had a few hrs of contractions along with bits of my mucus plug coming out. She does not do vaginal exams without a reason but she thought taking a peek might help tell if anything is really going on. So it turns out my cervix is soft and effaced and the babies head is low and engaged. She wants me to take it easy, stay within 2hrs of home and drink lots of fluids. Guess that vacation to NH is going out the window. Cry!!

Also she decided to be better safe than sorry and test for GD since I said I have been having a tiny bit of swelling in my feet and then my urine test today was a bit off. She said she would be really surprised if it were positive but she would rather test just in case. So I come back next week 2hrs after eating pancakes with syrup and a glass of juice.

This would be enough to think/worry about but we just received an offer this weekend on our house!! I am super excited and very nervous all at the same time. It does have contingencies like inspection, appraisal and that they have to close on their house before they can buy mine. We should know for sure if the deal is solid by the last week in July. Our closeting date is Aug 12!!! Less than 2.5 weeks before my due date!!!! OMGoodness!!

So i have to start thinking of where we are going to go next.... Im hoping that since we own a small 2 bedroom guest house on this same property that the buyers would be willing to rent it to us for the next year. They sound interested but we don't know for sure yet. The one down side is that we would have to pack in 3 kids and 3 adults since my mom lives with us!!!! But the up side is the really cheap rent in comparison to anything in the area and being able to stay basically on our property for another year without having to pay to fix anything wink1.gif But overall I just can't imagine that I'm going to have to move at 36 weeks pregnant in any case!!!

The craziness continues... I'm getting married here at the house in the yard on July 7th so I'm in full swing planning mode. My final dress fitting is the same day as the house inspection orngtongue.gif

Then we were hoping to get away for just 3/4 days just my husband and I right after that. Then when we returned we were going to go on a week vacation to NH with the kids and stay in camping cabins. I was just about to book them today when my MW said since I look VERY ready to have this baby I should stick close to home and take it easy. My last labor was only about 2hrs, she only made it cause I resisted the urge to push lol. Im willing to do anything to avoid a premature little babe!!

Oh and the icing on the cake is that I have a slightly annoying tenant living currently in my rental guest house who I think may give me a bit of a hassle when I tell him he has less than 30 day to vacate. Even though I've given him notice that we are selling and he should be read to move out asap when we get an offer. I don't know what ill do if he gives me trouble greensad.gif

Also we can't have a birth at my house with this particular midwife since she is not licensed in my state... Long story! But she is amazing and has been catching babies for over 30 years. She had delivered all the other younger midwives children lol! She is really the go to midwife around. She teaches and knows everyone! So I trust her and only want her at my birth. But that means either we deliver at her house or somewhere else. We had hoped to deliver at my fiancé's rental house about 1.5 hrs from here but it's under major construction and as of right now those dreams are going to be dashed. But we had another idea.. His parents are about 1.25 hrs from here and my midwife has privileges there so we are going to see if his parents would be up for us birthing there. I think they will be respectful of the process and allow me my privacy. So we are going to ask them at the wedding smile.gif

Oh and I almost forgot... I have 2 baby showers planned for 2 weekends in July. Lol we are going to be BUSY!!!!

Even after all that is going on I'm really trying to stay positive since overall life is really going well. My fiancée just got confirmation that his job is secure orngbiggrin.gif We were a bit worried about it this past month. The house selling is a blessing even if the timing is not so great. My ex-husband signed all the court paperwork we have been working on for the last 10 weeks (sooooo stressful!!!) and the really important things I wanted he agreed to smile.gif YIPPIE. Once I get married I can change the kids names to match my new married name.
We will still go on some sort of vacation even if its just fun day trips around our area smile.gif Overall I'm determined to make the most of this time with our little family if 4.

Thanks for the vent ladies!!! It feels good to put it down on paper!!!
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Wow letniaLynne! You don't just have a full plate you have a whole dang platter! I don't think I'd be able to gracefully handle all the stuff you have in front of you while pregnancy progresses.  I hope that it all sails along smoothly for you and that you have good support to step in to help if needed. Sounds like your body is cueing you to really s l o w  d o w n  at this point (I hope that doesn't sound judge-y). 

Best wishes and good vibes from me to you! 

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holy crap. you have your hands full! good luck with everything! at least it is all positive stuff, right? :D 

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Thanks so much ladies!!! I don't have a ton of in real life friends so its nice to vent and sometimes have someone other than your partner to talk to.

I think I might have found a solution to my desire to go on vacation with the kids. orngbiggrin.gif about 40mins-1hr from here is Mystic CT a seaport town with tons of tourist actives in and surrounding it. I found a scenic steam train ride that drops you off to ride a steam boat. My youngest had her heart set in riding a steam train on our vacation and I thought we were going to have to skip that one since we were staying close to home. Cant wait to tell her orngbiggrin.gif !!!
I also found a cute water park that has a dinosaur nature trail with life sized dinosaurs statues all along the path. Then I think we will tour an old fashioned tall ship whaleing vessel and a submarine. Visit an aquarium. Then a day or 2 just beaching, camping and light hiking should round things out nicely smile.gif. I'm so excited that this is going to work out all within an hour of home!!! Also it's going to be soooooo much cheaper!!! Lol

I also figured out what my fiancé and I want to do in our few days alone after the wedding. We are going to camp about 30 mins from the house right on a little wooded lake. Spend all day cooking on the campfire, chatting, swiming, canoeing, and doing some short hikes. Also if I just can't sleep in the tent we are only 30 min drive from home so we can drive there and sleep in our own bed wink1.gif

I picked out my shoes and bra today for my wedding and my final fitting is Monday! Still need to tidy the yard a bit more and schedule my hair appointment so I can get a cut!! Also need to henna dye my hair since I let the grey get out if hand orngtongue.gif
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