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zinc supp for child?

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i suspect ds 5 years old needs to take a zinc supplement.  i wasnt able to find one at whole foods.  are there any brand of high quality, no toxicity that anyone recommends?  also, how do i know how much to supp with? and for how long?

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I use Zinc Monomethione for my boys and have for a long time. I use it because it's well absorbed compared to other forms, and it doesn't deplete copper like other supplemental zincs can. I do not supplement copper (you don't want excess, I'd never supplement it) but I don't want to deplete what we get from food either.

Before my kids could swallow capsules (they are very tiny), I would just open and dump it on a spoon with some apple sauce or similar. This is the form I use-VRP brand. I trust that company's production and purity. I don't necessarily buy it from that Amazon link. I get it from wherever I get the best deal at the time of purchase--but I always use that company for the zinc.

Oh, I go by Pauling Institute guidelines in terms of upper tolerable intake (not the RDA levels, the table toward the bottom under adverse effects. However, with zinc the upper tolerable levels are set where they are to prevent loss of copper, as they say on the link. That's not an issue with this form of zinc, though it would be with other forms. If you use some other type of zinc, make sure you stay below that upper tolerable level. I give a full capsule of this form myself and have for a long time, given I don't have to worry about copper. But if you wanted you could easily just dump 1/2 of it for him or whatever, to cut the dose.
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Thanks for the info. Is zinc something that I should have his levels tested prior to supplementing? How will I know how much is enough?
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Huge fan of Zinc! It has saved us many times from sickness.  I give my kids Thompson Brand -Children's Zinc Lozenges.  I get them through Frontier so I'm not sure they have them at WF. 


It says for children 4 and up but my doctor OK-ed them for when my son was very young (under 2).  They are round hard pills that dissolve easily in your mouth.  Very sweet, kids love them.  Each pill contains 20mg of Vit. C and 5mg of Zinc, that is 33% daily value for each.  I give them one lozenge 3x's a day.  


I only use them as an immune booster.  Zinc is proven to prevent and shorten illness!  So if one of my kiddos is not looking or feeling right I break out the zinc.  They all get it.  My sick one will usually only be sick for a day or 2 and I often prevent the others from getting sick at all.  Hubby and I dose up on zinc too.  We take them the duration that the sickness is in the house then stop.  


I looked up if it is harmful at all and didn't find any evidence that it would hurt us unless in very, very high doses.  Not sure why you want it for your DS and I'm not an expert by any means on safe levels and continued use.  

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