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ds has bulging vein on anus after he poops

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5 yr old ds has a vein that is sometimes apparent after he has a BM.  i still wipe him, so this is how i know.  i believe its on the inside of his rectum, because it is sometimes not there.  he says it never hurts when he poops and he goes everyday, so i dont think he has constipation issues, though in the past he would only go every other day.  


I made an appointment with a gastroentenologist because our family doctor said that because he doesnt seem to have constipation, she wants to make sure its not more serious than a hemrhoid.  so now im freaking out and feeling guilty that i didnt take it more seriously when i first noticed it months ago.


has anyone had any experience with this?  or thoughts on what it could be?  from my instant googling expertise, it could be a serious liver issue.  


has anyones child ever had a hemmrhoid that looked like a vein?


please help!

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I'm sorry he's having this problem, and I hope you get answers soon! I haven't encountered this problem in any of our young family, but I have had some nasty hemmorhoids and their appearance is pretty unpleasant. While you're waiting for info, take comfort that most times weird stuff is just...weird...and probably nothing serious. 

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thank you cathlin.  the thing is that we'd rather not go to see a specialist and risk unnecessary procedures that will only stress our son out.  the vein is not visible unless he has just had a bowel movement.  also, im not really understanding our doctors logic of, if my son hasnt been constipated, theres no cause of hemorhoids.  i personally feel that he could have a weak vein, and or when he was younger he wasnt regular by any means, so it couldve been there from a long time ago.  and i recently learned that hemmoroids never actually go away.  just wondering if anyone elses child has had the same thing?

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