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Need Genealogy Chart Suggestions...

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For Xmas I've been working on a huge family gift - the genealogy of my grandparents.  This give me multiple generations - grandparents (two), their three kids (with spouses), their four kids/my generation, their grandkids (7). 


Got that?  It starts with two and get progressively bigger going down.  Easy to make a chart, right?


The kicker is that I've also worked on the generations above that - my grandparents parents, their grandparents, great grands, etc.


How do I make a chart?  I suppose I can make it look like an hourglass? 


I really love the idea of trees (family tree and all...).  Can you think of a way to make this weird hourglass family tree look like a tree?  If you've made it this far and have a visual idea that would be awesome!  Should I do birth and death dates, too?

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Check out this http://sashasroots.com/memorylane/?p=42


There are a couple examples there.  I would use a shadow box to put the tree in so that the photos could be used and not ruined.  I would include birth, death and marriage dates if you can.  I love to see genealogies with trees.  Very cool ideas.

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Thanks so much! No photos so I am going to print and frame each one.

I found an idea on etsy that got the wheels turning so I'm going to work out the kinks and make it my own!
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could you post any other useful links please ?

we are visiting relatives not seen for 10 years in August & last year my kids clung to me like mad in case someone tried to talk to them (dropping by at a gathering for the other side of DH family) so am going to try make a family tree too with some of the photos i managed to get on FB (i don't have everyone though)

i was thinking of taping 2 A 3 size pieces of paper but beyond that, i have not many ideas to make it look interesting ....

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^^^ I'm really focused on ancestry.com because I'm trying to track down the dead of the family.  Since you're talking about the living and your kids can be the center I really like http://misbach.org/freecharts/kids-chart.html to keep it all about them.  You can download it directly from the site for free or make your own.  Truly, you can follow that chart as a guide and help you fill in the extras (aunt/uncle/cousin/etc) pretty easily.  That same website has a ton of free charts for you to fill in and sort of run with.


If you want it to be highly visual and you have the wall space this would be fairly easy to do on small pieces of paper - http://melissapalfreyman.com/2012/06/05/life-size-genealogy/


There's also an etsy seller that makes charts to use.  I super duper adore http://www.etsy.com/listing/129976580/blank-family-circles-modern-genealogy?ref=shop_home_active but it won't work for my needs.  She also has this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/129975325/family-tree-hand-watercolored-genealogy?ref=shop_home_active that looks like it would have enough room for a small photo and the kids could help decorate.


If you're an etsy fan you can totally find some really cool designs for charts there.


Good luck!  I'd love to see your finished project. :D


PS - the post above that got the wheels turning is the etsy one with the "modern circles" and the heart in the center.  I'm going to see if I can figure out how to make it my own or just contact the seller to help me design one.  I need to fit seven generations on a relatively normal size piece of paper to frame...who knows if I can make it happen.

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many thanks for these links ....i "sensed" but couldn't word it .... = my "needs" for this project are a bit specific in fact

i just want to make it more precise about MIL & her two brothers & respective wife & their children & grand children


if i was just doing a family tree for my children i would "just go back" with 2 parents extra at each step ....

what i want this time is to put emphasis on which cousin is the child of whom ...


now, i don't think that on DH side they have much details beyond MIL's parents

so i'll probably end up using something like the design on the wall


now, i was wondering about which husband to put//how to put both in there

(her present husband is not my kids grand dad ....)


only the first week of the school holiday ... am already a bit stressed out about not having enough "alone time" in order to complete some of my pet projects !!!!!!

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