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long luteal phase?

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So DD1 was conceived while I was on my period - intercourse ~CD 4 or 5.  I know sperm can live up to 5 days, so I could have O'd as late as CD 10.  I remember it was a weird period, a little shorter than usual but definitely a period, although it did stop one day and then return for a last hurrah - which I supposed could have been ovulatory spotting.  


DD2 was also conceived from intercourse very early in my cycle, probably the last day of my period or within two or three days - maybe day 5 or 7?  This was definitely a period and not spotting.  It had been approximately a month from my last period and heavy flow.  Not a weird period.


But.  My cycles are 30-33 days long.  (A decade ago, they were 33-36 days long. IDK what changed.)  With DD1 I got a + test a week before my period was due with no symptoms whatsoever - I took it on a hunch.  With DD2, I waited to test until a few days after my period had been due.  


What I'm wondering is.... could I just ovulate really early?  We'd been having intercourse slightly later in my cycle for several months before I got pregnant with DD2.  DD1 was a surprise baby.  I have never had very abundant cervical mucus.  I know that the fertile CM is supposed to be whenever you have the most for you, but I pretty much never have anything.  


Still... unless both pregnancies were flukes.... that's a really long luteal phase, isn't it?  I don't think I'm dedicated enough to temp (I tried to do it years and years ago.... was always confused but at one point I remember having what seemed like a 16 or 18 day LP, which I thought I must have been wrong about), so  this is basically idle speculation.  I'm planning to DTD while I'm finishing my period this next cycle just in case!

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I don't have any advice but good luck and let us know if you get pregnant!!!!!!!!

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Have you ever done any charting of your cycles? If you don't want to temp you could just charge your cervical fluid and that would give you a good idea. You could also use the cheapie ovulation strips to try and pinpoint it. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is an awesome book for that and would get you started if you are interested in knowing for sure :)

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