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New to Chandler Arizona

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Hello out there. We have just completed our move from Northern Virginia to Chandler Arizona. I'm looking for some families that want to expand their community. I need some playmates for my youngest kids 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl. Also I would love to meet some people in this area. If anyone is interested in getting together please let me know.



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Welcome Brenda! Looking forward to getting to know you here at Mothering.


Anyone in the Yuma area around to say hello to Brenda?

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Hi Brenda
I live in Gilbert az and have for the last 8 years. Moves here from san diego. I have a 6 & 8 yr old dd. Where in Chandler do you live?. I would be intrested in meeting you. Thank you Norma
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I live in Chandler and would be happy to meet you sometime for a coffee or something. My kids are older 9 and 12, but I would love to make a new friend. :-)


PM me if interested

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Hi local Ladies USAmma and Normsaz, I would love to get together. I couldn't figure out how to pm, not very good at this online stuff. Anyways, lets plan a coffee meetup or we could meet at a local park with the kids. Right by our house is a great park Paseo Vista, it has a really nice play area for all ages of kids. I'm pretty flexible with our schedule. Lets plan something.



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I know where that is and would love to try to meet you sometime. You can PM by putting your mouse over my user name under my picture. You will see the option to PM.

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