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Just had my first of two planned baby showers!!  My coworkers here threw me one since we will be leaving for the States next week.  It was fun.  It was an early dinner at a restaurant.  While we were eating, the woman who organized it had everyone write down their suggestions or advice for me and DP as a couple an for us raising the baby.  Then as I opened presents I had to read the suggestions of each gift-giver out loud to everyone.  Then DP and I opened presents in front of everyone.  The kicker was that while we were opening presents, another coworker wrote down different things we said.  And then when we were done she got up and said, "Everyone knows that the things a couple says when they get presents for their baby are the same things they were saying when they were conceiving the baby."  And then she read the list of things we had said: "Thanks," "Look at the monkey," "So pretty," "There's more," "How cute," "Awwww." And of course the one that got the most laughs, "Look how tiny!!"  We mostly got clothes, plus a bottle, baby nail clippers, some diapers and a wall caddy to hold diapers, and a changing pad.  The funniest part is that the lady who gave me the disposable diapers gave me a ride home with all the stuff and was telling me that she got them for me because her sister who lived in the United States had told her that US moms don't have time for cloth diapers (most people here use cloth diapers).  We are planning on using cloth diapers - of course I assume we will use occasional disposables so I know they won't go to waste.

Fun times.  One of my mom's friends is throwing another baby shower once we get to Texas where I assume we will get some of the bigger dollar items.