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CLO/butter oil

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I've read enough testimonials of cod liver oil and butter oil remineralizing teeth that I'm finally starting to think its probably worth the cost considering the cost of dental work! I'm sure this is probably discussed at length in the "curing cavities with nutrition" thread but I just can't wade through 800+ posts. 


Any opinions on whether to buy them separately or combined? 6yo dd and I will definitely get capsules, regardless. 4yo and 19mo ds's will need the liquid/gel. Which would be more cost effective? Is either one easier or more difficult to get kids to take? Any flavor recommendations? Any particular dosage suggestions? From what I've read its important not to OD on the 
Vit A in the CLO, but there is no OD risk for butter oil. Because of that would it be best to get them separate? Appreciate any input!

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I've never heard of this, just wanted to subscribe to this thread, sounds very interesting!
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My 5 year old can not swallow the pills, they are pretty big. He does not like the combo gel, he prefers to take them separately and will take the orange flavored one. We have to have a drink sitting next to them that he can drink ( milk or water) after too.
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I have been contemplating taking the plunge into FCLO for myself and my children as well, but I can be pretty sure that having my two and four year old take it will be a fight. In my googling for tips I saw somewhere that fclo can be absorbed through the skin, so in theory maybe the little ones don't have to take it orally at all? Anyone ever tried this?
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I buy the capsules and my 3.5 yo takes hers extruded into a spoonful of raw honey (she loves her fish oil and begs for it!). The SPD 7 yo won't touch it though. :(

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